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Toasty toes with Stonz

Who is Stonz

Stonz was created by a mom who loved being outside with her kids. However, she was quickly frustrated by her toddler’s wardrobe malfunctions and the need for a solution to keep him warm.

In 2004 Stonz Booties was launched and has continued to thrive in making innovative warm gear for babies and kids. Stonz is functional, durable, and adorably fashionable.


Stonz Products

Toddler Booties

(up to 3 years)

My daughter is approaching 12 months and will be facing her first Ohio winter. Since birth she has been super sensitive to the cold so I knew I needed to find warm shoes for her, especially since she will be walking in snow.

Stonz booties are definitely innovative and I think once you go Stonz you’ll never go back! The shape of the shoe is more like a mitten for the foot. It has a large opening and is super spacious inside. My daughter always curls her toes when I put shoes on, making it next to impossible to put her feet completely in. Even with curled toes, I can quickly slip Stonz on and get her feet flat.

Rather than laces, Stonz booties has two adjustable toggles; one on the ankle and one on the top. It makes for a snug perfect fit every time and keeps shoes on! Not to mention it saves time on wrangling toddlers to tie shoes. While wearing my daughter in the carrier or pushing her in the stroller, I was worry free about her shoes falling off.

The bottom of the boots are made with soft, skid-resistant rubber. It is flexible enough to allow those developing feet feel the ground for balance but durable enough to protect from outside elements.

Stonz booties are made with a cold and wind resistant 600D nylon and lined with a warm fleece. I love these boots are so versatile. They can be worn during chilly rainy seasons as well as freezing cold winter days. Since the shoes are adjustable, it is easy to layer up or down. My daughter was able to wear her booties with just tights as well as over her winter snow suit.

Stonz also sells Linerz that can be added for extra warmth. These are especially great for playing in the snow or long exposure to cold.

All of their booties are specially designed to follow the fashion of your little one. Stonz provides a plethora of different styles such as animals, colors, patterns, and cartoons. We chose the gray booties with a simple bird on the side. The only down side is the design gets squeezed and distorted when the elastic is tightened. I probably would have chosen a solid color or pattern if I had known


Overall I was very impressed with Stonz booties! I loved how easy they were to put on but did not run the risk of falling off. Even being made with durable warm fabrics, they remained adorable and in my daughter’s style.

Scout Winter Bootz

For my 2.5 year old son we chose Stonz’s scout winter boots. I will admit at first I was confused at which shoe to get. The 5T-9T through me off, I was correlating it to clothes sizing and thought my son would be too small for these shoes. However, after I used their handy shoe sizing chart I realized it just means shoe sizes 5-9. My son is currently a 7 and we bought him an 8. He can comfortably wear them but has some space to grow into them this winter.

Scout Winter Bootz come in four color options; green, blue, pink, and gray. My son quickly chose the lime green which was a perfect match for his winter and rain coat.

I might be brain washing him into liking green. Or he just gets his great taste from his mama!

We fell in love with these bootz instantly after opening them up. They are wonderful quality with 600D nylon and warm fuzzy fleece. The bottom has a slip resistant sole that is durable and flexible.

The wide opening makes it a breeze to put on and fit pant legs inside the boot.  Rather than laces. an elastic velcro assure a tight snug fit.

Stonz states they are made to keep feet warm up to -22 degrees Fahrenheit. I honestly hope to never be outside when it is that cold but I do know these are Canadian made and Canadians know cold!

We played outside in the ran when it was just over 50 degrees. My son ended up begging me to take his coat off because he was hot. I’ve actually read up on it and found research showing that cold feet can weaken your immune system, thus getting sick more during winter seasons. I’m happy to know my kids’ feet will be staying toasty this winter in Stonz.

Probably the best feature is Stonz boots are lighter than an iPhone!

I was amazed to see my son run fairly normal in his boots; not that awkward clunky march kids do all winter. He was definitely comfortable playing and didn’t slow down from heavy overweight boots. Stonz boots are flexible enough to let his ankles move freely while the elastic straps keep his boots on securely.

