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My Usborne Family

“The more that you read, the more things you will know.

The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

– Dr. Seuss

As a child I hated reading! I remember it being hard, I remember being made fun of for making mistakes, and I remember my heart pounding whenever I was asked to read aloud.

It never really became a huge issue until I hit high school and was struggling in my honors math and science classes!


The problem was I couldn’t read fast enough to complete my tests. I eventually took speed reading classes to better improve my efficiency and develop better strategies for tests and note-taking.

After high school I pursed my dream to become an elementary teacher and quickly became passionate about children’s literacy. I took additional classes on phonics as well as studied children’s illustrations, language arts methods, and best practices for teaching in a pluralistic society. After graduation I took my first job in the inner city as an academic specialist. My job: get title 1 3rd and 4th grade students to read at grade level.

The love for literacy only continued to grow as I taught elementary school kids, after school programs, and then eventually my own children.

I was the determined teacher training first graders to read silently for 45 minutes a day.

I was the innovated dance teacher incorporating literature into tap class.

I was the passionate mom reading books to my 1 day old baby in the hospital.

I am THAT homeschool mom checking out the maximum number of books from the library.

I have experienced first hand how reading can actually change your life for the good or bad. I’ve seen the facts, statistics, and testimonies how early exposure to books can build a beautiful foundation for children.

PC: Cherish’s Literacy Corner VIP’s


So when I met Cherish, I was instantly inspired by her love for literature and learning! As a past high school English teacher her knowledge of literature is extensive, while her heart for student learning is enormous. As a mom, Cherish has establish a home that invites learning with fun and engaging activities

But her passion for education doesn’t end there, Cherish works to enrich the families around her by helping bring high quality books in their homes through Usborne books.

As an Usborne book consultant, she is passionate about equipping parents with the best resources for raising life long learners!


Meet Usborne Books 

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In 1973, Peter Usborne saw TV and comics controlling the attention of kids and wanted to give non-fiction books a fighting chance. This led to the birth of Usborne books and the mission to make both reading and learning fun, not intimidating. The magic of Usborne books is that they break down children’s resistance to reading and learning at home. In return, it opens the door for parents and children to explore and absorb the world of learning together.

Today Usborne books are high quality, innovative, engaging, and educational! There are over 2000 titles to choose from covering a wide variety of subjects and age ranges.

Usborne in my Home

As a past educator, a mom, and homeschool teacher I can’t express the amount of times I’ve been grateful for Usborne products in our home.

It all started with the That’s Not My collection. From a young age my children were drawn to the high contrast but simple illustrations. They loved to feel each new texture as well as look for the silly mouse hiding on each page. We read the same book too many times to count until I happily discovered Usborne had a HUGE collection of That’s Not My books. I honestly did not love reading the same type of book, but I persevered because those books helped open a world of reading to our children. At a young age they were exposed to the wonders of reading and built stamina to sit through 2-3 long picture books each night.


Now with preschool aged kids, Usborne’s collection of activities are a real hit. Usborne provides hands-on educational activities for babies to middle school aged kids. My family uses their sticker books for long car trips, water painting books for quiet independent play, and craft books for art projects. 

As a homeschool mama I’ve only just had a tiny taste of how Usborne can enrich and support our curriculum.

Each month we study a different theme that supports and connects to the Core Curriculum standards for preschool age children. Some of the topics include family units, habitats, space, hygiene, and plants. I was delighted to see Usborne’s books align with State Standards and therefore I could find at least one developmentally appropriate book for each of my units.

For most subjects I have a variety of titles and forms to choose from; peek-inside, lift-the-flap, Big Books, wipe-clean, young beginners, and so much more. Cherish even went the extra mile to examine my preschool syllabus and offer book recommendations for my units.

Usborne wipe clean books have also been instrumental in developing my children’s fine motor skills as well as practicing and refining their writing.  The lively illustrations and game-like set up makes handwriting drills a fun reward rather than a frustrating mundane task.

Working with Cherish

Cherish is not just an Usborne consultant that throws parties and sells books. She works almost daily to post innovative ways to bring reading into your home.

