Chicago – the Windy City. Man, how great is this city?!

All 4 seasons, huge variety of people and businesses and after hours party life.

The only thing lacking is a beach – oh wait – Chicago does have one on Lake Michigan. They do have it all.


If you are looking to keep fresh while living or visiting Chicago you need to know a few things.

The Food

Chicago style deep dish is legendary for a reason. It’s unique style makes it appealing to all crowds. There are a chains like Lou Malnati’s and single standing legends like Bonci and Pequod’s. When you go downtown check out the food trucks like The Happy Lobster, Three Legged Tacos or The Fat Shallot. They will not disappoint.

If you are looking to host a dinner party or business dining event then you know you have to keep it classy. You could rent out a party hall or a banquet at a hotel – but I say go with the best personal chef chicago to keep those standards high.

The Cars

If you love cars then you are going to love Chicago. Do you have a sweet whip you are looking to show off. Then downtown is a perfect place. If you want to cruise around try heading up north to some of the suburbs. If you want to make your car stand out you should consider getting it customized. You can get a new “candy coated” dashboard, racing steering wheel, or add some leather to warm it up. Check out Craft Customs to see what upgrades you would like.

If you want, you can also rent a luxury car. There is DS Luxury Exotic Car Rentals and Veluxity Exotic Car Rental Chicago to consider. You can rent them for a few hours or the whole day. This is a fun way to add some romance to your next Valentine’s Day out. Show off to the new snack you have been eyeing. Hot cars make for fun times.

The Look

You probably already look drip, but always looking for some new shine. Are you a shoes guys? A slick suit? Are you the one who loves to shine with things like Stndrdz diamond cuban link chain and custom pendants?  Anyway you shake it, you need to be fresh downtown Chicago. Talk to your friends and ask them what new brands and swag they are looking for.

Don’t worry about buying outfits just because your friends are wearing them. Chicagoans have style and individual looks. Be yourself, don’t just blend into he backdrop.

The City

When you in Chicago it is fun to see the tourist stuff, it is by no means lame. Have you heard of the Chicago Bean? It is a perfect photo opportunity. The museums are very engaging and will provide a great time. The Field Museum boosts a huge collection of dinosaurs, you can get lost in the 3 floors and 500,000 square feet. Check out the store too, it has some fun pieces. The Shedd Aquarium is well worth the money. You can explore all types of marine life and watch a dolphin and seal show – if you sit in the first row, be prepared to get a few splashes.