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5 common injuries from a car accident

Being in a car accident can be stressful. Not only can you suffer from serious, if not life-threatening, injuries, you can also have a lot of financial and legal concerns, too. For example, you will suddenly have to deal with car accident lawyers in Rockford, or lawyers wherever your accident occurred, in order to recover any compensation you are entitled to. It can also be detrimental to your health and wellbeing. While some people come out of car accidents with minor injuries, others have significant issues. If these aren’t checked by a healthcare professional quickly, you could have long-term repercussions.

Worried about an injury after a car accident? Here are some of the common injuries from a car accident, and what you should do to treat them.

Back pain

Back pain isn’t pleasant. It can occur after a car accident, possibly signaling a sprain, herniated disc or muscle damage. If your back is tingling or feels numb, you could have a trapped nerve. It’s important to see a professional if you’re experiencing back pain after a car accident, as back pain rarely goes away on its own. Speak to a car accident chiropractor in Atlanta to determine the root of the pain and obtain information to make a legal decision, if necessary.


Whiplash is considered to be a minor injury after a car accident. However, often for those suffering, it doesn’t feel minor. In fact, whiplash can be incredibly painful. But what actually is it? Whiplash is a pain in the neck (or sometimes back) after being in a car accident. It is a result of the head being thrown forwards and backwards at a high speed. While whiplash might be considered a minor injury, on occasion it can be serious. Continue to read about it here. If you’re concerned, speak to a healthcare professional.

Head injury

Head injuries are common after car accidents. This is because the head is thrown forwards and backwards quickly, and can be knocked against the roof or window of the car. Head injuries can vary in their severity, from a mild concussion to severe permanent brain damage and total disability. That’s why many people who drive for a living take out disability insurance with a provider like Curo Financial so that they do not struggle financially after a critical accident. Having a head injury can be very frightening, but try to take it easy. Let the doctor provide more information on the severity of your head injury before you worry too much. You might also want to contact a traumatic brain injury legal assistance firm to help you receive the compensation you deserve.


Post traumatic stress disorder is a common mental disorder that occurs after car accidents. Symptoms of PTSD include flashbacks, nightmares, feeling very anxious and having difficulty sleeping. You might feel worried about getting back in a car or driving. While PTSD is a mental condition and not an injury, it should be taken just as seriously. You may need to take medication, speak to a therapist, or you may even want to try using things like cannabis concentrates to help relieve mental stress. Always remember that you are never alone and treatments should help.


Bruising is common after a car accident. This is because you may have been thrown around in the car and hit your arms or head on a hard object. While most bruising settles after a few weeks, speak to your doctor if you have any concerns.

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