I would highly suggest checking out Cherish’s Literacy Corner on Facebook!

Cherish posts fun activities she is doing with her little ones and ways she incorporates reading into her home.

In addition, her literacy corner keeps followers up to date on Usborne new releases! Often when there is a big release Cherish goes live on social media to give followers an inside look into the books. If there is a book you have your eye on but not quite sure, Cherish helps to provide you with a real view video so you can fully see the illustrations, text, and story line.

Last but not least, her page provides insider deals and specials!

Check it out!

I’ve truly only scratched the surface on Usborne’s collection. Their website is a must see when looking for quality literature to bring into your home! To take it the next step further follow Cherish’s Literacy Corner to join a community of families who love and pursue the benefits of reading!


Button Diapers are Super!

Who loves Fluff Mail?!

This month I had the opportunity to try out Buttons Cloth Diapers. My sister has used them for both her boys so I wanted to see why she was so loyal to this particular brand.

Meet Button Diapers

Buttons was created by your typical mom who wanted to keep things simple. Her and her husband’s goal was to keep cloth diapering affordable and easy to use.

Their diapering options continue to expand and new adorable prints are frequently released.






I also want to add their social medias are a delight to follow! They always give great encouragement to cloth mamas and have fun revealing new prints!


Connect with Buttons










The Diapers

Buttons diapers takes a new and improve twist on past cloth diapering systems. The outer shell is waterproof and wipeable, meaning it can be used multiple times before washing. Rather than changing the whole diaper (like inserts and AIO), just the insert can easily snap out and be replaced with a fresh clean one.


It also makes it convenient to use the same diaper night and day. Snap the daytime insert in for play time then at bedtime add a nighttime insert underneath a daytime insert for a peaceful dry night.


Button Diapers covers have the same great quality in three different sizes.

Newborn, One-Size, and Super.

I especially loved their sizes because one-size really doesn’t fit all!


Both of my cloth diapering sisters had babies in the fall. My sister with newborn Button diapers started cloth diapering way before my sister with one-size. The cut of these pip squeak diapers fit perfectly around even tiny newborn chicken legs and while still preventing mega leaks.

It is a big deal because after changing and washing 6-12 diapers a day, no one wants to add wardrobe changes to the laundry. Also with the estimation of newborns using over 300 newborn diapers, cloth can be a mega money saver in the end.


One-size diapers are a great option for frugal cloth diapering. Both of my kids were born weighing over 8 pounds, so I assume I would have been able to put them in One-Size diapers before a month old.

I do find a lot of mom’s prefer waiting a month or so before switching to cloth. It gives them time to recover and relax before taking on diaper laundry.

Since these diapers can fit up to 35lbs it is likely they will fit until potty training. My son being of of those kids! So if you have a pretty average baby, one-size Button diapers could be your one stop shop for cloth diapering.


Now a mom with an above average size babe, I appreciate the Super size. My daughter has always been in or above the 85% range for height and weight. Before she was mobile she was especially rolly-polly.

All the more to love right?!

I remember around 6-9 months thinking she was going to outgrow her one-size cloth diapers! The snaps were on the second to last spot and her back side would creep out when she was sitting. Fortunately, when she started walking and crawling she leaned out and developed more of a toddler shape. I actually was able to snap her diapers tighter.

However, the hight issue stayed the same. I could never find a diaper that completely covered her bum, and more importantly kept messes from spilling out. I feared she would exceed the maximum weight of her one-size diapers before we hit potty training.

The super sized diapers became a great addition to our cloth collection. They provide maximum coverage and maximum protection!

As if my daughter knew I was reviewing her diaper, she almost immediately “tested it out” if you know what I mean. I was happy to say her Buttons diaper held strong through crawling, rolling, walking, and even a dance party.


Buttons offers a variety of snap inserts to meet the needs of your diapering preference.

DAYTIME: Buttons cloth inserts snap right into our diapers covers to keep inserts from shifting around.

  • Hemp/Cotton 3 Pack
  • Bamboo 3 Pack
  • Microfiber 3 Pack

NIGHTTIME: They work as a doubler when snapped underneath Buttons daytime inserts.

