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Freet Feet

These outdoor adventure shoes are really great for hiking and trail walking. They have lots of very unique features that I’m very excited to have in a shoe.

Freet shoes mirror the shape of feet; toes spread out and are able to be flexed as they should. The soles of the shoes offer protection  while also allowing the feet to be very close to the ground. This allows the foot to still be stimulated by the ground. Receiving and responding to the stimulus from the ground allows our bodies frequencies to be to be slowed down.

The tops of the shoes are specially designed to fit the foot similarly to a glove. This feature enables ‘the foot and shoe to work as one.’ When the feet move freely together they function correctly.


The Freet Pace shoe is a multi-functioning sports shoe that allows for many different types of terrain and activities. The shoe features a 6mm OrthoLite insole that gives lots of comfort on hard surfaces and also longer distances.

The top part of the shoe – the upper – is “made from 100% recycled coffee grounds.” This is seriously such a cool feature. The recycled material is called CoffeeFlyMesh and is very durable and breathable. It offers a quick dry because the way it is designed.

As mentioned above, the OthroLite insole is great for shock absorption when on tougher surfaces. This insole is removable too, so you really have a great opportunity to be close to the ground without being completely barefoot.

The Freet Pace shoes can be worn with or without socks depending on the type of terrain you are on. For cold or wet conditions, Freet offers waterproof socks that are a great option for keeping the feet protected.

It is recommended, that when purchasing the Freet Pace, you size  up. I have noticed that the shoes do fit a bit snuggly, especially with a thicker pair of socks on like what would be worn in the winter. When wearing the shoes more consistently I have found that once they are broken in, they fit much nicer. Keep that in mind when putting them on for the first time.

I will say these shoes are not the best looking pair of shoes. If you are looking for a cute pair of shoes, these probably are not what you want.

But, if you are looking for a quality pair of walking and adventure shoes, these are for sure what you want. The Freet shoes are very high quality and I highly recommend them for that reason. They are not flattering at all, but the way they feel overlook that.

The Freet Pace shoes are a good staple shoe to have. They are perfect for hiking and walking and they are so comfortable. Sustainably made, these shoes are even made from recycled coffee grounds! The shape of the shoe is a natural foot shape that allows the toes to spread as they should. This is one of the most important aspects in a shoe, in my opinion.

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These Shoes Were Made For Walking

This barefoot shoe company really has our feet in mind. Created for that purpose exactly, Lems Shoes use the bare minimum when it comes to shoe design. They look to create shoes that fit with the anatomy of the foot; and doing this means the foot moves freely, like not wearing shoes at all.

Lems Shoes offers many different styles of barefoot shoes. Their original – Primal – is a classic and is the first shoe that the owner created. The shoes in this review are the Primal 2. An updated version of the original, this new line was just released a few months ago. There are a few different color options, including two new colors – cloud (the ones that I received) and olive (an adorable olive green shoe that I want to purchase myself!).

These Lems Primal 2’s are just recently released and seriously so cute. I must admit that many barefoot tennis shoes I’ve come across are not on the cute side. They are for sure more practical than anything. But these Lems are the perfect blend of cute and functional.

The colors are my favorite aspect of these shoes. The bright, light blue really pops against the silver-grey. Around the ankle of the shoe and on the inside is a burnt orange color. This is such a pretty color and coordinates with the other two colors. I am all about coordination, so these are just perfect.

Ultra light-weight, these shoes are just 6.9 ounces. For a pair of tennis shoes, they are so, so light. When wearing them they feel amazing. The last thing I want when trekking through any sort of terrain is clunky, heavy shoes. They a really are light as a feather, so it’s very helpful whenever wearing them.

The toe box of these shoes are extra wide. They are shaped just like our feet which allows for lots of room. This unique shape gives freedom to our toes and does not squeeze our toes together like traditional shoes. 

The bottom of the shoe is zero-drop. This means that the sole is completely flat and there is no support or arch. The foot, from the ball to the heel, is laid flat, which gives many benefits. Keeping the foot flat on the ground helps correct posture by aligning the spine. It also allows our feet to build the muscles they need, that they were intended to be strong. Traditional shoes hinder the correct muscle strength our feet need in order to function correctly. 

