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Bathing with Jewelry

When I think luxury I think of lots of things ….. special things.

Jewelry, relaxation, bling, comfort….

This month’s Mama’s Tub Time features a luxury bath bomb from Jackpot Candles

The bath bombs from Jackpot Candles are not your average bath bomb. Inside each bath bomb you have a ring that will float to the top of the bathwater once fully dissolved. The ring, in a small plastic container for safety, will float to the top of the water, showing you your newest ring to wear and flaunt. Alternatively, if you’re looking for personalised and also water resistant jewelry you may want to check out these custom silicone rings.

This exciting feature makes the bath bombs by Jackpot Candles the perfect gift this holiday season. If you know someone who loves to relax in the tub and who loves jewelry, then this is the easy choice. Jackpot Candles aren’t the only company that offers rings with their bath bombs amorbathbombs.com also offers a range of bath bombs that come with rings and necklaces, however, the difference is that you get to choose the ring or necklace you’d like, this is ideal if that certain someone has a specific taste in jewelry this way you’ll know exactly what ring or necklace she’s going to get. To help add to this peaceful relaxation, the use of THC tinctures may be of added benefit in getting you to wind down during the end of the day, especially if it has been a rough one.

Each bath bomb contains a ring which has a value from $15 to $5,000! Wouldn’t is be amazing to get a ring with such a giant retail value!

MamatheFox used 4 bath bombs from Jackpot Candles and these are my main thoughts:

  1. Love the soft colors – did not leave color rings around the tub when drained
  2. Moisturizing yet not heavy with oils
  3. Exciting watching it fizz and melt, knowing a special ring is waiting for me
  4. Looking up the ring’s value is a fun novelty
  5. These would make the perfect gift for any bath or jewelry lover this holiday
  6. Appealing scents make for a relaxing bathing experience

Rings come is sizes 6, 7, 8 or 9

Scents Available:

  • Mermaid Daydream
  • Tranquil Serenity
  • Love Potion
  • Enliven Me
  • Life of the Party Pink Grapefruit
  • Ocean Breeze
  • Citrus Unwind
  • Tangerine Tango
  • Tea Time
  • Hibiscus

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Fancy Frills Giveaway

Welcome to MamatheFox’s Fancy Frills Giveaway

This exciting giveaway runs 8/25- 9/8 and is open to US residents.

Enter for your chance to win:  (1) C.E.O Moisturizer, (1) C.E.O. Cleaning Oil and (1) C.E.O. Brightening Serum from Sunday Riley, winners choice of (1) pair of stud earrings from Bregje’s Design and (1) pure highlighter powder and (1) lip stain from Au Naturale Cosmetics.


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Transform Grandma’s China Into Memories – Bregjes Design


Grandma’s China is one of the sweetest things I can think of. The special plates and settings that made each family holiday just a bit more fancy.

China can invoke all types of feelings and emotions. The thoughts of the people who you sit with. The memories of times together.




Chinaware is beautiful. Coming in so many forms and styles, each showcasing the person who owned them. From white, pure glass giving you a classic look. To reds and purples, giving deep colors and a bold look. Pastels showcasing a light and delicate look.

Many people have been blessed with receiving either new or old China dishes. Whether you received them as a gift or after a loved one passes on, you feel connected to these dishes. They are more than just another place-setting, they have emotions tied to them.





Oftentimes the old china dishes just sit on a shelf and sadly collect dust, or more often, in a box in your basement or garage. But why are we not transforming these classic items into something you can enjoy and show off? This was the thought that Bregje of Bregjes Design had. She loves the history behind each piece. All of people who ate off those plates. The drinks laughed over in those cups. They hold just a little something more inside each one.


By taking the courage so many of us do not contain, she holds her head up, smiles and smashes that beautiful classic piece of China. With each shatter she creatively scours over the pieces and as many artists can, she sees what we layman cannot. She takes those broken pieces, buffs them to perfection and makes them into the most delicate and dainty jewelry you can imagine. Sometimes adding accents of gold or silver to her pieces, she makes each one different.