  • Hemp/Cotton 2 Pack
  • Bamboo 2 Pack
  • Microfiber 2 Pack

Since we are new to Buttons diapers we tried out their Hemp/Cotton Daytime Inserts.

These inserts are made with an incredible 4 layer absorbent system. Moisture-wicking fleece sandwiches layers of hemp and organic cotton.

The inserts are very durable and feel well made. I especially loved the seem and edging on each insert. It is rare to find both, and honestly I think it helps all the more to lock moisture in and prevent leakage with movement.

The snaps hold the inserts in place and are easy to remove and replace.

Overall I loved joining the Buttons Diapers family!

And to especially support Earth Day I wanted to leave you all with a few diapering facts!

  • Over 92% of all single-use diapers end up in a landfill.
  • No one knows how long it takes for a disposable diaper to decompose, but it is estimated to be about 250-500 years, long after your children, grandchildren and great, great, great grandchildren will be gone.
  • Over 300 pounds of wood, 50 pounds of petroleum feedstocks and 20 pounds of chlorine are used to produce disposable diapers for one baby EACH YEAR.





One and Done with People Footwear

Recently the need for shoes has been hitting hard in my house.

My son has been wearing hand me downs for three years. I can literally count on my two hands how many times I’ve spent money on his wardrobe. It isn’t just because I am frugal. Kids, especially boys, are so destructive and always choose the naked option! Why waste money on clothes he constantly refuses to wear or soaks in spaghetti and mud simultaneously?

Speaking of destructive boys, the older they get the harder they are on their clothes. When my son recently hit size 8 shoes there was no shoes left in his hand me down box.

Sad day for this mama. Guess i’ll need to get some more wide fit shoes for women and let go of some of my current favorite comfy shoes for him?

As for my daughter, she has been struggling with the confidence to walk. Every time she falls its like she just gives up and resorts back to the “safety” of crawling.

So as spring approached I was on the hunt for shoes. As a frugal mama I was shocked at children shoe prices! It’s not the fact that quality shoes are expensive, I’ll pay to have shoes that are developing my children’s feet correctly. It’s the need for multiple pairs! You can never have enough shoes but if you do want to purchase some multiple use footwear then you should check out some Vessi footwear, they are 100% waterproof and extremely comfortable, you can wear them on any adventure which can be hot or cold – don’t have to worry about getting your shoes or your feet wet! You can get them in adult and children sizes. Children do need lots of shoes:

-Tennis shoes for parks with wood chips and mud, not to mention sports and bike riding.

-Breathable sandals for hot days outside that still protect toes.

-Pool/splash pad shoes that don’t cause blisters when wet.

-Dress shoes to complete that perfect outfit.

I turned to my penny pinching sister for advice. Her solution…People Footwear!

My sister said it was my 3 year old niece’s only pair of shoes. They were actually second hand bought, then lasted a whole year of use, and now will be handed down to her little sister! In addition, she already planned to buy the next size up for her daughter this spring.

Tell me more!

Who is People Footwear?

“People Footwear is ultra–light, supremely comfortable and perfect for doing whatever it is you do.”

Using innovative designs and materials People Footwear have crafted the perfect all occasion shoes. People Footwear has a vast variety of shoes to meet almost any style or age. Most importantly, all their shoes are engineered with their SkyLite EVA.

“EVA stands for ethylene vinyl acetate — a fancy word for rubberized foam. All of our shoes are made with our custom–engineered SkyLite™ EVA, a super light and shock–absorbent material. Our unique SuperCush™ sock liner (which molds to your foot) is also made of EVA because a lighter, cushier shoe makes for a happier you.”

It took everything in me to not add a pair of women’s shoes to my cart. They seriously looked so comfortable and stylish.

Like not just coolest mom on the playground stylish, but fashionista at the local cafe or bar.

However, I stayed focus and just nabbed two different designs for my little ones.

Connect with People Footwear

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The Slater Kids

The Slater Kids have the classic skateboarder slip-on look with People Footwear science.