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The sizing of the shoes is pretty on point. There is a great page on their website with lots of sizing information listed that I found very helpful when deciding on a size. Click here to go to the sizing information page.

I highly recommend measuring your foot length to more accurately determine your size. On the linked page there is a tutorial and instructions on how to properly measure. The Primal 2’s are unique in their sizing wherein they only offer whole sizes for men and half sizes for women. This is why measuring the foot is so important.

The fit of the shoe is great. Ideally there is roughly a fingers-width of space between your toe and the end of the shoe, so bare that in mind. They do have great customer support, so if you feel like you have questions, just reach out them and they will help you out!.

Lems Shoes is such a great company and I highly recommend their Primal 2 shoes. The vibrant colors are my style and I love how they look. Not only do these shoes look good, but they feel great. They are SO lightweight – it’s like I seriously am not wearing tennis shoes – and ultra flexible. I have plans to buy another pair of these shoes in a different color because I like them so much. 10 out of 10 recommend!



In all of my recent shoe research, I came across Splay Athletics. These minimalist, barefoot shoes are just perfect for kids feet. Their affordable price is like music to a parents ears and the fit allows kiddos to move, run, jump, and skip freely.

Splay shoes are a great addition to our shoe collection. The affordable price of these are attractive and many of the colors are neutral so the shoes can be worn and worn again, even with different genders.

My kids feet are not hindered in any way when wearing these shoes, which is so important for little, growing feet. They are super flat and have no arch. This feature allows feet to build strong muscles in order to walk properly.

I love these shoes for our kids because of the flexibility of them. They move so easily and mimic the foot shape and movement of my kids. Whatever foot movement my kids do, the shoe moves right along with them. I just love this design because I really believe this is how shoes are supposed to be.

Splay Athletic shoes are super lightweight. That is the first feature that stood out to me; I really couldn’t believe it. This is great because they aren’t ‘clunky’. So often I feel that kids shoes are big and bulky and the weight of many of them just seem overpowering on a little foot. These shoes are quite the opposite of that.

The Splay shoes are completely machine washable, so if your kids are like mine and get dirty often, this is music to your ears. I haven’t had the need to wash the shoes yet, but I have seen before and after photos of other kids Splay shoes and it’s pretty incredible how clean they get. This is for sure a perk of these shoes.

There is just one thick, Velcro strap on the top of the shoe that allows for easy off and on access. My three year old who has trouble with many other shoes can put these on with no problems!

On the toe and heel of the shoe there is a microfiber strip. This really creates a barrier and offers lots of protection. These parts of a children’s shoe are often the first to go, so the reinforced strip is great.

I have noticed that these shoes are great for kids with low volume feet and not so great for kids with high volume feet. My three year old has very high volume feet.

This means that from the top of his foot to the bottom of his foot it’s tall. In comparison, someone who has a low volume foot will have a short measurement from the top of the foot to the bottom of the foot. High volume feet would need shoe laces to be loosened much more than low volume feet, whose shoe laces would need tightened so the foot is secure.

Because of the high volume of his feet, these shoes do not fit his foot super well. They really bend upwards because of his foot shape. This causes an issue because the Velcro strap doesn’t close and secure very much. If I help him get a good closure, they work, but if he does it on his own the shoes often times fall off.

Something to keep in mind.

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A downside that we are experiencing with these Splay shoes is the fraying of the tongue of the shoe. I have noticed that on either side of the tongue there is quite a bit of fraying occurring. This is happening on the outside of the stitching, so I hoping that the fraying will not go beyond that.

These are such great shoes and I’m thrilled for my boys to have them to wear this spring and summer. I love the versatility of them. They can be worn with or without socks which is great, and I really feel like they can be dressed up or down.

The price tag on these shoes is very affordable and in the price range of most other children’s shoes. I do think that for the price, these Splay Athletics shoes are well worth it.

Splay is offering free shipping right now, so hurry up and grab a pair for your kiddos!



Feelgrounds is a barefoot shoe brand that is very passionate about getting people excited about barefoot shoes. In 2019 their crowdfunding campaign was fully funded within 48 hours, and now they are expanding their company and their models rapidly. They have lots of different shoes available, men and women, casual and not.

Many aspects of Feelgrounds footwear are made from recycled materials. They are always looking for new materials that fit in line with their environmental shoes.

