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The Lovely Raindrop Review


Finding a classic piece of jewelry is like hitting the jackpot. I have recently discovered The Lovely Raindrop, a shop on Etsy, that features necklaces that are affordable, durable and beautifully delicate.

The Lovely Raindrop Packaging


The Lovely Raindrop has been a booming Etsy shop since it’s debut back in 2008. In 2010 the owner Morgan began to sell her handmade necklaces. They were an instant hit and have been selling fast for years now. Always on top of the latest trends in fashion, you are sure to find the most modern, hip and hottest jewelry. Updating her shop constantly, you will see fun new pieces to ‘heart’, buy and gift to your friends and family. If reading this has inspired you to start making plans to open up your own Etsy store, don’t let not having enough followers on social media put you off. Hopefully, as your business takes off, your followers will grow too. With that being said, if you want to create a better first impression, you can always get free instagram followers online.

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The style and theme of The Lovely Raindrop, in my opinion, is the delicate, light & airy feel. Each piece is made to softly lay against your skin in such a way that you forget you are wearing it. I love the simple and easy way all of my The Lovely Raindrop necklaces lay. Having toddlers I cannot tell you how often I have had a necklace ripped off. I am not saying that these necklaces are ‘rip-proof’ by any means, but they are not flimsy. If they were to get caught on your purse strap they are strong enough to hold together. Don’t let their light and delicate look fool you, they are solid pieces of jewelry.

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Whether you need a piece for everyday wear or a special event, you will be pleased with the entire selection that The Lovely Raindrop has to offer. Head over to their Etsy site now and be sure to heart/follow them so you can always keep up with the latest and greatest designs.

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