The style is sleek yet practical. Despite the fun vibrant patterns to choose from, my son chose black. Probably having to do with his love for Batman. I did not attest, because remember these are his ONLY shoes for spring and summer. Black goes with everything and still maintains a clean look in-between washings.

The loafer look makes them stylish when I can occasionally get him to dress up while still having a youthful fear to fit everyday attire.

In addition, The Slater Kid’s footbed is lightweight yet extremely durable. These shoes protect and move like a tennis shoe. We found them great for the park and even riding his bike.

The Slater Kids are made with People Footwear’s fully-molded EVA Skylite upper with holes for maximum air-flow.

This means the perfect shoe for almost any environment. We tested his People Footwear at the local children’s museum. I watched him climb, run, jump, and get soaked in puddles and never once heard him complain or adjust his shoes. I love not having to worry about blisters, exposed toes getting stubbed, or shoes slipping off wet feet.

Laces free means my 3 year old son can QUICKLY put them on independently. Once they are on I know they are on. No adjusting velcro or tying laces!

Our People Footwear shoes fit with and without socks so wearing them into fall isn’t a problem.

The Ace Kids

I was in cuteness overload with People Footwear Ace Kids. These stylish faux lace slip ons were just what we needed.

The unisex style and colors almost convinced me to pick a neutral for future kids, but in the end I went full girl with a vibrant leopard print!

With an off white background and print of 4 bright colors and black, I knew my daughter could wear these with any outfit.

For a new walker I was adamant about flexible non clunky shoes. The Ace Kid’s footbed is made with the same durable lightweight design as the Slater Kids.

I love how The Ace Kids move with her feet and barely add any weight. She also is comfortable wearing her shoes with and without socks.

The tops are also made with People Footwear’s fully-molded Skylite EVA and air-flow holes. Again making these shoes great for heat, sweat, water, mud, and grass.

I knew my daughter’s shoes would help her keep up with her brother wherever he took his People Footwear.

There’s More!

People Footwear is not just a kid brand. They have a stylish collection for men and women as well. You can find sandals for warm sunny days, knit uppers for hard workouts, low tops for special occasions, and even boots to face the cold wet winter. There is a variety of shoes offered both in adult and kid sizes. Perfect for those adorably family matching days!


Anticipating one pair of shoes through two seasons means preparing to have weekly cleanings. People Footwear suggest cleaning shoes with a soft cloth or tooth bush. I used a Magic sponge and loved the result! We’ve already established wet People Footwear are still safe and comfortable, meaning freshly cleaned shoes can go directly back on feet. Or if you have a wild son like me, you can choose to hose down shoes and kids all at once.

So as you approach this spring with excitement for warmer weather and days of play outside, you can forget the shoe chase. People Footwear has you covered with shoes that are perfect for all occasions, all outfits, and almost any environment. These quality shoes save your budget and time by being your kids’ one and done pair of shoes. Now that is something to be excited about!

Thanks a Latte Giveaway

Hosted by: MamatheFox

Sponsored by: Discovery Toys (Angela)

Enter for your chance to win a $45 Shopping Spree at Angela’s Discovery Toys 

Open to: US (48)


MamatheFox and all participating blogs are not held responsible for sponsors who fail to fulfill their prize obligations.



Discover Fun with Discovery Toys

As an educator and mom I am always looking on sites like umkytoys for the right toys.

The mama in me looks for safe toys that are attractive and versatile. Toys need to do more than one thing and spark imaginative play. I want my kids to want to play with their toys, and I want them to play for a while.

Mama needs her coffee time!

As an educator, I look for toys that strengthen my child’s skills and development. I want them to contribute to my kids growth and challenge them to do, think, or feel.

My husband wants high quality products and our money’s worth. He does not want toys breaking…aka hearts breaking, not to mention they need to last through the years of being hand me downed to the next kid.

If it was up to him, our kids would be playing in cardboard boxes, because lets be honest, most kids love the packaging the most.

With the holiday and birthday season approaching I started researching gifts for our kids that would meet our high standards.

That is when I came across Discovery Toys and began reading about their perfect blend of fun, educational, and quality.