Stonz bootz are a great option for your toddler who is active rain or shine..or snow and wind. They protect their feet from the elements while being light enough for them to play freely!

More from Stonz

Yes! Stonz makes products not just for feet! They also make warm, easy slip on mittens to assure your child is warm from finger to toes!

With winter around the corner don’t be caught off guard with icy rain and freezing temperatures. Keep those little toes nice and toasty with durable but light Stonz boots.

Keep your eyes peeled on MamatheFox for a Stonz boots giveaway coming soon!!

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Green Mountain Diapers Review

Green Mountain Diapers Review

When I started my journey into the wild world of cloth diapers I knew that I wanted to support other mothers. I wanted to buy natural products. I wanted to find reliable and strong businesses who have a solid and positive reputation. After some initial research I came across Green Mountain Diapers. I took a gander around their website. I was instantly impressed with the easy to read set up, huge selection, helpful tips and information (so important to the newbies like me). Check more reviews like this in StapleSearch.

Who is Green Mountain Diaper?

Green Mountain Diapers “are the leading online resource for natural fiber cloth diapers and healthy organic diapers serving families who choose reusable diapers for over 15 years. Diaper covers with quality natural fiber and organic cloth diapers make healthy baby diapering soft, fun and hassle-free.”Green Mountain Diapers Website

The founder, Karen, is a mom just like me. She wanted to use cloth diapers with her first child but was discouraged by others and felt so overwhelmed by all the information and things to know about cloth diapering. She found out first hand that if you are not using quality products then your journey will not be very smooth. Why waste your time and money on products that will not work? That is just not being a good steward of your money or time, and that is why unbiased reviews are so useful for new mothers. They help you to make the best decisions on all of the new baby equipment you have to buy, which you will have had no experience with until then.

Green Mountain began in 1998. Their mission is “to communicate information about cloth diapering and provide the very best of today’s wonderful cloth diapering products focusing on natural fibers”. – Green Mountain Diapers Website. Now they have grown to be one of the leading leading natural fiber cloth diaper retailers nationwide and became a true corporation.

Why Choose Green Mountain?

There are so many online resources today. You can buy diapers from so many places. Why Green Mountain?

  1. They have one of the leading natural fiber prefolds – Cloth-eez Prefold diapers
  2. They have their own fitted prefolds!
  3. They have FREE SHIPPING at $75
  4. Free How to Wash Cloth Diapers Booklet with every purchase! – ***MUST HAVE FOR NEW TO CLOTH*** (Can buy additional booklets for $4.95 each)

Free Booklet You Say?

With every purchase from Green Mountain Diapers you get the opportunity to get a FREE How To Wash Your Cloth Diaper Booklet. I have referred to this amazing booklet every day since I received my copy. It’s such a helpful and comprehensive resource. It covers everything from how to prep, how to wash, how to select your detergents, how to care for wool, how to change a baby (so great for new parents or parents like me switching over), answers to comment questions like odors, leaks…and so much more. I cannot express how great this booklet is. Do yourself a solid and place an order at Green Mountain and be sure to add the booklet to your order in the “add to cart” option – it will NOT automatically be placed in your shipment. This is such a nice feature. I have a booklet. Next time I don’t need another one so I will not add one; waste not want not.

If you cannot afford to place an order at this time but still would like some essential information, then you can read them for free here: How To Use Cloth Diapers, Washing Cloth Diapers, and New To Cloth Info.

What Does Green Mountain Carry?

