Studies in 2009 showed that 67% of college graduates were home-schoolers, and today, with the circumstances caused by the global pandemic, it is still a practical option. Have you finally decided to homeschool for your kids and are wondering how to start? Well, finding a space for them to learn is the first step. Here are four things to bear in mind to get started on designing a perfect homeschool room.

  • Pick a workspace to design

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The first thing is to decide on the area you will turn into a home-school room. You can pick an existing site to transform or one where your child can focus without any external distractions. The room should be safe and conducive for studies, and so you should consider things like indoor air quality and lighting. Your little ones will need to be as comfortable as possible in an area where they learn, and you should keep that in mind when designing it.

  • Choose a colour and decoration concept

The use of color is vital when it comes to teaching kids as it can affect their mood. Choose colours, such as bright ones, that will help your kids learn and concentrate in class. You can also find out from your kids what colours they like to keep your choices informed. Add decorations such as educational posters based on your kid’s curriculum or hang colourful, positive messages on the walls to inspire and motivate them to learn. ABC and number cards can be used if your kid is a pre-schooler.

  • Add furniture to complement the decoration

Furniture is a requirement for effective learning as they are another way to ensure your kids are as comfortable as possible. Your children will need tables with drawers to keep supplies, comfortable chairs, a whiteboard, or a chalkboard for learning. You can also include a cupboard or bookshelves to fit workbooks, textbooks, and storybooks. Your furniture choice should complement the colour and decoration concept to create balance and a sound atmosphere for your kid’s home-school room. They should also be located in the right places in the room for a good design. You can involve your little ones when shopping and choosing comfortable furniture for the room.

  • Make the Space Comfortable

Apart from the study room furniture, ensure that the space is decluttered and in order. The study should have enough space for activities and play. Have windows open for air circulation or keep your AC running. If your HVAC doesn’t function properly, call your service provider like Air Conditioner Repair Services | Chills on Wheels Heating Contractors, Inc. to get it fixed.

  • Provide learning and teaching supplies

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After introducing furniture in your design, you will need to fill the shelves, drawers, cupboards with educational supplies. Provide writing materials such as workbooks, pencils, notebooks, and reading materials like textbooks and storybooks. You can also include art supplies such as crayons and watercolours and educational games like word and number puzzles. Whatever learning material you provide should develop their thinking skills and be appropriate for their age(s).

Designing a home-school room for your kids is all about creativity and comfort. Bear in mind that it is not a room for adults, but kids, so think about what your little one will love and enjoy. How you design the space will contribute to their attention and focus while learning there. So, go all out and make it as comfortable as you can for your children.