Who is Discovery Toys?

Discovery Toys has been in business for over 35 years and has gained a trusted reputation of providing premium quality toys. They are dedicated to designing toys that promote kid-power learning through play. Discovery Toys cover ages birth to 8 years and each toy is designed to teach, play, and inspire. Their mission is to provide engaging toys that assist parents and teachers with educating through play. The goal is to inspire a love for learning in children and adults.

Levels of Learning

These toys are unique as they combine multiple levels of learning in every toy.

  1. Products support multiple skills and learning pathways
  2. Products grow with your child
  3. Products support a varies of learning styles (audio, visual, and kinesthetic)

Special Needs

Since discovery toys are so versatile they are great for supporting children with special needs. Their toy catalogue is actually labeled with an Autism symbol that corresponds with the specific learning each toy supports. They also provide a very useful guide to help consumers select the correct product for their child’s needs.

I found this chart to be extremely helpful for any parent. As we watch our kids grow we notice their strengths and weakness in development. My son is a big kinesthetic learner and strong communicatively and cognitively. However, as a strong willed stubborned toddler he could improve his social skills and some fine motor tasks. My 12 month old is very visual and just starting to reach some cognitive milestones. I used this guide to help me choose the right toys to help grow and strengthen the needs of my littles.

Shopping Made Easy

I think my favorite thing about Discovery Toys, besides the toys themselves, is the catalogue setup. It’s perfectly color coded, organized, and supportive of parents’ choices. It’s almost as if a teacher is shopping with you explaining the benefits of each toy.

At the front of the catalogue they provide a table of context of each type of play. Their toys are grouped accordingly and each page is clearly marked.

They provide a key for their autism and special needs toys. Each letter corresponds with the specific learning the toy supports.

Also included are indicators of exclusive Discovery Toys, best sellers, and award winners.

If you are searching for a specific age rage, they provide a index by age. However, most of their toys will grow with your child beyond the listed age.

Our New Favorite Toys

As you can imagine, it was hard to choose just a few toys for our kids! There is a great desire to buy everything I think would interest my children, or be a possible teaching tool! If I followed my desire I would have every toy in the book. So I settled for 3.

All three toys are BPA free and included a tiny informational booklet. It provides a number of ways to play and educate using the given toy.

Heartbeat M.D

This best seller Discovery Toy was my no brainer. My son is getting more and more creative with his imaginative play and I am loving every minute of it. I recently started searching for a doctor kit when my son started using his tool kit for doctor play.

I give him points for creativity!

Normally I would just let it go and be satisfied with him using his tools for multiple purposes. But after a scarring visit to a hospital, while living overseas, I wanted him to get familiar with doctor tools. My goal was to play doctor enough times that he would begin to know the intention of each tool and be comfortable with medical exams.

My problem was trying to find doctor kits that weren’t outrageous colors or extremely flimsy. The Heartbeat M.D met my expectations.

The tools are a nice weight and great quality. My son’s imagination was immediately sparked as we practiced using each tool.

My educational expectations were even exceeded as I realized doctor play helped him learn to take turns, improve his focus, and communicate his feelings. Not to mention, we worked on being gentle when his little sister joined in as a patient.


With the help of baby dolls, doctor play can also be an independent quite play activity. We currently only have one extremely old doll but she made due.

If you have an animal lover, doctor kits are also awesome for veterinary play. We don’t have any live pets to practice on but we do have plenty of stuffed animals.

This toy is suggested for ages starting at 3 years and has won two awards!

Measure Up! Cups

A staple childhood toy has got to be stacking cups. They are versatile, durable, and grow with your child. Cups are great for stacking, playing in sensory bins, pouring in the bath tub, stamping, nesting, and so much more.

I loved that both my toddler and baby were engaged with Measure Up! Cups and developmentally benefited from their play. While my daughter was learning cause and effect of knocking down a tower, my son was experimenting with volume and getting a grasp on relational sizing.

When I received Measure Up! Cups I was curious how Discovery toys had worked to improve such a timeless toy.