Their shoes are independently tested and safety tested on a regular basis. The sustainability, fairness, and transparency of the company really sets them apart from others.

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These Droptop slip-on shoes are super cute and will stay in style for years to come. They are casual enough to be worn as a sneaker, similar to a skater shoe, but can also be dressed up if they needed to be.

They are super light.

I feel like when I’m wearing them I can’t even tell I have shoes on because of the lightweight-ness of them.

It’s kinda like I’m walking directly on the ground with just a thin surface between my foot and the ground.

Not only are these Droptop’s lightweight, but they are so, so flexible. They truly move with the foot and allow the foot to move freely and without restriction.


All materials used to create the Feelgrounds shoes are vegan and many of the are made from recycled materials. Specifically, the mesh used on these Droptop’s is made from recycled PET – bottles and containers.

Pretty cool!

Not only is the mesh very breathable, but it also offers an easy slip-on and go convenience, which is perfect for moms!

One of the best aspects of these shoes is that they can be washed in the washing machine. I love that I don’t have to worry too much about keeping them clean because of that feature. I’m a mom, so if my kids go in the mud, I’m right there with them. Washable shoes are a lifesaver, and hard to come by.


As someone with low volume feet (height of foot from bottom of foot to top of foot), these shoes are just a bit loose on my feet. I do plan on adding a felt strip on the underside of the top of the shoe to help aid in the lose feet.

The ankle opening is somewhat wide compared to many other slip-on shoes, so if you like tight fitting shoes around the ankle, keep that in mind.

On the heel of the inside of the shoe there is reinforced felt. This is super helpful in keeping your foot from slipping too much while walking. A really nice feature that I don’t see very often.

As with the other barefoot shoes that I have been reviewing, these Droptop’s have a very large toe box. This is especially great for someone with wide feet. I am excited about this wide-ness because I am training my feet to splay correctly so that my feet can function as they are intended. A wide toed shoe allows for our feet to spread out as much as it wants and needs – that’s what our feet were made to do!

These shoes are just so great and I’m so glad to have found Feelgrounds. They have tons of shoe options available on their website, and lots of color options available for this specific Droptop style.

I highly recommend looking into Feelgrounds and the shoes they provide. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!


Feelgrounds is having a 30% off sale right now, so go to their website and check them out!! Now is the perfect time for a shoe upgrade!

Be Lenka

Established in 2017, Be Lenka develops and produces barefoot shoes, baby carriers, and baby, toddler, baby wearing, nursing, and maternity clothes. The company designs and makes their product in Europe where they are under the European Union laws – many related to health, safety, and quality.

Co-founded by Lenka Cenigova, an Ex-Paralympian, Be Lenka’s brand was inspired by her love for babywearing. The co-founder, Juraj Fehervari, has had a huge roll in bringing rapid awareness of the Be Lenka products.

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Benefits of the Be Lenka shoes are almost endless. Foot health is so important and their shoes are so beneficial for each foot that wears them.

Be Lenka’s entire barefoot line of shoes offer unrestricted movement of the toes – how our toes are naturally designed.

The best feature about these shoes is the wide toe box. This is the front part of the shoe where the toes sit. The toe box of the shoe is so, so important because of the way our toes are designed. Our feet are not intended to be squished into tiny, narrow shoes – like what most people wear. A wide toe box ensures that toes have enough space to be spread out and function how they were made to. This space allows toes to move freely, which guarantees all day comfort.

Because Be Lenka is a European shoe brand, their sizing is also European. Their size chart is very helpful when deciding on the perfect fit. The website gives directions on how to measure feet correctly to ensure a good fit. They also have a size guide that is printable, so you can just place the foot on the printed guide and find your shoe size that way. Below I have linked the size guides for easy access.


Kids Play Shoes

Click here for the printable sizing guide.

Kiddos can run, jump, skip, and play in these barefoot shoes. They are stylish but most importantly, comfortable. Lots of colors are available to choose from, including a few designs. The shoes featured and pictured here are the Army option.

I love the functionality of these barefoot play shoes. The soles are zero drop, which means there is no height difference from the toe to the heel. The soles of these shoes have a straight and single plane. This is such an important design feature, especially in kids shoes. The zero drop design is so good for growing and changing feet.