By making her pieces from different pieces of China, and by breaking them into different shapes, there are no two pieces that will ever be the same.


When you purchase a piece of jewelry from Bregjes Design you never have to worry about finding someone wearing the same piece as you. You can joyfully showcase your one-of-a-kind piece with pleasure.



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Bregjes Design can custom make a piece from broken China you mail to her, or you can purchase pieces from her already made selection.  Be sure to “heart’ her Etsy page so you can see her stunning new designs as they are added to her site. With each piece coming in at affordable, everyday prices, you will be be able to afford to grab a piece today.

Danique Jewelry – A Mothers Day Dream Gift

As a mom I have always wanted a piece of jewelry to represent my kids and our family unit. That is why I adored receiving a custom name necklace gift! When I saw the stunning selection of custom jewelry by Danique, I knew I had to share the amazing collection with all my readers. There are so many places to get birthstone jewelry done, but none that are so classy, simple, timeless and affordable as with Danique Jewelry has to offer.

Everything at Danique Jewelry is made to order and can be completely customized.

With Mother’s Day around the corner all my girlfriends and I are chatting about what we are asking for this Mother’s Day. We chat a lot about sleeping in, not doing the dishes, but honestly, we really want something special to open that will represent the love that is our family. We talked about the different types of jewelry that we liked, you can visit this link to see them here but ultimately decided that custom jewelry would be an amazing gift for Mother’s Day. This is where a custom piece by Danique Jewelry fits in. You can scroll through the pages of options available at their website or Etsy. Both showcase all their options and the beautiful designs and concepts.

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Danique Jewelry Offers:

This Mama’s Experience

When I first looked at all of the options at Danique Jewelry I was stunned, and honestly, I still am. I love every option they have available for Mothers necklaces. My necklace is the Birthstone Mothers necklace with Leaves. My favorite feature about this necklace is how you can have an initial by the small children stones. This is such a fun and unique feature I have not seen at other jewelry makers offer, and it really gives you a chance to express a love of gemstones and to have some real meaning behind them. Before I found out what birthstones each of my children had, I had heard about Haruni from a friend to learn a bit more, and now that the order’s in i’m glad I know just what each stone involved could handle.

Back to the piece itself; The small leaf will be imprinted with a single letter to represent the name of the child which the stone represents. The lowest droplet, the Mothers stone, is the lowest and is larger than the smaller children stones which lay slightly above it. You can add as many children/stones to these necklaces as you want. I think the way Danique Jewelry layers the stones, having the mother stone larger, and the addition of the leaves make this necklace stand out among a sea of other necklaces. It’s beauty and class make it a piece you will keep forever and will not fade with time. If you are thinking of gifting one of these gorgeous pieces, you may want to consider purchasing a modern jewellery box to accompany the gift.

Perfect for any Mother or Grandmother to represent the love of each child in their life

The Lovely Raindrop Review


Finding a classic piece of jewelry is like hitting the jackpot. I have recently discovered The Lovely Raindrop, a shop on Etsy, that features necklaces that are affordable, durable and beautifully delicate.

The Lovely Raindrop Packaging


The Lovely Raindrop has been a booming Etsy shop since it’s debut back in 2008. In 2010 the owner Morgan began to sell her handmade necklaces. They were an instant hit and have been selling fast for years now. Always on top of the latest trends in fashion, you are sure to find the most modern, hip and hottest jewelry. Updating her shop constantly, you will see fun new pieces to ‘heart’, buy and gift to your friends and family. If reading this has inspired you to start making plans to open up your own Etsy store, don’t let not having enough followers on social media put you off. Hopefully, as your business takes off, your followers will grow too. With that being said, if you want to create a better first impression, you can always get free instagram followers online.

The Lovely Raindrop neckalces 1

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The style and theme of The Lovely Raindrop, in my opinion, is the delicate, light & airy feel. Each piece is made to softly lay against your skin in such a way that you forget you are wearing it. I love the simple and easy way all of my The Lovely Raindrop necklaces lay. Having toddlers I cannot tell you how often I have had a necklace ripped off. I am not saying that these necklaces are ‘rip-proof’ by any means, but they are not flimsy. If they were to get caught on your purse strap they are strong enough to hold together. Don’t let their light and delicate look fool you, they are solid pieces of jewelry.