The first thing I noticed was the ridged edges. This is to help prevent accidental suffocation, a risk I didn’t even know came with stacking cups. The ridges also help to stabilize the cups when being stacked and make for great castle turrets.

Each cup is numbered on the inside and outside and looks great when numerically arranged or sequentially placed in a circle to make a clock face. The numbers are also written in English, Spanish, and French and include corresponding dots. The bottom of the cups has stamped animals that correlate with the cups size. Cup 12 has an elephant while cup 1 has a butterfly. Measure Up! Cups are designed to be volumetrically proportional and are a great teaching tool for math concepts.

Discovery Toys suggests Measure Up! Cups for children from 12 Months to primary school. This toy has won three awards including the Family Choice Award.

Rainfall Rattle

I was instantly drawn to this rattle for my daughter and knew it would meet her interests. My daughter loves music and always chooses the egg shakers in the instrument box.

The rainfall rattle is a multi sensory experience as little ones watch and hear a stream of colorful beads falling. My daughter was drawn to the moving rainbow of colors and watching the effects of her shaking.

The rattle fits in little hands and is great for shaking, tipping, and rolling. Surprisingly it made for a fun toy for not only my daughter but my toddler too.

My son enjoyed experimenting with the pace of beads by how quickly he turned the rattle. He was so focused on getting every bead through the eight layers to the end.

As an educator, I also found this toy to be a soothing quiet break. My very energetic son often struggles with getting over stimulated and needing an outlet to gain control. Watching the cascading beads glistening in the sun has been a wonderful resource.

The rainfall rattle is suggested for 9 months to toddler age and has won one award.


But don’t just take my word for it, Discovery Toys has a wide variety of toys that meet the needs of any child.

Discovery Toys® products are available through our independent Educational Consultants in the United States and Canada. Our Educational Consultants are trained to help you select the appropriate products for the children in your lives, to take orders, to share the Discovery Toys income opportunity, to help you plan a party, and to answer any questions you may have.”

If you want to learn more about these Discovery Toys products contact Angela (The Expert!) through her website or by emailing angelakraemer_discoverytoys@yahoo.com. She is not an average pushy sales rep, rather a mom who loves discovery toys so much that she starting to sell them and spread the word.

Reach out if you want to host a party so you can get some awesome hosting rewards too! Can’t hurt, right?


Connect with Discovery Toys





Irresistible ikiki Shoes

Transition is pretty much happening everyday when you have little ones. Weather is changing, milestones are being hit, likes/dislikes are developing, and in my extended family, babies are always being born.

It’s hard to keep up.

So when fall weather hit out of no where, I realized I was in a pinch for new kid shoes. We needed to transition out of easy slip on sandals back to socks and sneakers.

As a mother of two, sneakers are my worst nightmare.

Thats four pairs of socks, four wrestling matches to squeeze feet in shoes, and four races to tie shoes before the feet run away.

My daughter is transitioning into walking so this fall I knew she would need a good pair of solid walking shoes. While my son is transitioning into an opinionated “three-anger” and pretty much controls what he wears and when he wears it.

So with fall rolling in I was scared leaving the house was going to start taking 3 hours.

Then I found ikiki shoes!

Who is ikiki Shoes?

A dad with growing kids came up with ikiki shoes in 2009. He was actually an engineer looking for shoes that were healthy and fun for kids, and not just shrunken adult shoes. He understood kid feet are in the most important developmental stage of life, and therefore needed the correct support and design. ikiki has reimagined kid’s shoes and has used the best materials to make their products breathable, comfortable, and fun.

Squeaky Shoes?

Before you freak out, please promise to read on. ikiki shoes have built in squeakers.

While living in China, I saw kids wearing squeaker shoes daily. At first I didn’t get it. Why would you want to hear that all day?

Then I saw it in action.

New walkers smiling from ear to ear as they heard the squeaking. It actually is a genius educational tool. It teaches kids cause and effect which is big milestone for littles.  The squeak is also providing a multi sensory activity for walkers; feeling feet walk while hearing squeaking in unison. I don’t think I’ve every seen my daughter smile so big than when she first wore her ikiki’s. As I held her hands and she jumped, the squeaking brought giggles and entertainment.

