I have always enjoyed spending my time in the kitchen trying whether making dinner for my family or experimenting with a new recipe. So if spending my free time in the kitchen is my hobby, I want it stocked with the best kitchen products. Kuhn Rikon makes the highest quality kitchen tools from baking, cutlery and basic kitchen gadgets. Professional kitchens choose Kuhn Rikon for their high quality and I love that it’s also available for the everyday home cook.

“The Swiss brand manufacturer inspires the world of cooking with innovative products to prepare, serve and enjoy special moments around the table.”

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Colori Titanium Utility Knife

kuhnI am by no means a professional chef but my husband and I love to spend time together in the kitchen. Thanks to pinterest and Top Chef I have become more adventurous with my cookiing. I have learned that if your going to invest in anything in your kitchen, high quality knives have got to be it. There is nothing worse that struggling to prepare your meal with dull cheap knives. Once I tried Colori Titanium Utility Knife I was ready to replace all my knives. The best part is that Kuhn Rikon is so reasonably priced that I am able to upgrade my knives and other kitchen accessories without breaking the bank.

With a comfortable non-slip handle I’m able to easily maneuver this knife. Here are more reasons this knife stands out not only to professional chefs but to me as well.

  • Ice-hardned Japanese stainless steel blade is long-lasting and ultra-sharp.p220628th
  • Titanium coating protects and strengthens the blade.
  • Elegant, modern design.
  • For de-boning meats and other tricky kitchen tasks
  • Blade stays super sharp.
  • Safety sheath included.

Although it is dishwasher safe it is recommended to hand wash and dry. I hand wash all my knives anyway, since I have a “helpful” one year that likes to assist me when loading our new dishwasher, which we bought after consulting some of the Dishwasher reviews for 2019. I also love that it comes with a Saftey Sheath, since I never know when tiny hands are going to find their way into drawers that they are not supposed to be in; that extra protection gives me piece of mind.kuhn-2

Mamathefox herself said it best ” Kuhn Rikon knives are made with the professional chef in mind, but with the average consumers budget. By making a knife that would be used in a fine dining restaurant available to the average home cook makes them stand out in the culinary world.”

main_variation_default_view_1_425x425Stay Clean Scrubber

Growing up we never had a dishwasher and even my first few apartments never had dishwashers, so when I finally got a dishwasher; I used it more for storage than for cleaning. Although I have come a long way and will use my dishwasher I still hand wash majority of my dishes. But, it’s good to have a dishwasher for big loads. I do have a repair guy on speed dial, a bit similar to Brad’s Appliance Company , so if anything goes wrong with my dishawsher I can have someone out to check it as soon as I need. In terms of washing, I have always preferred sponges to wash cloths but I hate how smelly they get and they can breed bacteria. I have tried disinfecting sponges in the microwave, I DO NOT RECOMMEND this! I almost set my microwave on fire.

So once I tried Kuhn Rikons Stay Clean Scrubber, I never went back to the old sponges. They are safe to use on non-stick cookware and all other kitchen surfaces. They are made from non-porous, food-safe silicone and last so much longer than typical sponges. My number one selling point is that they are the cleaner option. Being silicone make them dry faster and wont harbor bacteria. Just throw it into the dishwasher to clean and sanitize!


As much as I love using this in my kitchen, my mind was blown when I found out I can use it dry to remove lint and hair.

Not only is the Stay Clean Scrubber the best option for my kitchen its the best option for the environment.

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13 Comments on Kuhn Rikon Colori Titanium Utility Knife and Stay Clean Scrubber Review

  1. I like the safety sheath the knife comes with. It comes in handy when you have to bring your own utensils to events like a work potluck or bbq. I’ve also never used a knife with titanium coating – I’d like to see how it compares to the other knives in my kitchen. Great review!

  2. Stay Clean Scrubber is something that I could use! To be able to wash in the dishwasher makes me happy! Also it doesn’t harbor bacteria and is safe to use.

  3. These knives sound great. My knives do not quite do the job. I really do need to invest in a good set. Thank you so much for sharing

  4. Oh it sounds like these are both much needed items!! I love that the knife is long lasting and strong and I love that the scrubber doubles as a lint remover!! Fabulous!

  5. Could really use these in my house, especially the knife, although the scrubbers do sound great too! Thanks for sharing.

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