As a manger you have a lot on your plate. Some days it seems manageable and others you feel like you are in over your head. With keeping tabs on your staff, the machines and technology you use and the welfare of the business at large. Still, there are things that could help you, whether that be the kind of customer journey tracking that LeadLander could assist with, or if it is adjusting the morale and mentality that you approach your co-workers with. Either way, when you feel overwhelmed take a step back, don’t panic. Let’s battle this problem together with some ideas listed here.

Securing Your Payment Processing

How you gather the payments from your clients is probably done digitally or by credit card. Think about the types of customers you are primarily dealing with. Are you gaining the funds via cash, internet bank transfers, PayPal or credit card. If you are using credit card machines check-in with this website to learn about protecting your credit card authorized safety. Be sure you always keep clean spreadsheets of the money flowing in and out of your department. If you are unsure how to do this be honest with your boss. They would rather you tell them so you can manage this properly than you guess and make things more complicated.

Establishing Your Internet and Phone Systems

Have you stopped and taken an inventory of all the phones under your department? Have you recently settled the sip vs voip debate but have yet to follow through with implementing them into the streamlining of your business? If not, make a list of who has a phone and what model they have. Pull the latest bills from your provider and see if they match up. You want to be sure you have the right data and are getting the best price. Then make a tally of all the computers as well. Are they all attached to a server and have proper backup capabilities? If you don’t feel confident in your knowledge of this reach out to as they are a leader in this field. Being in the height of our technological world, you have to use the best options within your budget.
For businesses, the top priority today could be leveraging the latest technologies and implementing innovative processes to ensure optimum performance. This extends far beyond simply implementing faster communication systems. If a company has to effectively compete with the others in the field, then it must let go of old ways of working and adapt to the digital world. Whether that means migrating operations to the cloud, or putting in place robust servers and networks, management most often has to find efficient ways of doing these, so as to not become obsolete in an increasingly technology-based market. No matter what your company does, partnering with an innovative IT Services company that can address current concerns and provide necessary solutions should be considered.

Maintain a Positive Work Environment

How many people do you have working for you? Do they interact with people in other departments that you do not manage? Do you have a grasp on their daily and weekly tasks? Reach out to each person throughout the month and take a pulse on how they are. Ask them if they are having any issues they need help with. Reach out to a team as a whole and have them come with questions and concerns. Don’t stop at this! Now, as their manager, you need to come up with a plan that can help alleviate or diminish the weight of the problem.

Stay Organized with Audits, Checklists and Inspections

As the boss, you need to stay on top of all things. You are juggling many things and feel pressure on you daily. As you hop back and forth between problems, team projects, and the finances of each group, be sure to keep track of all of it. You could make use of an Efficient corporate expense management software like Expense Once to track the status of the finances of your company.

You most likely are walking around the main building and possibly to off-site locations. Have your smartbook or laptop with you. When you may not have the right environment to use your laptop, you know you can always use your cell phone. Download some audit management software so you have all the tools at your fingertips.

Remember, just because you’re the boss don’t make you perfect. Be transparent yet strong. You can do this!