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Knock Nanny Review

Knock Nanny Review

Available now to purchase through Amazon

Who is Knock Nanny?

Knock Nanny is a Utah based business that started because they agree that we need to let sleeping babies sleep! Getting a child to finally fall asleep, only then to be woken by a pounding on your door or a loud DING DONG of the doorbell makes any parent cringe. You know we have practically all tried taping a piece of paper by the doorbell, but they always fall off or become unreadable from rain.

Knock Nanny knew they had to do something about this problem, and I cannot thank them enough!

What is The Knock Nanny?

The Knock Nanny is a simple plastic cover you install over your door bell. You can notify your visitors with 27 different message decals, or even design your own.


The beauty of this product is there is no drilling into your place of residence! You are able to bring it with you to your next home without any damage to the property.

To see more visuals of installation (along with videos) please click here.


There are so many options I had such a hard time picking one for my front door!

They even offer options like ‘No Soliciting’ and ‘Do Not Disturb’ for those without children but who want to enjoy the silence.


There are several ways the Knock Nanny can be installed. There is the standard method or the non-standard method. If neither of these methods are able to work with your doorbell/house there is still a way! The adhesive strips which come with the Knock Nanny are pretty spectacular. They can be used on an ‘install anywhere’ situation. Simply place the strips on the back of the knock nanny where it points towards the house. The strips are wider then the edge of the Knock Nanny, this is not a problem. It will stick to any surface. These strips are a very high adhesive strength and  leave no residue left behind after removal. This allows for those special circumstance installments.

Where Can You Buy It?

the Knock Nanny is now available through Amazon!

Click here to see a list of retail locations that carry the Knock Nanny.

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Mama’s Experience

When I received my Knock Nanny the first thing I wanted to do was look at the stickers! There are so many unique designs to choose from. I think it’s such a great idea to have such versatile options with their product. You can choose adorable sleeping baby stickers, a request to only knock, one asking to leave packages at the door, even ones that just say No Soliciting or Do Not Disturb.  This product is not just for parents with small children. Young adults trying to study for exams, average adults who don’t want to be disturbed or elderly people who may not feel up to walking to the door; all different types of people will benefit from having a Knock Nanny installed.


The Knock Nanny itself is made of a high quality material (the same stuff used in Lego’s) and it keeps both flexibility and form in extreme low and high temperatures. This is a super important feature. Living in Ohio we get well into the negative 20’s during the winter. Having this outside when those temperatures hit, I will have no worries about my Knock Nanny. The stickers are a super high quality, fade resistant and water resistant. Take that post it note signs!

Installation was a breeze! I couldn’t believe how simple it was to slide over the doorbell. I applied the double sided sticker to both sides of the doorbell. I slid the Knock Nanny onto the doorbell and pushed back. It felt super secure even though it was very smooth to install.


The message decals were easy to remove as well. Here I will show you two different decals. It peeled off clean and I was able to place the first decal back on the sheet.

final side by side

The Knock Nanny really is a perfect product for anyone

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Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Wand

Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Wand


Children love bath time. Splashing, playing, and just relaxing in the water. At some point, we have to introduce the showerhead. It is so high up there. So far away! It’s scary! It can be intimidating at the best of times, let alone when the showerhead starts dripping water without it being turned on. Even I don’t like that sound. Although it’s probably because I know that there is something wrong, and one of the only ways to resolve it would be to contact a local plumber so the problem can get sorted quickly and efficiently. Luckily, this has never happened yet, and I hope it doesn’t start doing it. I never really considered how scary this could be for children until the time came for me to introduce them to the shower. My kids get nervous when the water comes out of the showerhead at the force it does. Although, most of us adults love a powerful showerhead, and will even hire professionals, like Morris Jenkins, to install them for us, for a child the idea of water being sprayed heavily over their face is pretty scary. It’s intimidating to them. This is no longer an issue for us now that we use a Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Wand.

The Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Wands come in 5 different designs: Dollie the dolphin, Duckie the duck, Froggie the frog, Hippie the hippo and Rickie the rhino.

Rubber Duckie & Friends™ flow at just 1.5 gpm and are compliant with all EPA-inspired conservation laws. We help parents save water and money! And, our soft soothing spray pattern is gentle enough to rinse infants & toddlers in the tub.

All Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Wands feature:

  • Hose or 2-way water flow diverter attaches easily to your current shower arm
  • Diverter switches water flow between mom & dad’s shower and Rubber Duckie & Friends™
  • Mount uses suction cups to stick to tub or shower wall
  • Extra-long hose extends to back of any standard tub

**The hose is 6 feet long, which allows for the perfect reach without too much hose slack**

Rubber Duckie & Friends™ are adorable bath wands to bathe infants and toddlers in the tub and also handheld showerheads for older kids. We do both jobs after one simple installation!

Mama’s Experience

There are limited installation instructions with the Shower Wand, however, it is not too difficult to install. Be sure when you unscrew the caps on the hose that you take note of the position of the washers and that they don’t fall out. They are loose. It matters what direction it is installed as to the pressure which the water flows.

duckie 1

Both my kids (ages 1 and 2) are now obsessed with their “hippo shower”(that is what they coined it in our house). Getting clean was always fun in our house, now its just a special treat to take turns holding the shower wand. My kids both take swim lessons and are very confident swimmers, but the shower head always intimidated them. Now, they are thrilled to put it over their heads and help rinse their own hair. I highly recommend the Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Wands. Its a great birthday gift for any kid. Something fun and different for the child who has everything.

