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Body Safe, Baby Safe

I’m always on the hunt for organic body products that I can use on myself, but more importantly on my babies. I believe that it is very important to know what we put onto our skin. We are delicate humans and we were not created to be using all the nasty, chemical filled products that sit on the store shelf.


That is why I am loving Yorba Organics.


About Yorba

This company believes that people are precious. They care about what goes into a product and onto your body. ‘Yorba thinks that every family should be able to enjoy the natural products they need to live a healthy and balanced life.’ They do this by putting their trust in nature and not in chemicals and synthetics.

Every ingredient that Yorba uses is ethically sourced and sustainably wild-harvested. This ensures that only the purest, most organic natural ingredients are being placed into their products. All of the ingredients are GMO free too. The ingredients used in their products are ALL harvested sustainably in support of uplifting impoverished communities. Some of their partnerships (below) are a testament to this.

Each of their products contains at least one of the ingredients shown. These are the ingredients that are sustainably harvested; many of which come from remote corners of the earth. You can find more information about each ingredient on the Yorba website.

Below you will see the certifications and endorsements that Yorba takes very seriously. With a goal to become carbon neutral, they do their “very best to ensure that the products you buy from them are sustainably sourced, ethically manufactured and above all, safe to use daily.” You can find more information on each of these organizations here on their website.




One of the first differences I noticed when I started using the Yorba products was the color of their creams and lotions. Everything is colored an orange-tan color; much different than the products I’m so used to using. At first I was a little concerned – “Are these expired?”, I thought. But then I realized why they were ALL colored this way – their products are real! They are using pure ingredients so of course their products aren’t going to be stark white like most other lotions and creams. This really put me at ease. I knew from the beginning that their products were legit.

Stretch Mark Cream

I just had baby number two on September 29 and let me tell you, stretch mark cream was a necessity while I was pregnant. With my first child I used a brand of cream that was very oily. It literally stained everything it touched; I had to make sure I wore old clothes I didn’t care much about when putting it on. Quite the annoyance.

This cream though, has no oily feel at all. It’s comparable to lotion or body butter – pretty thick. It rubs on super well and soaks into the skin perfectly. I don’t even need to wash my hands after using it! I totally recommend this Stretch Mark Cream to any soon to be mamas.

Baby Foam Bath

My son loves this baby foam bath. We put it in his bath and he absolutely loves the bubbles. He even started to eat the bubbles at one point! I did ask him stop eating the soap but was not at all worried. I trust the ingredients!

The foam creates a lot of suds which makes bath time even more fun for baby. Simply pump the bottle a few times under the running water and watch the suds form!

The smell of the foam is very attractive. Many different oils are used in the foam which creates the yummy scent. Marula is the key ingredient and is perfect for all skin types. It is very mild and gentle – just what we want for our babies!

Baby Wash and Shampoo

This stuff rocks. When we took my son out of the bath the first thing I noticed was his hair. It was drying perfectly; seriously his hair was so soft and fluffy! I love how the shampoo and body wash are combined into one product. Why buy them separately when you can get them together!

Diaper Cream

I was very interested in how the diaper cream was going to work. My son gets a rash where the diaper rubs his inner thigh and it is always so hard to get rid of. We’ve tried multiple diaper creams, oils, and powders and nothing seems to clear it up. After using the Yorba diaper cream for about a week and a half, his rash has cleared up! I’m seriously so impressed!! The Mafura butter, a key ingredient, is easily absorbed by the skin creating a fast acting cream. 

We cloth diaper in our house and finding a cream that is safe to use with cloth has proved to be quite the struggle. This Yorba diaper cream is zinc – free so it is 100% cloth diaper safe. Love it!!

Body Lotion

My husband used the body lotion before I got a chance to and let me tell ya, he loves it. His first comment about it was the color, which I briefly explained to him and he gladly accepted. As he was rubbing the lotion on his hands he mentioned to me that he got way too much. The amount he used was about the size of a nickel – a pretty normal about of lotion. But this lotion is powerful stuff! He was rubbing it onto his forearms because he had too much of it. The lotion is super absorbent and very hydrating. Hubby only had to use it twice before seeing a noticeable difference in his chapped hands!


Yorba products are seriously perfect for any family – kids or no kids. If you are looking to switch your hygiene products to a more natural and organic option, I totally recommend the Yorba line. Their products are so worth it. Check out their website for even more body safe, baby safe products!



