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Unique Gifts for Men

This holiday you probably have a few men on your shopping list. Out of those men, odds are you have a guy that is tricky to buy for. Here are some awesome ideas for hard to shop for men.

Classic With a Twist

Nothing is perhaps as timeless a gift as a watch. With the rise in smartwatches, give him something that will stand the test of time. Worried about this being a boring present, then change up the format with a watch specially crafted from wood. Mixing the classical styling of a watch with the classical style of wood, you can hardly go wrong by checking out options like these. This will make a stylish, unique gift suitable for any significant other, regardless of hobbies or interests. Alternatively, instead of a wrist watch, another option would be a modern chained pocket watch that you can personalize with a short message or significant date.

For the Anime Lover

If your partner happens to be an anime lover, there couldn’t be a better gift than a few customized anime merch. Anime tends to have a separate fan base across the world, and their fans gravitate toward anything and everything associated with their favorite characters. Therefore, you could gift your loved one anything from a phone case to a hoodie to a backpack customized with their favorite anime character and there would be no limit to their happiness.

For the Pet Lover

Pet people love to get gifts for their furry friends. Spending some quality time with them is often the most relaxing time of the day. Here are some fun pet gift ideas.

Grand Fusion Housewares Pet Hair Remover Dryer Balls

Any pet lover can tell you that pet hair sticking to your clothing is a drag. When you wash your clothing or blankets with cat or dog fur it seams to never really detach and wash away. We have spend countless hours lint rolling and picking at ourselves. Thankfully Grand Fusion Housewares created dryer balls that are designed to help remove pet hair while in the dryer. They are soft foam balls making them gentle on clothing. The balls create friction allowing it to knock hair and lint loose on contact. It also softens and cleans during the drying cycle. They are long lasting with a durable design. We are so happy to eliminate the need for lint rollers. As a bonus they keep clothes looking clean and new. Use 2-3 balls for small dryer loads and 4-5 balls for large loads.

SleekEZ Deshedding Tool

Sometime these dogs can be a handful. Especially when they leave you with a ball of fur. Finding fur in every room is pretty common. They collect like little tumbleweeds in the desert, flowing around your hardwood and tile floors. If you are tired of collecting fur off the floor, then do some preventive work but brushing your dog. Using SleekEZ makes life easier and cleaner, so you can go enjoy some quality time with your dog, instead of picking up after it all night.

For the Outdoors Guy

Do you have a guy who loves to hunt? Guys who love the outdoors seem to love to collect toys that increase the enjoyment of the hunt. They have the camo, they have their gun or crossbow, but are they storing it properly? Help them out with a quality crossbow cases. Having the right accessories and tools make hunting safer and easier.

A Rapier for the LARPer

For guys who are passionate about live action role-playing (LARP) games, rapiers are a welcome gift. Your choice among these battle-ready rapier swords will be a worthwhile addition to their arsenal of weapons for LARP activities, cosplay events, and historical reenactments. Indeed, swords used in those activities need to look and feel like one for added authenticity. So you can be sure to impress the LARPer you know that what you have in your hands is a functional and ornate piece.

The Grandpa Soap Company

Back in the early 1800’s Jess Hoffman started a line of soaps. But not an average soap, a better one. During an era of innovation, this family recipe was proclaimed for it’s restorative and cleansing benefits. Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap has earned praise and popularity throughout the years. A product that truly stands out is their Pine Tar Soaps. Grandpa’s Pine Tar Oil is 100% pure kiln-burned Wood Tar, imported from Sweden. It is manufactured in a closed vacuum system at high temperatures that does not generate creosote and is manufactured and tested under closely controlled conditions to ensure quality and uniformity. Pine sap is an astringent substance that has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties along with being anti-bacterial as well. All being said, this soap stands out for a reason. Pop a few of these into anyone’s stocking this year for a fun and useful gift.

For the Techie Guy

Key Holder

Shopping for the perfect gift for your techie guy can be a challenge. Whether you opt for slim wallets, slim key holders, or slim laptop bags – slim is always in style. For a tech-savvy guy who loves carrying his items close by and staying stylishly organized, a slim key holder makes an ideal choice. They’re lightweight and slim enough to fit inside any pocket or even his wallet, so he can easily take it on the go. With different colors and patterns, this slim key holder is sure to be a unique gift and highly appreciated by your techie friend.

Eggtronic Laptop Power Bank

With our busy lives we often run out of time to stop and charge our electronics. Often we dont even have time to find an outlet to stop and charge, but need to get moving. By using a Eggtronic Power Bank you can change on the go. Eggtronic Laptop Power Bank lets you recharge up to three devices simultaneously through its three ports: 45W USB-C Power Delivery, USB Quick Charge and standard USB 2.1A. The generous 20,000mAh battery capacity equals 4-8 charges for your smartphone, 3-5 charges for your tablet or 1.5 charges for your laptop. Its stylish design gives you a luxury feel. This will be a perfect git for any guy this year.

A Laptop

Whether he’s a techie or not, a laptop (click to keep reading about the discounts available for these on sites like Micro Center) is the most practical gift to give anyone because of its functionality. He can use it for a lot of things, for work, school, or personal projects. But laptops can come with a hefty price. If you have your mind set on giving a computer, the most practical option is getting a professionally refurbished laptop. These are units that have been cleaned and reconditioned by IT professionals to meet or exceed manufacturer standards. This means that refurbished laptops work just as well as brand-new units but are less expensive.

Cameras and Video Recording

Hooking a guy up with a video recording device, like the osmo action, is a sure way to impress him. For the tech guys, they know its all about quality and bells and whistles. Do they have the newest cell phone? Try getting them a new case for it. Do they have an old polaroid laying around? Get them a photo album with sheets that fit those classic looking photos. Taking pictures and making videos are a classic gift that is fun and useful.

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