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Tub Time with Rengora Bath Bombs

This month we are excited to feature Rengora Bath Bombs as our Mama’s Tub Time brand!




This month MamatheFox tried the 6-pack bath bomb set from Rengöra

The bath bombs from Rengöra are available on Amazon.



Each package contains 6, beautifully colored bath bombs.

• Relax –Lavender

• Pamper –Rose

• Refresh –Mint

• Breathe –Eucalyptus

• Soothe –Vanilla

• Energize –Orange


The Rengora bombs are 4.25 oz. and made with organic ingredients.


The box that the bombs come in is such high quality. So much so, that I plan on keeping the box and re-purposing it! The bow that is on the front cover only wraps around the lid, making it easy to open and giving you the option to keep the bow on the lid, keeping it looking like a new gift even after you open it and take out a bomb to use. You can keep it out on display in your bathroom, and keep it on hand to grab right before you get into the tub.  Since this box is so pretty it will make the perfect gift for any bath bomb lover. No wrapping needed – and having it ship directly to them from Amazon makes this the easiest gift choice.


All ingredients used are 100% natural and made with respect for animals and the environment


Rengöra uses a unique combination of essential oils and vitamins in each bomb. This gives you a moisturizing agent that truly works. I love that feeling when you get out of a tub from a soak with a bath bomb and you feel like you already have lotion absorbed into your skin. That moisture makes me so happy and relaxed.  Rengöra does not disappoint when it comes to the moisture factor. Many shops are stocking bath bombs as they have increased in popularity the past few years.



What MamatheFox loves about Rengöra bath bombs


  • Natural ingredients
  • No heavy dyes – so no “tub ring” left behind
  • Moisturizes but doesn’t leave you feeling oily or greasy 
  • Fun smells and colors
  • Super affordable 
  • Comes packaged as a gift – just click and ship to recipient! 

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MacDaddy Milkers – Bath Bombs Anyone Can Afford

It’s another Mama’s Tub Time feature!


This month we are showcasing MacDaddy Milkers


When it comes to using bath bombs, I use a lot. I mean, like several a week people. This can add up in cost over time. If you love bath bombs but cannot afford to shell out $6 to $10 per bomb, but still want a fun and moisturizing bath bomb, them MacDaddy Milkers are the ones for you.


MacDaddy Milkers features a package where you can buy (30) 2.5 ounce bath bombs for only $30!


All of her orders are made to order, so you can tell her to make the batch you most desire. Here are her options:

Her fragrances are:

Bay Rum, Beach, Beautiful, Bamboo Grass, Brown Sugar Fig, Butt Naked, Cashmere Glow, Champagne Kisses, Cherry Almond, Cucumber Melon, Fresh Linen, French Gardenia, Honey Milk and Oatmeal, Honeysuckle, Hot Pink Lime, Jasmine, Kool Water, Love Spell, Pina Colada,Pomegranate, Sweet Pea, Urban Cowboy, Vera Wang Coconut Lime Verbena, and Very Sexy.

The Essential oils she uses are:

Jasmine, Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Spearmint, Lemon Grass, Citrus, and Eucalyptus.


Once you have selected the smell/oil you want, you can easily place your order. If you want them wrapped for presentation that is a small additional fee. These bath bombs are perfect when you need to buy a large quantity like for a baby shower, wedding party or birthday event. It is perfect for sorority gatherings too, as they make for a fun gift to give your littles or bigs.

What this Mama loves about MacDaddy Milkers bath bombs are

  1. Their price! Anyone can afford them
  2. Even the 2.5 ounce bombs fill your normal size tube with coloring & scent
  3. They have enough moisturizing agents to soften your skin without greasing up your tub


MacDaddy not only makes custom bath bombs, but they have a super collection of Goat Milk Soaps.


The MacDaddy Milkers have their own goats! Their registered Nubien dairy goats give us the milk used in their soaps.


Most of us don’t know that beautiful skin starts with the best moisturizing, skin-loving oils and goat milk soap takes it a step further with it richness and alpha hydroxy. Eczema – gone. Dry skin – gone. Softness and clear skin is the result. – MacDaddy Milkers


Their Goat Milk Soaps are so creamy and luxurious to use. By using a goat milk product you are not only cleansing but moisturizing your skin in a safe and natural way. Once I switched to a goat milk based cleansing bar a few years ago I have not need able to stand liquid soaps – those liquid soaps give my body a slimy feeling. When I use a goat milk product I feel clean and soft.


With the winter months approaching we are coming upon so bitter cold and dry weather. My skin lacks the moisture it requires in the Ohio winters. As soon as I step out of the shower I MUST apply lotion. My poor skin is getting more dry with age. The great news is that the goat milks used in the soaps above are also used in the MacDaddy Milkers lotion line. This gives my skin the final line of defense it needs.


