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FALLing in Love with Simplay3

Its a new season and kids are starting a new year of school, so why not check out a new company?

MamatheFox was excited to find Simplay3 as a company destined for the success in making those staple toys for our children’s childhood.

Who is Simplay3

Simplay3 is a newer company in the toy and home plastic industry. However, the brains behind this company are far from newbies. Tom Murdough, the founder of Little Tikes and Step2, created Simplay3 after deciding to come out of retirement. He assembled a leadership and design team of experienced and talented employees that continue to stretch and redesign innovative and high quality products. Simplay3 is excited to meet the needs and wants of consumers and offer products directly from the manufacturer.

They are certainly a company to keep an eye on, as they are continuing to design and sell new and iconic products.

We are also happy to say all of their products are produced in the USA.

What I love about Simplay3

Everyone has their parent pet peeves and have developed parental “tastes” on baby products and clothing.

Well mine is battery operated toys. I don’t like repeated sounds bouncing through my house that eventually my toddler is going to be repeating. As an educator, I didn’t like that batteries took away from the imagination and controlled how kids played.

So when I found Simplay3 children line I wanted to give the creators a big no batteries thank you hug!

They believe in unstructured play and kids telling toys how to play and not vise versa. Their children products are meant to inspire imaginative play as well as provide play patterns to help fine tune motor skills and develop growing muscles.

In addition, they create activity tables and stations that welcome social play while also providing space for kids to play peacefully together. Less elbow bumping and more giggling!

But the designing doesn’t stop there, Simplay3 home produces a variety of garden and home products. From hauling equipment, Step Stool and steps, to Mailboxs they support your home improvement project and solve big to little problems.

Simplay3 simple solutions for work and play are built to uphold value. Parents can appreciate toys that last for years, homeowners can trust durable multipurpose tools.

Super Coupe Pedal Trike

One of Simplay3’s hottest toys right now is the Simplay3 Super Coupe Pedal Trike. It amps up the fun of a simple coupe car by adding big wheel pedals. Tricycles are one of those foundational toys we all had as kids growing up and still see today.


Tricycles are great energy outlets and exercise for those crazy littles that never stop moving. Coordination and agility are improved while kids build confidence from accomplishing a task independently. Tricycles are staple toys that get your kids outside and active.

The Super Couple Pedal Trike has all the same great features of a tricycle with added sophisticated design. The roof gives a realistic car feel while the low seat and big wheel gives provides easy control.

Another beneficial feature is this trike can grow with your child. It offers 3 adjustable seat positions, making it perfect for ages as young 3 all the way to age 7.

My son is 2 and a half and has little experience with bikes and pedals. He runs on the shorter side but was still able to reach the pedals with the balls of his feet. It took him about 3 rides before dominating pedaling and turning into a wild man on the sidewalks. I am anxious to see what he will be capable of when his whole foot reaches.

The Super Couple Pedal Trike is pretty light weight, 16 pounds, for being a riding toy. I was able to throw it in the back of my compact SUV and bring it to a local park. It was light enough for my son and niece to take turns pushing each other around. I liked there was a place for the kids to rest their feet if pushing becomes the game…which it always will. I didn’t have to worry about shoes dragging or feet getting rolled over.

To assure quick assembly the front fork, pedals, and big wheel are already assembled for your convenience. My husband and son had it from box to trike in less than 30 minutes…and that is with a 2 year old “helping.”

An added bonus, shipping is already included in the price for most of America!


So there you have it Mama’s! If you are looking for innovative durable toys that encourage imagination and physical health, I encourage you to check out Simplay3. The Super Coupe Pedal Trike is a staple childhood toy that will grow with your child and build lasting memories.

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