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Kyocera Ceramic Camp Kitchen Knife & Mini-Prep Knife + Bar Board Set


My family are camping fanatics. We love getting away for the weekend and reconnecting with nature. It’s a brilliant way to forget the stresses of life and connect with your family. We go camping so often that I think we’ve got every type of camping equipment possible – from a portable washing machine to an 8-man tent to a multipurpose shovel! But one bit of equipment I’ve always found difficult to find a high-quality product for is a camping knife. That’s why I was so excited when Kyocera approached me about their new products!

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics knives are preferred by professional chefs and home cooks alike. Ceramic knives are lighter while giving you precise cuts with a razor sharp blade that will retain its edge 10 times as long as a typical steel knife. You will be impressed with the purity of ceramic as your food will never brown and your blade will never rust.

Sabatier knives from have similar features and are also well worth considering if you’re in the market for some high-quality kitchen knives. The Sabatier knives make the top 6 best self-sharpening knife sets (learn more here) and so come highly rated.

Kyocera has so much more than knives, be sure to check out their Ceramic Cookware, Ceramic Peelers, Slicers, Grinders and Graters. Kyocera also has unique gift ideas for those who are hard to shop for, Ceramic Pens, Ceramic Camping Knives, Mill Sets as well as Knife sets that make a great introduction to ceramic products.

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camping-knife-editCeramic Camp Kitchen Knife

Kyocera has taken a step outside and has and is taking the luxury of their ceramic kitchen knives and designed it for the great outdoors. This Kyocera Camp Kitchen Knife is perfect for fruits, vegetables as well as boneless meats and fishes making it perfect for camping or tailgating. This knife is extremely light and has a soft textured handle that makes it easy to keep a good grip. This knife is easy to clean and will never rust making it ideal for outdoor use. The Kyocera Camp Kitchen Knife comes with a heavy duty nylon sheath with a velcro safety strap to keep it in place as well as a belt loop making transporting safe and easy.

Mini-Prep Knife + Bar Board Setprep-knife-green

With minimal counter space in my kitchen I can truly appreciate this Mini-Prep Knife + Bar Board. This set is perfect for lemons, limes, berries and small veggies as well as herbs. Whether cutting up garnishes for cocktails or just preparing a quick snack the Mini-Prep Knife + Bar Board makes these tasks fast and easy with very little clean up. Kyoceras Mini-Prep Knife and Bar Board Set comes in Red, Black, Green and Yellow making it easy to match your kitchen or reflect your personal style. I guarantee you will be impressed with Kyoceras Knives and that this ceramic knife will outlast any other ceramic knife on the market. And if you’re interested in bringing a larger versatile knife check out the kamikoto knife. My friend told me that you can learn more about it at kamikoto reviews.

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