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Body Safe, Baby Safe

I’m always on the hunt for organic body products that I can use on myself, but more importantly on my babies. I believe that it is very important to know what we put onto our skin. We are delicate humans and we were not created to be using all the nasty, chemical filled products that sit on the store shelf.


That is why I am loving Yorba Organics.


About Yorba

This company believes that people are precious. They care about what goes into a product and onto your body. ‘Yorba thinks that every family should be able to enjoy the natural products they need to live a healthy and balanced life.’ They do this by putting their trust in nature and not in chemicals and synthetics.

Every ingredient that Yorba uses is ethically sourced and sustainably wild-harvested. This ensures that only the purest, most organic natural ingredients are being placed into their products. All of the ingredients are GMO free too. The ingredients used in their products are ALL harvested sustainably in support of uplifting impoverished communities. Some of their partnerships (below) are a testament to this.

Each of their products contains at least one of the ingredients shown. These are the ingredients that are sustainably harvested; many of which come from remote corners of the earth. You can find more information about each ingredient on the Yorba website.

Below you will see the certifications and endorsements that Yorba takes very seriously. With a goal to become carbon neutral, they do their “very best to ensure that the products you buy from them are sustainably sourced, ethically manufactured and above all, safe to use daily.” You can find more information on each of these organizations here on their website.




One of the first differences I noticed when I started using the Yorba products was the color of their creams and lotions. Everything is colored an orange-tan color; much different than the products I’m so used to using. At first I was a little concerned – “Are these expired?”, I thought. But then I realized why they were ALL colored this way – their products are real! They are using pure ingredients so of course their products aren’t going to be stark white like most other lotions and creams. This really put me at ease. I knew from the beginning that their products were legit.

Stretch Mark Cream

I just had baby number two on September 29 and let me tell you, stretch mark cream was a necessity while I was pregnant. With my first child I used a brand of cream that was very oily. It literally stained everything it touched; I had to make sure I wore old clothes I didn’t care much about when putting it on. Quite the annoyance.

This cream though, has no oily feel at all. It’s comparable to lotion or body butter – pretty thick. It rubs on super well and soaks into the skin perfectly. I don’t even need to wash my hands after using it! I totally recommend this Stretch Mark Cream to any soon to be mamas.

Baby Foam Bath

My son loves this baby foam bath. We put it in his bath and he absolutely loves the bubbles. He even started to eat the bubbles at one point! I did ask him stop eating the soap but was not at all worried. I trust the ingredients!

The foam creates a lot of suds which makes bath time even more fun for baby. Simply pump the bottle a few times under the running water and watch the suds form!

The smell of the foam is very attractive. Many different oils are used in the foam which creates the yummy scent. Marula is the key ingredient and is perfect for all skin types. It is very mild and gentle – just what we want for our babies!

Baby Wash and Shampoo

This stuff rocks. When we took my son out of the bath the first thing I noticed was his hair. It was drying perfectly; seriously his hair was so soft and fluffy! I love how the shampoo and body wash are combined into one product. Why buy them separately when you can get them together!

Diaper Cream

I was very interested in how the diaper cream was going to work. My son gets a rash where the diaper rubs his inner thigh and it is always so hard to get rid of. We’ve tried multiple diaper creams, oils, and powders and nothing seems to clear it up. After using the Yorba diaper cream for about a week and a half, his rash has cleared up! I’m seriously so impressed!! The Mafura butter, a key ingredient, is easily absorbed by the skin creating a fast acting cream. 

We cloth diaper in our house and finding a cream that is safe to use with cloth has proved to be quite the struggle. This Yorba diaper cream is zinc – free so it is 100% cloth diaper safe. Love it!!

Body Lotion

My husband used the body lotion before I got a chance to and let me tell ya, he loves it. His first comment about it was the color, which I briefly explained to him and he gladly accepted. As he was rubbing the lotion on his hands he mentioned to me that he got way too much. The amount he used was about the size of a nickel – a pretty normal about of lotion. But this lotion is powerful stuff! He was rubbing it onto his forearms because he had too much of it. The lotion is super absorbent and very hydrating. Hubby only had to use it twice before seeing a noticeable difference in his chapped hands!


Yorba products are seriously perfect for any family – kids or no kids. If you are looking to switch your hygiene products to a more natural and organic option, I totally recommend the Yorba line. Their products are so worth it. Check out their website for even more body safe, baby safe products!



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