The Lovely Raindrop on Fox 1

Whether you need a piece for everyday wear or a special event, you will be pleased with the entire selection that The Lovely Raindrop has to offer. Head over to their Etsy site now and be sure to heart/follow them so you can always keep up with the latest and greatest designs.

baby and beyond hop

Blessed Grove Giveaway 300

Breastfeeding my children was one of my most special times in my life; a privilege I will forever cherish and remember. I am so glad I was able to work with Blessed Grove Keepsakes, because she was able to take a small amount of my breast milk I had stored away in the deep freezer and turn it into a beautiful bead! Now I can wear this token as a symbol of my memories. Its small, classy and looks like a pearl so no one would know (unless you told them) that you are joyfully wearing a tiny droplet of your milk.  Now you can enter for your chance to win a $50 credit to her store (credit will be in US or Canadian currency depending on your location).

Welcome to the Baby and Beyond Giveaway Hop!


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Blessed Grove Keepsakes Review

Breastmilk Bead Blessed Grove Keepsakes

You may have not yet heard about Blessed Grove Keepsakes, but you may have heard of the type of services they provide. Blessed Grove Keepsakes makes amazing keepsake jewelry to help you hold on to and remember special times and people in your life.

Blessed Grove Keepsakes owner and founder, Monique, is a doula as well as a photographer. She has seen and experienced a lot of different circumstances while doing both of her jobs. What did knew for sure was that people are looking for a way to capture their “birth, surrogacy or breastfeeding journey, a lost child, first hair cut, a parent or pet who has passed on…this is how Blessed Grove Keepsakes was born.”

Blessed Grove Keepsakes specializes in offering beautiful wearable keepsakes that preserve your most intimate moments.

Remember Forever Blessed Grove Keepsakes

Using breast milk, placenta, hair clippings or created ashes, Blessed Grove Keepsakes can make a special memory last a lifetime by transforming them into amazing, wearable jewelry. 

This Mama’s Experience

Breastfeeding my children was one of the most precious times in my life. It is hard for me to express just how much of an impact it made on my relationship with my children, relationship with God and my overall parenting choices. It truley is a moving and magical experience. The feel of holding your child close, skin to skin. Seeing their tiny hands wrap around your hair or finger. Knowing that you are giving them amazing nutrition and nutrients that man is not able to recreated gives you a feeling of wonder and humbles me in my faith.

I know many mothers who loved breastfeeding their kids. We talk about it with such fond memories; recounting the feelings and emotions that it evokes. Recently I heard about the concept of creating a bead from your breast milk. The concept blow my mind. At first I was a little bit weirded out. Then I thought about it quite a bit, like a lot. Then I started to fall in love with the idea. When I heard about Blessed Grove Keepsakes I took the time to look around her website and saw that she makes classy pieces for everyday people. I was instantly interested.

Bead Blessed Grove

I had a small bag (about 4 ounces) of breast milk in my deep freezer. I stopped breastfeeding around Feb or March of 2016, but I had that small bag that I never got around to tossing and I am SO glad that I didn’t! That was all the Blessed Grove Keepsakes needed to make a perfect little pearl-like bead out of my milk. I love how this bead looks like a typical pearl or bead. Nothing about it screams “Hey! I am wearing my booby milk people”. It’s simple, it’s classy and totally me.

Blessed Grove Keepsakes can accept shipments from US and Canada (if out of these countries please reach out to Monique about possibly working with her). It took a while for my milk to arrive due to customs and the fact that I was shipping a liquid through the USPS. Monique can walk you through what to write on the customs form and declaring the liquid.

The cost of one of these beads is C$65.00, which is roughly $50 in US dollars. This is a wonderful price! For a keepsake that is forever that is made with care you cannot go wrong with a Blessed Grove Keepsakes bead.