Mama’s Experience

I will review a few items which are available through Green Mountain Diapers

Cloth-eez® Prefolds

prefold side

These are the very first prefolds I have every put on a baby. I have used them for years as rags. They are super soft & absorbent so of course they would make great diapers.

sold in dozen or individual quantities

available in white, unbleached, organic

edges are colored for easy identification (example: the smalls edges are yellow, mediums are red…)

free pins with order (need to be added to order through link on this page)

easy to wash and dry – no special cloth diaper soaps needed

Putting a prefold on my wiggly/cant-stop-moving 16 month old proved to be a fun adventure. After a minute of trying I was able to get the prefold diaper properly on him. I think he really loved the feel. It was simple and soft. My son as super thin legs. I was able to roll the fabric around his legs up. Typically people use a cover over a prefold. This helps keep everything in…ya know…everything.

You can use diaper pins to keep a prefold on or a more modern fastener. I prefer the modern version as I get nervous with pins and my cant-keep-still-child.

I love that these are super easy to wash and they can go into the dryer. The fast and easy cleaning cycle is a huge selling point.


Cloth-eez® Workhorse Fitted Cloth Diaper

work 4

Cloth-eez Workhorse diapers are like a fitted version of a prefold. You get soft, absorbent, 100% chlorine free cotton in a fitted diaper. It has all the benefits of a prefold but with the convenience of being fitted.

Newborn, small, medium, large & extra large sizes

Snap or no closure options (no closure is a fitted diaper but you would need a fastener to hold it on)

100% cotton

Chlorine free

Free pins with no closure option

Available in organic cotton

***This product won an award for excellence in 2015 from Baby Maternity Magazine!





This is a Cloth-eez Workhorse Fitted Cloth Diaper
This is a Cloth-eez Workhorse Fitted Cloth Diaper
This is a Cloth-eez Workhorse Fitted Diaper on a 19 lb boy who is 16 months - in size medium
This is a Cloth-eez Workhorse Fitted Diaper size Medium on a 19 lb boy who is 16 months old

Doublers & Liners

doubler cropped
On the left is a Maldin Mills Fleece Stay-Dry Liner On the right is a Cloth-eez Doubler size large in white

GMD has a variety of doublers and liners, sometimes referred to as inserts. I reviewed 2 from their vast selection:

Malden Mills Polar Fleece Stay-Dry Liner “One layer of virgin “Malden Mills” 200 weight polar fleece with a finished edge. Line your cotton diaper with this top quality polar fleece and obtain dryness next to baby’s bottom since it allows the moisture to go through it but it doesn’t feel wet. It really works.”

This is the coolest and most interesting liner I have experienced yet. It is made of a special fleece. It keeps you child feeling dry longer. This is the product to get if you are transitioning from disposable to cloth!

Cloth-eez® Doubler

These are a GMD exclusive. Available in 4 options: small white cotton, large white cotton, small organic cotton and large organic cotton. They are available in sets of 12 or individually.

Top - Safety Pins Bottom - Snappi
Top – Safety Pins
Bottom – Snappi

There are a few different types of fasteners on the market for prefolds and fitted no closure diapers. The ones which are available through Green Mountain are:

I have yet to have the courage to hold my son down to get the pins in. I did use the snappi few times now with great ease. I was reluctant to believe it would really hold onto the diaper. Or that it would stay on once my son was running around. It did! With no issues. I am very pleased with snappi.

Blueberry Capri Cover

While Blueberry is not a Green Mountain house brand, it is a brand which Green Mountain carries. Green Mountain Diapers carry several types and brand of diaper covers. We use covers over a prefold or fitted cloth diaper. They keep things in if you will.

You can place a diaper on a baby with fasteners then place the cover over it OR you can tri-fold the prefold diaper and place inside the cover (sorta like how you would stuff a pocket diaper but minus the pocket part). Either way works. It is a personal preferance really.

This is a Cloth-eez prefold which was tri folded and placed inside a Blueberry Capri Cover.
This is a Cloth-eez prefold which was tri-folded and placed inside a Blueberry Capri Cover.
This is a Cloth-eez Workhorse diaper underneath a Blueberry Capri Cover
This is a Cloth-eez Workhorse diaper underneath a Blueberry Capri Cover

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Now that you have seen some of the amazing items that Green Mountain Diapers has to offer head over there now and grab a few things today! Click here to view their website.