It also provides a safety measure. I remember seeing a mom turn around to talk to her friend and her daughter taking off. Immediately the mother heard the quickening of squeaks and turned around to chase her little one back to safety. These shoes are great for in stores and parks when you are trying to multitask. Rather than looking for groceries and watching kids, you can actually look at what you are buying while listening to your child’s actions.

 Adjustable Squeaker

Like I said, squeaker shoes are no new invention. However, ikiki shoes are built with a patent-pending adjustable squeaker design. With a simple flip of a switch you, or your child, can turn the squeaks off. So when heading to the library or movie theater, or you just need a bit of quiet, ikiki shoes can be silenced.

I liked that it was simple to turn the squeaks on and off. My 2.5 year old son figured it out within minutes of wearing his new shoes. He established his own set of rules of when he wanted the squeaks on and off. When he’s jumping and “working out” he sits down and turns those puppies on and has a wonderful squeaking time. During his imaginative play time or when grandpa’s around he chooses to keep them off. I liked that during this transition of needing control, my son has something he is in control of.

As for my newly walking daughter, we just leave her ikiki’s on because what is cuter than a tottering baby?

A tottering baby laughing at herself squeaking.

Shoe Tech

As I said before, ikiki shoes were engineered around children’s feet.

The soles are very light weight and soft, making them flexible and comfortable. The rubber bottoms protect their little feet while also allowing children to feel the ground; helping to develop balance and stability. Each sole has a different pop of color, making it easier to match the correct foot to the correct shoe.

The website provides a wonderful printable sizing guide. Included is detailed directions, an accuracy check, and scale. It was simple and quick to measure my kids’ feet and the shoes ended up being very true to size.

Kids’ Foot Sizing Chart

The actual materials making up ikiki shoes are breathable and durable. The unique high top design offers padded support for little ankles without hugging too tight. The insides are smooth making slipping on shoes a breeze, while the outsides provides extra protection for toes and heels.

My son is a wild child always looking for adventure. These shoes have held up not just through every day use but also scooter riding, playing sports, and adventuring by our local park’s creek. While reading through some ikiki reviews, I read one consumer’s fear of the shoes being too flimsy for outside. ikiki actually encouraged her to try the shoes for outside play and offered another pair if they got ruined.

The truth is, healthy kid shoes should feel light weight and flexible. ikiki has mastered just that by engineering high quality developmentally appropriate shoes for your kids’ growing feet.

EASY to put on

My favorite feature of ikiki shoes is how easy they are. These are the first shoes my son has ever independently put on!

A serious miracle!

The backs have large easy pull on loops which can actually be used. These are far from the normal wimpy loops that slip right out of your fingers.

The best part is the wide opening velcro which provides plenty of wiggle room to pop feet in. Since velcro can be adjusted, you can still make the roomy shoes tight enough for safe walking.

Appealing Characters 

ikiki didn’t just design shoes for the different needs of adolescent feet, they also created unique styles to accentuate the personality of your little ones. ikiki shoes are visually appealing with bright colors and friendly characters. Each pair doubles as a fun character friend that is as unique as your child. Their website includes bios for each character helping your little one choose his or her ikikis.

For the first time I let my son choose his own shoes. It was a much debated processes as we went through and read about each character. He eventually decided on Prince Kairu, a competitive frog working towards being the first amphibious Olympic swimmer. He loved the medal Kairu had won in his bio picture and the fact he could help him jump to victory.

For me it was a struggle to narrow it down but I finally chose Patty Potamus for my daughter, a dancing hippo ballerina that has a taste for finer things. Not to mention, we loved they were glittery and matched her favorite hippo toy.


Thanks to our ikiki shoes leaving the house this fall is going to be quick and simple. We finally have shoes that are made for developing walking feet while also appeasing our independent free spirited child.


Connect with ikiki

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Warm and Fuzzy about FuzziBunz

Hey fluff love Mamas!

How is your cloth diapering going?