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The Clean Beauty Revolution – Au Naturale Cosmetics

Have you heard about the Clean Beauty Revolution? Au Naturale is changing the way makeup is made, and it’s all for the better.

Ashley Prange, nuclear analyst, wanted to go au natural, but didn’t want to go without makeup. She kept having reactions and breakouts from makeup, but didn’t want to stop using it. So, she set out to create her own makeup.

“Her mission was to use exclusively healthy, natural & ethically sourced ingredients in order to develop a replacement for each and every product in her former beauty routine” – Au Naturale Website

Their Mission: The #CleanBeautyRevolution.

The Clean Beauty Revolution is what makes Au Naturale unlike many other natural cosmetics brands, that being said there are some really great natural cosmetics available such as Waterlilies And Company. From day one, each ingredient has been scrutinized before being included into a formulation, only those who are ethically sound, factually healthy & naturally sourced making the final cut. And from day one, the company has been determined to provide consumers with much more than a line of healthy products.

What I love about Au Naturale is their huge variety of products and color options they provide. As of 2017 they offer:



Eye Shadows/Eye Pencils

Lip Stains/Lip Glosses/Lipsticks Lip Pencils


vegan, cruelty-free, paraben free, gluten free, sustainably made & ethically sourced.

hand made in their own lab in Green Bay, WI.

FREE domestic shipping on orders over $50

I tried 2 Au Naturale products, their Stain Matte Lip Stain and their Pure Powder Highlighter.

I loved how sleek the packaging and containers are for the makeup. I have seen and used several other ‘free’ makeups but nothing with such high quality materials and such beautiful design. I love knowing that these products are toxic free. Nothing unsavory is on my skin or absorbing into my body. I try to take care of my body, inside and out, so knowing that I am not harming myself is a huge sigh of relief. Keeping the skin youthful-looking and rejuvenated is the mission of women all over the world and, thankfully, there are many things on the market that can help them do this such as these beverly hills md products available online to try out for yourself to improve your overall skin health.

Au Naturale Lip Stain comes in 10 shades, giving all skin tones something to lean towards. I love pinks but also love purples. I have caucasian skin, but tan easily and get several shades darker for the summer and fall months. My lips seem to really fade to the background when I put on any shades that are too close to my natural skin and lip color. This is frustrating to me and causes me to have a hard time finding lipsticks that I can wear that boost my natural look. Even with a lip lift surgery to tighten the skin of the lips, Au Naturale Lip Stain adds that extra pop over color to heighten my look.  Using Au Naturale Lip Stain has been such a joy for me. I love how it stays on, gives my lips a natural looking color boost without being too overpowered. The Lip Stain does not fade into my lips making it look like I am not wearing anything but rather showcasing them in a fun and safe way.

The color I am using is “Purple Reign”

I have never used a highlighter before 2017. I tried one out a few months ago when I was trying out new makeup with my cousin and fell in love with the concept. A highlighter is typically used after your makeup is on and complete; it is the final step. It sets your work, adds a radiant illumination and a soft focus finish to your face and décolletage. Au Naturale has 3 Pure Powder Highlighter shades: begonia (pinky), Moondust (silverish) and Halcyon (goldish). I am using the Begonia.

This product sprays out in powdered form. You can spray directly on your face where you want to work it in, or you can spray onto your hand and collect with your application brush. Either way works. It is a very fine and delicate power, making it easy to apply and not ‘over do’ your face. Often times products like a highlighter can go on too heavy and make you look like you dumped the product on your face. Au Naturale’s Highlighter is so

Next time you want to try out some new beauty products head over to Au Naturale and dive into the Clean Beauty Revolution!

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Yorba Organics Skincare Giveaway

Welcome to the Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Hop!


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Enter for your chance to win the Yorba Organics Family Hessian Gift Bag, Natural/Beige. This skincare package includes: Shampoo, Body Lotion, Repairing Conditioner, Face Moisturizer, Body Wash and Face Cleanser

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Yorba Organics

People are precious. What a beautiful and loving company motto. Yorba Organics is the organic skincare line you have been looking for. While many companies may be organic, they fall short in other sections, like green practices or not considering cruelty-free ingredients. Yorba Organics made sure to structure their entire company and development around creating products for adults and children without making any compromises.