The ingredients: MacDaddy Milker’s super emollient, ultra-moisturizing All Natural Goat Milk Lotion is made with all-natural goat milk, distilled water, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, emulsifying wax, palm steric acid, shea butter, vitamin E (as a natural preservative) and fragrance.


Connect with MacDaddy Milkers

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Many bath product companies make Sugar Scrubs. Eh. I have used a ton of them. But the homemade ones never seen as nice as the store bought ones…until now! I am super pumped up about MacDaddy Milkers Sugar Scrubs! Typically a sugar scrub will get clumpy, the oil will rise to the top and leave you will half the jar of just scrub without any moistener, and then I sadly toss it out, feeling like such a waste.  MacDaddy Milkers did some sort of magic on their scrubs and came up with a mixture that is not only smooth, but its soft and full of oil throughout the container. I do not have to mix it up before use like a jar of organic peanut butter, but I can just take some right off the top without fear of getting a dry bottom half of the jar.  I cannot tell you how perfect these scrubs are.


Jammy Girl – Bath Bombs for Fall

Mama’s needs some alone time!

Draw me up a warm bath, hand me a cold glass of water & a good book. Then toss in a bath bomb and I am set for the night.

One of my most favorite times of the day is when the kids are happily sleeping in their beds, my husband is watching some weird TV show I have no interest in and I get to be alone, all alone, in my bathtub. This is like a sacred time for a mom. We work all day and night, giving ourselves to our family, our jobs, our homes, but now, at last, the time is for us. So girlfriend, take a bath and relax, as this may help you relieve some of your stresses after a very long day and/or week. From choosing to make your own bath bombs to buying some on sites like ambarygardens.com, everyone deserves to treat themselves once in a while. And bath bombs are a great way to do just that!

But it is not just us mom’s who love to relax in a fun tub environment, kids love it too. One day my 4 year old daughter came into the rest room while I will soak in a tub with a bomb. She instantly was attracted to the scent and colors the bath bombs provide. I promised if she went back to bed I would allow her to take her own bath with a bomb another day. I held true to my promise and my daughter got her bath bomb experience. She was instantly in love with them.

Bath bombs and fun bath products are not always just for adults, many are safe for children to use too. Parents can get worrisome about the types of ingredients used in products they exposure their children to. All the products should not be used on children under the age of 3. My almost 5 year old daughter loves bath bombs and sugar scrubs. She loves the big kid lifestyle, and feels so grown up when she gets to use products such as those.

Being a bath tub addict, I have used more bath items that you can imagine. I am always searching for fun, new products to try and enjoy. And boy, oh boy, do I enjoy Jammy Girl!

Jammy Girl is special because each product is made my the owner, who is only 12.5 years old!

Zori, age 12.5, is a perfect little girl who is now home-schooled. Dealing with anxiety, we found out that homeschooling was the best option for her learning styles, and is now thriving! As a parent, we want what is best for our children. We strive to give them all we can to help them become the strong, healthy people we wish them to be. Zori’s mother is like you and me, and she works hard to ensure her daughter is moving forward in the right direction.

Knowing she has some social anxiety, Zori decided to help herself work on this part of her by challenging herself to march right into social situations. By attending farmers markets, and other platforms, she works on promoting her businesses while also working on how to handle herself in social situations. Whether she has social anxiety or not, that is HUGE for a 12.5 year old! Were you thinking of how to better yourself, better your growth and how to be a productive person in society at age 12? I certainly did not. Some friends have suggested that using cannabis from places similar to Canada Cannabis Dispensary might help her with social anxiety but I think she is too young for that at the moment. Maybe when she is older if the issue still persists. Maybe when she is older if the issue still persists. [One idea is using bath bombs with cbd and you should consult with your doctor first but especially for adults this is a relaxing non invasive way to use CBD.]

All products are made with natural ingredients. Some include a foaming agent called SLSA, “An excellent soap replacement when sensitivity is present. Derived from coconut and palm oils, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA) is a safe, skin friendly cleanser that offers rich lather without the irritation potential of some of the other good foamers.”

Crush Life’s Obstacles with Jammy Girl

Jammy Girl is named such for a fun and real reason. It’s because each product is made by Zori while in her “uniform” of pajamas! Of course these are special pajama’s so she works in a clean environment staying up to code. We use bath products to have fun, relax and just enjoy ourselves. Knowing that each product is produced in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere brings such joy to the buyer. It was made with love, care and thoughtfulness instead of being simply mass produced.

