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How Kids Develop Thinking and Learning Skills

It’s essential that children learn to think and develop themselves without the need for adult prompting; This doesn’t just improve their ability to learn and succeed in life, it also helps to prepare them for what life has to offer them in the future. 

But, how do you get your kids to develop thinking and learning skills? There are several things you can do:

Early Learning Centres

A reputable early learning center such as this Croydon early learning center will encourage the children to work things out for themselves. Through play, children will realize that they can find a solution to any issue. This will encourage them to think about more things and find solutions.

The act of playing also encourages them to learn. In this instance, they won’t always realize they are learning. But, developing learning skills when young means they will find it easier to adapt to the educational process. This means they’ll get the most benefit possible from their education.

The Learning Process

It’s interesting to note that the neural pathways in children’s brains are very similar to building paths in the real world. Each path interconnects to become a maze, it expands on a 3D level to create a structure resemblant of a building. 

The key is to guide them through the various development stages without giving them the information they need.

It’s also important to know that the more a specific pathway is used the stronger it becomes. This is why repetition is so important to learning at all ages. In the same way, pathways that aren’t used will fade away, although not disappear altogether. 

By concentrating on the information that matters you’ll be able to encourage your child to strengthen the right neural pathways. Of course, every personality is different, the more neural pathways they build the better to allow them a wide choice of possibilities in the future.

Learning communication

Communication is one of the most important skills a child can learn. Most kids learn to speak by watching and listening to their parents, and then mimicking the way they speak. First words are usually uttered around the 12 months mark. By the age of 3, kids will have a word for almost everything, and by the age of 4 most kids are forming sentences. 

Some kids struggle with speech development. In these cases, you may be able to encourage kids to learn words more quickly by talking to them more frequently and encouraging conversations. If this still isn’t working, pediatric speech therapy can help.

Written communication is usually not something that kids develop until the age of 5. This is not usually something that kids can teach themselves and usually has to be taught. 

Sensory Learning

One of the most powerful ways of teaching children is actually through their senses. They will naturally want to explore the world around them, which means touching and interacting with as many things as possible. From the moment they are born you should encourage this. 

The more stimulated they are by their environment the easier it will be for them to develop learning and thinking skills that will last them for life.

You’ll see it starting as a baby, they make sounds to get your attention, they move to find their preferred spot, and they love putting things in their mouth. This is all the start of sensory learning.

Children need to be allowed to develop at their own ace, every child is different. But, you can ensure they are learning as they play, this is the most effective way to improve their learning and thinking skills. Considering how important these skills will be when they are adults this is one gift you can’t afford not to give them!

It’s worth noting that as they age they’ll learn more through logic than play, but the same approach will still work.


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