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Getting The Man Cave Set Up

For this holiday are you gifting yourself or the man in your life a man cave? The man cave is a very popular and exciting movement. It is a special place for a guy to have fun and feel like they are in their own space. Here are some ideas and thoughts if you have a man cave or are beginning to set one up.


The location of a man cave can really be anywhere. The most popular places are garages, basements and outside structures either attached or detached from your home. If you are using a basement with limited lights you will want to look into lighting solutions like LED lights and other options that boost serotonin. If you are in an outside structure look into some heating and cooling options. If you are building a new structure make sure you reach out to the city department for zoning. Be sure to lawyer up just in case. If you are setting up shop in your garage check the outlets, see if the locks are in working order and check to see if there is a garage door broken cable.

Usage of Space

How much space will you be using for the man cave? You want to take full advantage of the space you have. Are there shelves or closets? Can you build new shelves and install other organizational accessories? If you want to have a table and chairs look at your locale furniture stores. Maybe on Facebook market place. I love popping into thrift stores and seeing what treasures I may find there. Check you The Container Store, they are so many thing you didn’t even know you needed. Consider what you plan on keeping in the cave permanently. This will help you lay out the cave with the right thoughts. Can you paint the walls? The floor? Look into some nice vibes with paints. If you can’t paint it, there are plenty of other ways to add some life onto the walls, such as these gaming posters for the man cave that will be used for late-night gaming sessions. In addition, you can also contemplate adding a mini-bar in the man cave. Setting aside a small area for their favorite alcoholic beverages can be a good look, and not to mention, it will most likely be highly appreciated. You can then fill up the bar with their favorite whiskeys (find out more at and other liquors.

The Tools

No man cave is complete without a bench full of tools. Everything from hammers and screwdrivers to an axe and a Heavy Duty Vice, men like to feel the weight of a heavy tool in their hand. Of course, you could just throw it all into a tool kit, but men like to see their tools laid out in front of them. If anything, be glad that it’s all stored away from the rest of the house – he can sit and play with his tools to his heart’s desire without ever bothering you. No more hammers in the living room! Just remember that men like to show off their tools, so you’re unlikely to avoid them forever.

The Toys

Here comes the fun part! Is there a theme to your cave or will it just be a mod podge of all the things you love? Some popular themes are cars, poker, sports, collectables and hunting. Whatever the theme may be it will definitely line up with the fun toys and accessories you will have in the cave. If you are planning on using it as a garage and work shop remember to visit Wolverine Engines for some sweet deals and variety of engines. If you want to have a collection of old signs on your walls like the kinds you see on American Pickers keep an eye out at the flea markets. They will have some nice options for you.

If you plan on having friends visit have some chairs available and even a mini fridge to store your drink of choice. And as for the latter option, that is hunting, you need to keep the instruments and tools ready at all times. Having a thorough sense of mind and knowing when to use can come in handy during dire circumstances.

Above all have fun! This is super special and not all people have the availably or access of finances to make a man cave. While you may want to brag and tell all your friends, just remember to invite them over to share in the fun.

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