They are certificated with the following: Organic Cosmetic, PETA cruelty-free and vegan, PhytoTrade Africa Accredited Partner, and USDA Organic.


Some of my favorite things about Yorba Organics is that they harvest their ingredients in the wild! They are sustainable naturally and don’t require fertilizers or chemicals to regrow once harvested. Better for the earth and better for you. They search the globe high and low, in remote forests and jungles to find the right ingredients for their products. They will not settle for just any old ingredient. They do this to locate high concentrations of beneficial ingredients, and it has paid off.

Their key ingredients are: Aloe Vera, Bamboo, Baobab, Kalahari Melon, Kigelia, Mafura & Marula

This Mama’s Experience


I was able to try out their shampoo, conditioner, face wash, clay wash, moisturizer and body lotion. Here are my thoughts and tips based on my experience.

These are products are really, honest organic. They have a slight tan tint to most of them. At first I thought it had a low amount of foundation in the moisturizer because of the coloring. After talking to a company rep I was told that they do not use any additives to alter the natural colors. The color you see is the true color of the natural ingredients. Pretty cool, huh?! After using it for a while now I can say it will not effect the coloring of your face. It soaks in just like a true moisturizer should. The moisturizer goes way farther than I expected. Typically with organic products I feel like I have to use more to get the results I desire. With moisturizers in the past that are organic I take a nickel size to cover my face & decolletage. With Yorba Organics I was shocked my first time using it. I had squirted out way too much. It was rich, creamy and covered my face and neck with such a small quantity. This is a product that is really high in value based on it’s low price of $16.95.

Use code MAMATHEFOX20 for 20% off an order from their website!

The shampoo and conditioner is made with Marula Oil, “Marula Oil is renowned for its cleansing and refreshing properties. It also provides protection against free radicals and helps to repair the skin. Marula Oil has a pH very close to our skin pH so it is mild and gentle enough to be used on even the most sensitive of skins”Yorba’s Website

I loved how the shampoo gave a slight lather, soapy feel that is very hard to achieve in an organic product without SLS (sulfates). The conditioner had no lather or soapy feel, so I used more than I probably need. I like to really feel my hair coated with conditioner as if I am giving it a mask treatment with every use. Their conditioner does not achieve this, but I know that the thick feeling is not needed for it to truly moisturize my hair. The ingredients stand for themselves and you don’t need to use a higher volume to achieve the results you desire. I know this now by how my hair looks and feels after using their shampoo and conditioner set for a while now.

The Exfoliating Clay Wash is such a fun product. This body wash is a creamy scrub with a lovely natural clay color. It goes on smoothly and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. This clay wash features Kalahari Melon Oil. “Kalahari Melon Oil has regenerative properties and helps to restructure skin cell walls. With high levels of essential fatty acids, it also leaves the skin supple and hydrated after use. Along with a high fatty acid content, Kalahari Melon is also rich in oils, protein, carbohydrates, minerals and nutrients that all act to reduce skin stress, hydrate and pH balance skin”Yorba’s Wesbite

Face cleansers can be tricky for me. I use eye makeup and often forget to use eye make remover before washing my face. Past organic face washes that I have tried never come close to taking off my eye makeup. With Yorba Organics I didn’t even consider it to take off my eye makeup, but it did! I mean some days there is some left, but as a whole I am shocked at how well it works. One of the key ingredients in Yorba’s face cleanser is Kigelia. “Kigelia is a clinically proven antibacterial and is known to aid in the natural treatment of very dry skin conditions and Eczema. It is packed with nutrients that aid in the repair of damaged or aging skin. Kigelia is also a highly effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredient”Yorba’s Website Being that I am now in my mid 30’s, taking care of my facial skin has a whole new meaning. I mean honestly I blew off caring about my skin until really recently. Knowing that I need to make this skin last and take care of it. I am only getting older and more wrinkles from here on out! LOL! Knowing this takes care of my aging skin really gives me a peace of mind. My friend couldn’t report the same levels of satisfaction so she decided to look into more permanent solutions from professionals at websites similar to thevictoriancosmeticinstitute.com.au. These products don’t work for everyone even if they are fantastic!

Yorba’s entire line is such high quality and it smells so natural and peaceful. You will instantly fall in love with these products and will come back to try out more products, I can assure you, you will be happy.

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Beanfield Chips Review

Beanfield Chips Review

chips words

Who is Beanfield Snacks?