When we moved back to America we switched to cloth diapers since we finally had a washer machine connected to the hot water. I’ve enjoyed testing MamatheFox’s stash of cloth diapers to figure out which brands I like best, not to mention which ones my husband can correctly put on.

Recently while reading blogs and searching Pinterest for cloth diaper information I stumbled upon FuzziBunz diapers. I was immediately hooked by their prices and the frequency of sales. I loved their unique vibrant prints and realized these were different from most cloth diapers.


Why FuzziBunz is Different?

  • Easily replaceable elastics

FuzziBunz has a longer lifespan because you can replace the elastic. Diapers are equipped with Fantastic Elastic which are easily replaceable using a button-hole system. Replacement elastic is extremely affordable. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised! I mean replacing the elastic is pretty much giving your diaper a second life, so I expected it to be kind of pricey. Each replacement kit comes with 3 pieces of hole elastic and cost $1.50.

  • One size adjustable diaper

I’ve tried a lot of different brands of one size adjustable diapers. Some include snaps on the front which make for quick, but sometimes confusing, adjustments. I’ve also tried diapers equipped with a bra like elastic system in the legs. Those were so tight I literally had to use pliers to adjust my diapers. FuzziBunz elastic attaches to the adjustment buttons in each leg and on the waistband. A custom fit is made easy and can quickly be readjusted. FuzziBunz also provides an adjustment sizing guide and tutorial to help you get started.

  • 3 Point Leak Protection

Recently FuzziBunz refined their diapers creating a 3 point leak protection system. Their seams are are reinforced with new technology to prevent wetness leaking through. The first time my daughter wore this diaper she had a mega blow out. My father-in-law wrestled with a fussy baby for over 30 minutes with no resolve. I didn’t even know she had pooped until I went to change her diaper before a feeding. The leg holes are equipped with thick seams that keep moisture in but are still comfortable and moveable.

Inserts are pre-prepped and pre-shrunk in order to prevent abnormalities after the first washes. I loved how dense and high quality the organic hemp/cotton blend felt. It worked great alone during the day and paired well with a booster at night. I like the blend option as the cotton quickly absorbs moisture while the hemp retains moisture under pressure.

An additional treatment was added to the outer cover fabric to help make it more water resistant. To me, the outer cover resembles a soft cotton swimsuit. It definitely has a stronger water resistant feel and has protection against any wicking. An added bonus is the array of prints and solids. Their 2017 line is pretty top notch with a variety of different styles.

  • Polar Fleece Lining

You know the phrase “soft as a baby’s bottom?”

Well FuzziBunz’s polar fleece lining might be softer. The white lining was super comfortable on baby, especially around the legs and waist where it is tighter. I like to make my diapers a bit tighter mostly because my little one is on the squishier side. The extra polar fleece padding around the seams kept her leakproof while not leaving any indents on her skin.

  • Resources

I love how much information and support FuzziBunz gives to parents starting cloth diapers. I know when I made the switch I was completely overwhelmed. Everyone has different opinions, methods, and systems and it was so hard to remember what to do and when. The FuzziBunz website provides a resource center for how to get started and how to maintain a healthy cloth diapering system.

Getting Started

Care and Use Guide

Why Cloth Diapers

Sizing Information

How to Strip Your Diapers

  • Variety of Products

FuzziBunz provides almost everything you need to get started with cloth diapering. They offer first year bundles that also include free accessories to get you started.  You also have the option to buy diapers individually. They actually make three different types:

  1. All in One
  2. FuzziBunz Adjustable First Year(7-25LBS)
  3. One Size (10-40LBS)

In addition, FuziBunz sells:

  1. Cloth Pads
  2. Microfiver Inserts
  3. Replacement Elastic
  4. Pre-Wash Detergent
  5. Hanging Diaper Pails
  6. Organic hemp/cotton inserts
  7. Diaper totes
  8. Nursing Pads

Overall, I was extremely impressed with FuzziBunz adjustment features and 3 point leak protection. We can all agree babies are not one size fits all, so why should their diapers be? So whether you are looking for a new brand to try out or you are just getting started with cloth, I highly encourage you to try out FuzziBunz’s affordable, adjustable, diapers!


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