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You may have not yet heard about Blessed Grove Keepsakes, but you may have heard of the type of services they provide. Blessed Grove Keepsakes makes amazing keepsake jewelry to help you hold on to and remember special times and people in your life.

Blessed Grove Keepsakes owner and founder, Monique, is a doula as well as a photographer. She has seen and experienced a lot of different circumstances while doing both of her jobs. What did knew for sure was that people are looking for a way to capture their “birth, surrogacy or breastfeeding journey, a lost child, first hair cut, a parent or pet who has passed on…this is how Blessed Grove Keepsakes was born.”

Blessed Grove Keepsakes specializes in offering beautiful wearable keepsakes that preserve your most intimate moments.

Remember Forever Blessed Grove Keepsakes

Using breast milk, placenta, hair clippings or created ashes, Blessed Grove Keepsakes can make a special memory last a lifetime by transforming them into amazing, wearable jewelry. 

This Mama’s Experience

Breastfeeding my children was one of the most precious times in my life. It is hard for me to express just how much of an impact it made on my relationship with my children, relationship with God and my overall parenting choices. It truley is a moving and magical experience. The feel of holding your child close, skin to skin. Seeing their tiny hands wrap around your hair or finger. Knowing that you are giving them amazing nutrition and nutrients that man is not able to recreated gives you a feeling of wonder and humbles me in my faith.

I know many mothers who loved breastfeeding their kids. We talk about it with such fond memories; recounting the feelings and emotions that it evokes. Recently I heard about the concept of creating a bead from your breast milk. The concept blow my mind. At first I was a little bit weirded out. Then I thought about it quite a bit, like a lot. Then I started to fall in love with the idea. When I heard about Blessed Grove Keepsakes I took the time to look around her website and saw that she makes classy pieces for everyday people. I was instantly interested.

Bead Blessed Grove

I had a small bag (about 4 ounces) of breast milk in my deep freezer. I stopped breastfeeding around Feb or March of 2016, but I had that small bag that I never got around to tossing and I am SO glad that I didn’t! That was all the Blessed Grove Keepsakes needed to make a perfect little pearl-like bead out of my milk. I love how this bead looks like a typical pearl or bead. Nothing about it screams “Hey! I am wearing my booby milk people”. It’s simple, it’s classy and totally me.

Blessed Grove Keepsakes can accept shipments from US and Canada (if out of these countries please reach out to Monique about possibly working with her). It took a while for my milk to arrive due to customs and the fact that I was shipping a liquid through the USPS. Monique can walk you through what to write on the customs form and declaring the liquid.

The cost of one of these beads is C$65.00, which is roughly $50 in US dollars. This is a wonderful price! For a keepsake that is forever that is made with care you cannot go wrong with a Blessed Grove Keepsakes bead.

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  1. Omgosh they do gorgeous work!! I wish I would’ve saved some of my breast milk to do this!! Hopefully if we have #2 I will have another chance!! They really are so reasonable and so pretty!!

  2. I love window shopping on this site. I cannot wait until it’s closer to the holidays to buy some goodies for my fellow mommies!

  3. This is so unusual and different. I had no idea that this could be done affordably.

  4. These beads look excellent and not too flashy. I like the chic look, so this is great.

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