Along with the zero drop of these shoes, they also have a 6mm sole. This is very thin and flexible when comparing to most other children’s shoes. The shoe is able to naturally bend and flex with the foot which brings so many benefits. A flexible shoe helps improve ‘walking posture, stronger foot muscles, and increased sensory feedback (for better control of motor function and balance).”

The shoes have a Velcro fastener so that they can be tightened or loosened as needed. The fastener closes and tightens around the ankle so these shoes are perfect for many different foot types.

Women’s Sierra Boots

Click here for the printable sizing guide.

These boots are beautiful. The Sierra Boot is a tall riding style boot that can be worn with almost any outfit. The boot is available in black, brown, and [cherry] red, with sizing options for shoe size 36-43. See below for more sizing information.

This boot is made with premium quality leather that covers the outside of the boot. This leather is super durable and moves easily with the foot. On the inside of the boot there is a super soft fleece lining that provides insulation and warm, dry comfort.

When wearing these boots my feet feel warm, which is huge for me because my feet are always cold.

A super thin and flexible sole allows the boot to move very easily with the foot. This also attributes to how light-weight the shoe is. There is zero heel elevation of this shoe, which is just what our feet want.

These shoes are just darling and seriously perfect for any occasion. The premium leather and soft fleece give comfort and warmth during the cold months. Toes can freely, and easily, move just how they were intended.

I am looking forward to wearing them for many more fall and winters to come!



Our family is making a switch from ‘normal’ shoe wearing to minimalist, barefoot shoes. There are so many benefits to our feet being in barefoot shoes that make so much sense to me.

If you are hearing these terms – minimalist shoe, barefoot shoes – for the first time, stay tuned. I go into what these terms mean just a little bit in this review, but in a few weeks will publish an article all about what minimalist and barefoot shoe wearing is. I will also include many shoes that we have and love and recommend to our readers.

As for Birchbury, they are a brand that creates the minimalist leather shoe called Bramfords. These shoes are stylish, comfortable shoes that look great and won’t hurt your feet.

I am so thrilled to have found Birchbury in all of my minimalist shoe research. These shoes are so perfect for my husband to wear.

The first time my husband put the Bramfords on his feet he said: “A lot of times when you get new shoes they don’t feel comfortable right away, these aren’t like that. They feel comfortable already.” Now, my husband isn’t one for liking things. Seriously, I have to beg him to buy new clothes, and that normally doesn’t even work. Most of the time I buy him new clothes and shoes that I think look good, but most importantly, ones that will be comfortable. The only thing he cares about is comfort, so him saying what he did what such a huge relief!

Made with full-grain American leather, these shoes are made to last. The leather is imported from the United States to Vietnam where the shoes are assembled. This offers the best quality for the price.

Bamfords are designed with elastic shoelaces, which are very different than many other men’s shoes. This elastic allows for easy slip on and slip off of the shoes. Possibly the best part of the elastic is that the shoes won’t come untied while wearing them.

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The Bamfords offer a wide toe-box which is so important to foot health. This allows toes to move freely, just as they were intended, while the shoe is being worn. Not only that, but these shoes also allow our feet to follow the natural curves of the foot. Keeping our correct foot shape.

I believe this is why my husband thought these shoes were so comfortable. His feet weren’t being forced into a tiny space where they are all squished and hurting. This wide toe-box gives him the comfort and ease of motion while walking.

Birchbury offers a 30-day no questions asked refund policy. It’s a pretty generous policy, in my opinion. If the shoes have been worn outside, the refund will be honored still. They truly are risk-free!

If size is a question, be sure to print off the sizing chart. Simply choose the size, print it off, and place your foot on top of the lines. The size of the actual insoles will be printed, so you will know pretty easily which size is the best for you. If you are still questioning, Birchbury recommends that you order two sizes and then decide once you have received them. They will take care of the refund for you, as long as it’s within their 30-day time frame.

One added bonus that Birchbury included in their shipment box is felt stickers. These stickers are perfect to add to the shoe if you feel they need to be just a bit more snug. They can be place on the back side of the inside of the shoe (where the heel sits) to create a snugger fit. I love that these were included because many of our other shoes (that we actually need felt inserts for) didn’t include them in.

The wide, soft minimalist leather sneaker is an ultra-comfortable shoe. Take my husbands word for it, they are comfortable from the moment you step into them.