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Wall Decor Made Easy

I love decorating and hanging things up on our walls. I’m not sure I’m very good at it, but none the less, I do it anyways.

I’m all about easy and cheap decor, and things that look good of course, so canvases are my go to. has given our home some updates that I have been looking for since we moved in last September. I was able to get multiple canvases for such a small price.

Like so small.

I received five canvases in total, three 8×8, one 10×14, and one 16×20. The price point on each product is very good, in my opinion. The 8×8, for instance, is just $5. Seriously affordable for anyone!

I’m glad that I ended up getting a few different sizes because I was able to compare the quality of the canvases as the size increased.

The canvases pictured directly above an below are 8×8 and 10×14.

I am very pleased with the 8×8 size. The canvas is wrapped very well around the wooden frame and is very tight on the front side. As the size increased, I did notice a decline in quality, though. The 16×20 I am disappointed in. The canvas is saggy and not tight on the front. When I look at the canvas as it hangs on the wall, I can see the sag, and it makes me a little sad. To be fair, I don’t think that anyone else will notice this, unless they are very closely inspecting it.

The canvases do not come with hangers on them, so that is defiantly something to consider when ordering. Their is an option on their site to have a hanger set included, for just $4, which is totally a fair price. You will have to install the hangers on the backs of the canvases, so just keep that in mind.

I would have preferred the canvases to have hangers already included on them, but this is not a make or break decision for me. I easily hung them up with a simple nail in the wall. Simply set the wooden frame of the canvas on the nail, and center to your desire. No hangers needed!

Ordering is a breeze. Just simply choose the product you want to create, upload your photo(s), choose the size, adjust the format, and add to your cart.

The page does time out pretty quickly, so when checking out, just be sure you’re ready to go so you don’t lose your work and have to start over. This happened to me a few times, which was disappointing, but not a huge deal.

In my older boys bedroom I have created a photo wall, which I actually love. Its taken time, but overall the cost has been low and it’s very low maintenance. We’ve used a few different canvas brands, and CanvasDiscount allowed us to get our last canvas and finish the wall.

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Overall, I love the canvases that CanvasDiscount sent us. They brighten up the walls of our home, and make me feel happy and joyful. And really, that’s what a home is supposed to do, right?

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