Just like our daily routines, sometimes the space we live in can become boring and mundane. Oftentimes we can become accustomed to our gardens, and take advantage of them always being there. This can cause us to use them less and less, and to lose the excitement, relaxation and enjoyment of our natural, green spaces.


If you own a garden, no matter how big or small, it’s important you keep the magic alive, making you spend your weekdays dreaming of sitting under the sun amongst your shrubbery. Or if you work from home, sitting out there on the daily – you lucky thing! Check out our top 5 tips on how to enjoy your garden more this year:


Declutter and Redesign

One very important part of getting your garden spark back, is to create an atmosphere you want to spend time in. Whether that means just decluttering your space, giving it a lick of paint and new sunlounger, or going full overhaul and redesigning the entire plot – do it!


When returning the magic to your garden, you want to think about the type of atmosphere you want to spend your days in. So if you’re going for fun and excitement, plant some bright, bold flowers, install a bold focal point such as a bright wall or feature, and contrast or match with some funky garden furniture.


If you’re going for tranquil and relaxing, use neutral or monochrome colours, with simple and minimal furniture and greenery to create an open, stress-free feel. Get rid of any unnecessary clutter, and plan for clean sections of grass, patio and greenery to give that illusion of more space.


If you don’t fancy renovating your garden yourself, get researching some local gardener costs and have the pros do it for you.


Get Yourself a Green Thumb

One way to enjoy being in the great outdoors a little more is to learn a smidge about gardening. Just like when you cook yourself a meal from scratch, getting outside, planting some seeds and watching them grow will make you appreciate your garden that little extra.


Why not choose your favourite type of flower, or that fruit, herb or veggie you swear by when cooking for your family and have a go at growing and cultivating it. This will give you some more appreciation for your space, as well as adding that extra bit of nature to your plot.


Love a summer cocktail? Why not try growing those herbs and garnishes from your favourite drink recipe to share with your family and friends!



Dig out the Hammock

One way to make a garden space more enjoyable is to create an area to sit and relax in on your days off. You don’t have to spend, spend, spend. Dust off that old sun lounger and dig out the hammock to create a soothing space to have an outdoor nap, build a tan, or catch up on your favourite book.


Host a BBQ

Feel as though you don’t use your garden space enough? Try your hand at hosting a BBQ or get together in your back-yard! Your friends, family and work colleagues will certainly appreciate your outdoor space, once they’re out there with a drink in one hand and a hotdog in the other.


Hosting regular get-togethers in your garden is a great way to utilise the space, and catch up with the most important people in your life. And once you’ve hosted one or two, they’ll be sure to return the favor!

Eat your Dinner Under the Stars

It can become routine to spend each night on the sofa, with a dinner-tray and a cheesy soap-opera. Why not shake things up a little and appreciate your outdoor space by creating a cozy dining area to enjoy meals at. This will give you a chance to both be a little more immersed in the outdoors, while catching up with your family, roommates or friends about their daily lives.


You could even set up a DIY outdoor movie theatre and watch your favourite films under the stars with your favourite people.