Jammy Girl supports the adoption community but being advocates for loving adoptees. Zori was adopted as a small child and speaks boldly about being a child of adoption. One of her hashtags in life is #AdoptionRocks

After using several of the Jammy Girl products I have a few things to say:

  • They are lightly scented – not over powering, but enough to enjoy
  • They are colored with your tub in mind – all of them have enough color to affect the water in your tub, but not so much that it leaves a ring
  • They have fun added 3D items like flower petal in some – which increases the fun

Jammy Girl offers custom orders as well as special group orders for weddings, baby showers, and other package gift options

Connect with Jammy Girl

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Whipped Up Wonderful


Whipped Up Wonderful is a huge player in the bath bomb world. They have been around for about 6 years now and what was once a small business has grown into a booming business with tons of loyal customers. Her success, in my humble opinion, is her creative style and beautifully created products. Starting a bath product business means that you need to get the best quality essentials out there so customers keep coming back for more. Using helpful resources such as a private label purple bath bomb to buy in bulk can help facilitate these needs, and cater to a specific audience.

Being an avid bath bomb user has lead me to have a strong opinion of them. In this Mama’s Tub Time series I try different bath products each month, and I am so excited to share Whipped Up Wonderful with you this month! These bath bombs are beautifully presented, which is a huge part of the experience. They are made with earth friendly ingredients. Even the packaging and wrapping are chosen based on their carbon footprint. Whipped Up Wonderful believes that ingredients should be biodegradable and packaging should make as small an impact on the environment as possible.

With new scents constantly coming out and fun seasonal bombs too (Island Christmas, Candy Cane, Bewitched, Pleasingly Pumpkin…) you will want to sign up for her newsletter and follow her on Etsy


Sign up for Whipped Up Wonderfuls newsletter and get a free item: http://eepurl.com/yqZET (may take several days for coupon to be sent) & follow her Etsy shop.

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This Mama’s Experience


Visual Appeal: outstanding. Each bomb was very pretty. Some even had additional accents like glitter/shimmer or tiny pieces of the scents foundation (lavender or lemon bits). The size was pretty standard 5 ounces. I don’t like any bombs smaller than 5 ounces, because they tend to be so weak that 2 are required. These are a perfectly standard size.

Fizz Factor: Every bomb that I used from Whipped Up Wonderful had a great fix factor. It melted and fizzes away not too fast but not too long either. It nicely rolled under the water and created the bubbles and fizz you expect from a good bath bomb.

Scent: I found that some of the bombs packed a lot more smell while others were very subtle. I like my bath bombs to really kick in the scent department. The Mermaid Bath Bomb had a great scent and it was noticeable enough to last a long bath time as did the Cotton Candy Bath Bomb. The Lavender Dreams and the Lavender Lemon Bath Bombs were much more subtle. These would be best used with less water if you wanted a stronger scent. If you have a child who is of elementary age, I would suggest these bombs as a pre-bedtime treat (relax them and they are old enough to not out things in their mouth). The Pumpkin Spice was no average pumpkin/fall treat. This was packed with the most amazing scent. I am not the pumpkin obsessed American, but I do love a nice fall treat. This has such a wonderful mix of fall scents in with the pumpkin that I cannot stop thinking about it. I could smell a nutmeg and clove background…it was amazing and I highly suggest it.

Coloring: The coloring of the bombs before use was perfect for each bomb. Each displaying the color that matched the scent and theme. I loved the accents of lavender used and the sparkly effects on the Mermaid Kiss. The sprinkles in the Mrs Claus were a fun decor addition. Some dissolved in the bath, others stayed solid and just floated around in a playful manner. Once the bombs were fully dissolved the coloring of the tub water greatly varied. The Pumpkin Spice had a perfectly orange tint to my bath. The Mermaid Kiss was a soft blueish/purplish hue. The Lavender Dream and Lavender Lemon bombs really didn’t have mush color, and the Mrs Claus left a soft cloudy milky illusion. The Cotton Candy has a soft pink color.

Bubble Bar: The bubble bar was a huge hit with my kids. They loved getting to rub the bar under the running water and creating bubbles by hand. Being a safe product for kids, they were able to play with it without my worrying. The smell of lavender creates a relaxing environment, which is perfect for busy toddlers who need to wind down for bedtime. They keep asking for more “mommy bubble bars”. This may become a new treat on the Fox household.

All in all I really do like the variety that Whipped Up Wonderful offers. I love the look of each bomb – beautiful and exciting. I wish there was more scent in some and coloring in others, but they’re the perfect size and affordable for any budget. Head over to her Etsy site now and order a Pumpkin Spice, you wont be disappointed!