Beanfield Snacks is a family driven company. They started with the vision to help change the way American’s eat. Their primary goal is to help improve the global food supply by creating delicious, plant based, Non-GMO snacks, with beans as the primary ingredient.

Enjoy 6 grams of fiber, 5 grams of protein, and 4.5 grams of fat in every serving

Beans and the Environment

“Beanfields, uses as many recycled products as possible and we recycle in our office. All of our suppliers have similar programs. However, the biggest thing we do for the environment is using beans as our main ingredient! Here are a few tidbits from the sustainability story of beans:

As you can see from this chart (source – American Pulse Association), beans (also called pulses) are by far the most water-efficient source of protein available.  And they are also far below the 110 gallons of water needed to grow a pound of corn (source – The Water Footprint Network).
Growing beans also uses far less fertilizer than other crops. Beans produce their own nitrogen, using sunlight to power the conversion of the nitrogen in the air into a form plants can use. As a result of these and other benefits, bean crop production lowers agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions. Beans require half the total energy inputs of other protein-producing crops! (source – American Pulse Association)” – Beanfield Snacks Website

  • Beans are the ONLY food that the USDA lists in two different nutrition categories (protein & vegetable)
  • Beanfields has contributed chips to local nonprofits and community groups all over the US and Canada
  • All of Beanfields Bean and Rice snacks are vegan, not by accident, but on purpose.  Even our Nacho and our Ranch chips do not contain dairy as an ingredient and are perfect for vegan diets.

What Do They Sell?

Why Beanfields Snacks Bean & Rice Chips?

  1. 200% more fiber* (6g)
  2. 150% more protein* (5g)
  3. 36%-44% less fat* (4.5g)
  4. Made in a nut free facility
  5. Contains no major food allergen ingredients
  6. No corn ingredients

*  Compared to the leading, comparably flavored corn tortilla chips

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Mama’s Experience

I have never been a huge chip person. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I like to occasionally indulge at parties or events. I just never bought them (this makes my kids and husband very sad). I really like a nice salty crunchy but found it in other ways. I was excited to try Beanfields Snacks chips for a few reasons.

  1. They are better, way way better for you than regular chips (one of the main reasons I don’t buy regular chips).
  2. They have veggies (beans) in them. If I can sneak a vegetable in my kids belly, I will jump on it!
  3. They are a NON-GMO product.

I love salt, so I wanted to the Sea Salt flavor first. MAN! They are so good! I was shocked really. I got the salty crunchy that I desire from a chip but not the guilt or greasy hands that previously followed the chips. They are not heavy on the salt. Its a light salt. My 3 year old wouldn’t eat them, and I think it was because when she has had chips, they are covered in salt. That is what she expects now in a chip. I then offered her a barbecue flavor.  She liked those way better. They too have a light flavor. Not over powering at all. You are still able to taste the natural yumminess of the bean and rice. There are so fun to eat. Each flavor is just as good. They really hold true to their flavor and are not greasy like potato based chips.

Each bag had a unique taste and satisfying flavor that made it excited for my kids. They are so excited that now they get to eat them! I love that I can allow them a handful here and there and not worry about their little bellies being filled with empty carbohydrates. Now they can enjoy chips that are good for them (and don’t leave my walls all shiny with greasy hands). Thank you Beanfields Snacks!

What the husband (chip eater) had to say:
  • Salted – Good. Nice flavor. Good for dipping.
  • Barbecue – Excellent. Very nice BBQ flavor.
  • UnSalted – Not his favorite. Good for dipping.
  • Ranch – Least favorite. Not a deep ranch flavor other corn chips provide. Could use more flavoring.
  • Pico De Gallo – Favorite! Best chip they make. Spicy. Slammed 1/2 a bag in 1 sitting. Loves this chip!
  • Nacho – Good but not what he expected based on other nacho flavored chips. Expected artificial, but this was more of a real cheese flavor.
  • Salt & Pepper – Decent snacking chip. Not too flavorful but not too plain.

Where to Buy

You can buy all of the flavors Beanfields Snacks has to offer here at their website.

To use their store located to find a local brick and mortar local to get your hands on these super chips – click here.

Win Your Own

Now that you are drooling over these totally awesome chips, you have a chance to win a full case of Beanfields Snack Chips!

Click here to enter to win a case of Beanfields Snacks Rice & Bean Chips

Runs 10/15/15-10/31/15 – US only