Just make sure that you have something like these glass shower doors installed, or at least a shower curtain, as sometimes you might find that your kids point the shower wand outside the bathtub and you’ll get water everywhere. Most people will have a shower curtain anyway, but it was just a passing thought that I had. Besides that though, these Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Wands are totally worth it.

duckie 2

Where Can You Purchase a Shower Wand?

The Shower Wand’s are available through their website and also on Amazon.

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Rubber Duckie & Friends Giveaway

Rubber Duckie & Friends Giveaway

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Rubber Duckie & Friends

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Usborne Books with Haley – a Review

Usborne Books with Haley – A review

What are you putting in your child’s Easter basket? Candy? Trinkets? Books?


Haley Strong is a mom just like me. She loves her children, and cares about their growth and development. A large part of a child’s development comes from their exposure to books. Maybe I should look into book scanners more and use one to share fantastic books with those who don’t have access to them. But anyway, she recently became a rep with Usborne Books so she can supply her child and other children with amazing, beautiful books. We all have heard that reading to your children, starting at birth, is key to their development. Here are ten reasons why books are pivotal in your child’s life:

  1. A stronger relationship with you.
  2. Academic excellence
  3. Basic speech skills
  4. The basics of how to read a book
  5. Better Communication skills
  6. Mastery of language
  7. More logical thinking skills
  8. Acclimation to new experiences
  9. Enhanced concentration and discipline
  10. The knowledge that reading is fun!

(For more about these 10 reasons please visit here)

easterKnowing the wonderful benefits of exposing your children to books, you are going to want to increase your home library. Books are available everywhere. We see them in big box stores, grocery stores, toy stores…the list goes on and on. When it comes down to it, what matters is content and price. Haley is able to help us get books with both wonderful content and at a great price. Usborne Books and More is a company which holds “book parties” where you can attend a party in person, or the newly popular online party. If you are on Facebook then you have received an invite to some type of party. Nails, candles. beauty products…they are all fun (I mean I know I buy from them) but they don’t fill our children with the knowledge and love that a book can.

“Usborne Books & More is a division of Educational Development Corporation (EDC), a well-established company that has twice been recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of The 200 Best Small Companies in America and three times by Fortune Magazine as one of America’s 100 Fastest Growing Small Companies, and has been in existence for over 20 years.”

truckHaley started selling Usborne just this January after attending a party herself. As a mom and a special education teacher she instantly saw that this business has so much to offer to parents, schools and home schooler’s. Usborne has a great book fair program giving which gives 50% in sales in books, and a grant matching program. As a consultant, you can earn up to 30% in commission, earn free books and other cool prizes, earn trips, and of course get a great discount on the books! If you are looking for a way to make extra income and earn free books for yourself then contact Haley at hrstrong811 @ gmail.com and visit her Facebook page. If you email Haley and mention MamatheFox she will send you a FREE activity card! 🙂


You are able to place an order at anytime here. No need to wait for a party to be open. Usborne wants you to get books into easter to doyour child’s hands as fast as possible. One of the best parts about Usborne is their shipping. They have a “5 day” typical turn around, but most people that Haley knows have gotten their books even fast then that. You are now wondering, what is the shipping? Like $30?! Nope, a solid $6 flat! No matter how big or small your order is.


I was given 2 books to sample from Usborne. Secrets Of The Seahorse (Shine-A-Light) and That’s Not My Fox Touchy-Feely Board Book.

Secrets Of The Seahorse (Shine-A-LightDorothy words)

This is such a cool book! I have never, in all my years, seen a book like this. This book has special pages which, when held up to a light, you can see through to the other side. Every page has this feature. The story shows children creatures of the sea, their habitats and the food they eat. My daughter (2 years old) was amazed at the special secrets on every single page. We have a tiny flashlight she uses for comfort at night in bed. We used that because it is small enough for her to hold and control while being powerful enough to reflect the hidden picture. If you don’t have a flashlight you can simply hold the book up to natural sun light or the light from a lamp. This keep my busy, I mean busy, 2 year old sitting still for 10 solid minutes. This is a must for the toddlers in your life.

max words

That’s Not My Fox Touchy-Feely Board Book.

This is the perfect touch and feel book for infants. We all have seen the touch/feel books before. Most, in my opinion, are lame and fall short of any real ‘touch’ engagement. I have been blown away with the quality of Usborne’s touchy-feely books. Each page has an engaging touch feature which captivates your readers and explorers senses. All are relative to the story, large enough for small eyes to spot and have a significant textile distinction to be considered a true feely experience. The story features the quest to find the readers fox. They keep finding other foxes with different qualities but not ‘their’ fox. Will this elusive fox be found!? Grab a copy for yourself to find out.

With Easter approaching us and baskets needing to be filled, what better thing to fill them with then books! Candy is fun and toys come and go, but a book can leave a positive and lasting mark on a child. With book levels from newborn to middle school you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. They don’t limit their buyers to books alone, they also offer flash cards, sticker books, drawling resources, puzzles and more! For the inquisitive toddler and pre-tween they have a huge selection of non-fiction books to broaden minds and answer questions. These are books that homeschoolers are eating up.

Click here to see more books from Usborne Books and More.

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