Kaylees Craft Store Review

Charcoal Bath Bomb Kaylees Craft Store 2000

Kaylee’s Craft Store is a fun and exciting shop found on Etsy. Kaylee, the owner and designer, makes fun and hip bath bombs for everyday use. Ranging in scents and themes, she is sure to have something that will rock your world!

Being a self -proclaimed bath bomb expert, I know what I want in a bath bomb. Kaylee’s Craft Store hit the mark with everyone of their bath bombs I tried. The key elements that make or break a tub time experience are: feel of the water, coloring, strength of scent and fizz factor. Every Kaylee’s Craft Store’s bath bomb had the perfect amount of scent added. Not too powerful but not too weak. I don’t want to smell like a flower factory after my bath, but I do want to enjoy the scent while relaxing. Her’s were perfect. Coloring is very important to me. I hate when a bath bomb dissolves and it’s was too small or lacked in coloring, leaving me with a weakly colored tub. I use a standard size bathtub, nothing crazy big. I think that when the tub is filled and the bomb is fully dissolved you should have a decent coloring to the water. Kaylee’s were right on the money. Finally, watching the bomb dissolve and feeling the little fizz is the main experience you by a bath bomb for. Each bomb was fun to watch, fizzed and bubbled away for the standard dissolving time of 1 to 2 minutes. It was a real treat every time using a Kaylee’s Craft Store product.

Connect with Kaylee’s Craft Store

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Standard Bath Bombs:

Standard Kaylee's Craft Bath Bombs

“Use these bath bombs to liven your mood, body, and soul” – Kaylee’s Craft Store
None of Kaylee’s bath bombs contain harmful chemicals, they are 100% safe to use and WON’T dye your skin. They will perfectly turn your water into a spa like experience but without harming you your skin or your tub. If you have any allergies please feel free to reach out to Kaylee to make sure the bombs are safe for your use. She is very friendly and can customize some bombs to help make your experience that much better.

The scents that you can choose from (for any bomb) are as follows:

Orange, Rosemary, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Chamomile, Jasmine, Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Pink Lemonade, Vanilla, Apple, Blueberry, Green Tea, Lilly, Lemon, Coconut, Frankincense, Grapefruit, Lavender or Rose!

Now that is a selection!!

Charcoal Bath Bombs:

charcoal Kaylee's Craft Store Bath Bomb

I have never used a Charcoal bath bomb before, and man am I hooked! Charcoal is used to detoxify your skin and help with skin impurities. This bomb turned my bath water a deep blueish greenish color. It was so deep in color that I couldn’t see my feet under the water. I never experienced such a thick coloring in a bath bomb before and I loved it! I could feel my skin being softened as I soaked. I didn’t know that charcoal would be such a soothing scent. Using one of theses bath bombs is the perfect way to unwind.

Surprise Inside Ring Bath Bombs:

ringFor the ladies who love spa treats like bath bombs, but also love to spice up their accessory collection, this is the perfect bath bomb for you! In each one of these perfectly made bath bombs, you will find a fashion ring. Ranging in sizes from 5 to 9, you are sure to get the perfect one. They come inside of a small plastic container inside the bomb, so as it melts in your tub you will be able to easily find the ring. The plastic container will float to the top of the water. My daughter actually stole my ring, because she loved it so much! Each ring is a cubic zirconia and make a perfect gift for the friend of relative who has everything.

The surprise inside ring bath bombs can be made in a huge variety of scents. You can also order the Charcoal bath bomb with a ring by simply sending a message to Kaylee and requesting it.

Pokemon Surprise Inside Bath Bombs:

Kaylees Craft Shop PokeBall Once again, Pokemon is all the rage again with many avid players checking out Pokémon Cards For Sale, especially if they are old school and remember the days of the original Pokemon. What with the latest installment, Pokemon Go! as well as the fact my kids will not stop asking me to get them a pokemon black and white rom game to play for 300+ hours we’re always getting something Pokemon related. Oh but don’t get me the wrong way. My kids and I cannot express our love for Pokemon enough. When I saw that Kaylee’s Craft Store made these little pokeballs I was in shock! What a perfect item for adults and children alike. The ball is made with a combination of white, red and blue coloring, which will turn your bath into a lovely lavender color. But the best part about this special PokeBall is that there is a Pokemon figurine inside for you too. It’s like a bath tub blind bag! If you want to spice up your kids bath with a super fun treat, this is a must have product. Just don’t take your Nintendo DS or smartphone in the bath to try and catch it!

My Pokeball was peppermint scented and it went perfectly with the light lavender color my tub water turned. I got the Wigglytuff, which is Jigglypuff’s evolution (I told you I love Pokemon). With all the excitement and nostalgia that Pokemon evokes, this is a must buy bomb!