If your family has grown in the last couple of years, the square footage of your house may not be as accommodating as it once was. Fortunately, relocating isn’t your only choice. If you’re looking for ways to make your house more family-friendly, we’ve rounded together some of our favorite tips to help you renovate your home. Read on to find out more!

  1. Renovate your basement or attic

The basement and attic are often used for storage by most individuals. There are, however, methods to simplify and make such areas more useful. These sections may be transformed into home offices, additional bedrooms, or living spaces with the aid of professionals. 


When renovating your basement or attic into living quarters, it’s important to pay attention to insulation. Basements tend to be more humid, while in the summer attics can feel like a sauna. Therefore, investing in quality insulation such as Prodex, shouldn’t be overlooked. Insulation is especially important for family homes since if it’s not properly done you may end up with moldy walls. Though mold is dangerous for adults, it can be truly harmful to your children’s developing lungs.

  1. Creative storage is a way to go

With the help of a contractor, parents may come up with creative solutions for incorporating storage into new areas of the house during a redesign. When it comes to clever storage solutions, think of double-duty workstations, built-in bookshelves, and more. This is a great technique to keep toys and other kid supplies out of way.

  1. Open up your living area

Creating a more open floor plan may be as simple as demolishing a few walls. For a clear view of the dining area, living room, and kitchen, most homeowners tear down the walls. As a result, the area is immediately more open and bright. These rooms are perfect for an expanding family since they don’t make you feel crammed in. Your kids can freely wander around your living area and you can always have a clear look at what they’re up to!

  1. Think outside the box

You don’t have to limit renovations to the inside of your property. In order to keep your kids from disrupting your afternoon sleep or you may just need a break from home responsibilities, you may build a wide terrace. An outdoor kitchen and grill area can also be a nice addition if you wish to entertain your friends from time to time. 


Making the most out of your garden will let you make room for fun outdoorsy family activities on the weekends.

  1. Add another room

Adding a new room to a house is a project frequently seen on growing families’ renovating to-do lists. Adding a new room to a portion of your home is referred to as an extension. What you need to do is to tear down one wall and build another room. It’s a massive task, but compared to other renovations, it’s very simple.


You’ll need council clearance to create an addition, so consult with experienced builders and architects. Despite the best efforts of your builders, there will be some inconvenience to your daily life. There is no harm in looking for a temporary solution if you fear it will be too much for your children and you to handle. This is one of the top ways to reduce the possible injuries in construction accidents.

  1. Lighting is key

Your home’s lighting may have a significant impact on the atmosphere in your home. The bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, and other common areas benefit greatly from the addition of dimmers to the switches – this is a fantastic way to save energy. Warm, bright lighting is ideal for bathrooms.


During the day, there is no better light than daylight. Increase the amount of natural light entering your house by strategically placing mirrors. Mirrors are known to reflect the light so having them placed across your windows will make it look as if your room is brighter!