With spring around the corner you can probably feel the warmth and freedom of a sunny day. Being in the Midwest, I thrive on sun, and we only get it so many day of the year. This doesn’t stop me from trying to be joyful, see the best in a situation and to march forward. Because I won’t be seeing the sun for a while it makes this a perfect time to do some shopping and freshen up my 2021 spring look.


I always like to wear jewelry, whether I’m spending the day at home, running errands, or meeting up with some friends. You tend to feel a little more polished as a result. Even simple earrings can enhance your dull-dressed appearance. Additionally, pairing a boring outfit with 14k gold moon and star earrings can elevate the entire look of a dress. All in all, even a spartan accessory can add style and sophistication to a plain, vapid dress. The little bling, that fun something extra. Take a look at your jewelry armoire. What are your favorite pieces? Why are they your favorite pieces? Do you prefer to stick with long style necklaces or are you a hoop earring gal? If you know you never wear any bracelet’s, cool, don’t waste you time considering that fun new one you saw at the mall – you are not going to wear it no matter how cute it is. Personally, as I already mentioned, I love a new pair of earrings. They can be simple or extravagant. I never seem to get tired of a new pair of earrings. If you need hypoallergenic earrings check out Simply Whispers. Head over to your local Target and check out the clearance jewelry – a chunky bling necklace always comes in handy on a Friday night.

Business Trips

You may fall into the category of the business trip professional. Apart from setting up your itinerary with the help of agencies like Uniqueworld London DMC, you might be the type of person who dresses business class! Someone who occasionally, or more often than not, has to travel daily or even overnight trips. In order to spruce up your travel gear, try to look into some new travel bags, accessories or workwear melbourne (or wherever you reside). Go to the clearance section at TJ MAXX or HomeGoods, you can find name brand products at a discount here. If you need to get some blue light blocking glasses for all that screen time or a sharp new watch then check out Lapiazzastore.com

Casual Friday

Does your work offer a casual Friday? The day to be comfy and dress down is always sought after. You can work even better when you are not wasting time fixing the zipper on your high waisted skirt, or fussing with your pantyhose. Each work environment has its limits on what they consider to be casual. You may be allowed to wear jeans and the best laid back t shirts, while other employers would consider kaki and loafers a dress down day. Talk to your friends at work and see what their plans are for their dress down days. You may get some inspiration from them. or even a shopping trip together to think of new ideas.

Whichever route you choose to jump into a fresh start this spring be sure you do it with a smile and keep within your budget.