For all you moms out there with babies who are squirmy and crying while trying to take their temperature, fret no more! The Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer is perfect for you and your family. With three options you can’t go wrong when choosing one of their pediatrician recommended thermometers.


Kinsa gives a great overview of what they strive for in these sentences taken from their website: “At Kinsa, we believe that healthcare products in the home should always accomplish two things: reassure and comfort the user, and provide context and guidance about what to do next. We’ve reimagined the world’s most common medical device to do both.” It is reassuring to know that the company has our families best interest in mind. They are looking to “track, treat, and stop the spread of illness.”

My favorite aspect of the smart ear thermometer is that it takes one second readings. Literally! All that’s needed of you is to turn on the thermometer, place the probe tip into the ear, press the button, and one second later you hear a “beep”. Thats it! I am so pleased with this feature.


The smart thermometer gets its name because it allows its users to download a free app – Kinsa Smart Thermometer & Health Tracker. To make life even more easier this app links [or plugs] the thermometer to your cell phone and gives you a temperature reading, tracks symptoms and offers guidance on what to do next reguarding the sickness. This is great because you have all the information you need in one place without needing to write anything down. The app isn’t required in order to use the smart ear thermometer; but if you purchase the smart stick you will need the app in order to get a reading.

I downloaded the app to my phone and tested the thermometer a few times and was super pleased. When opening the app, it gives great step by step on how to use it with the thermometer.



In the picture to the left you can see that I’m instructed to turn my thermometer on. It is also allowing me to choose which mode of reading I will use. [The app allows you to choose which area of the body you will take the temperature in. The kinsa smart ear thermometer only allows readings in the ear. If you want a thermometer with more options the kinsa smart stick might be good for you. This thermometer allows temperature readings in the mouth, under the arm, or rectally.]

When the app is synced to the thermometer the temperature appears on your phone AND on the thermometer. I enjoy this feature because on my phone the temperature is shown in large numbers and it is clear to see.







A feature of the kinsa app that I really like is the personal profiles that can be created. Use a different profile for each member of your family so you don’t get confused with who’s temperature is who’s. You can even color-code them too! This will come in handy when I (or you!) have more children.








Using the personal profiles is like having a file folder on your phone – you can store past temperature readings and symptoms; you can even upload photos! It gives a timeline of “events” to keep everything in order; the date, time, reading, mode, and symptoms.







Every family owns some sort of thermometer; why not invest in one that has lasting capabilities?! The smart thermometer won’t disappoint. With features like one second readings and an app to connect with, you’re sure to enjoy the ease that comes with the Kinsa smart thermometers.


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  1. I love that this connects to the app!! So awesome and great for when you forget the last temp or the last time you took i!!

  2. This is a very nice and easy to use thermometer. I give thumbs up on innovative engineering.

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