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Reasons to Smile Every Day


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Do you smile every day? You might smile when you are happy, or when something happens that improves your mood. But what about the other days? Do you smile on the mundane days when nothing particularly pleasing happens? Do you smile on days when things go wrong, you aren’t well, or you just don’t feel your best? 


Some of us don’t even smile when we are happy. If you are worried about your smile or don’t feel confident about your teeth, you might be reluctant to smile even when you are at your happiest. If you want help, your dentist can help you understand how cosmetic dentistry could help. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should smile every single day. 


Smiling Makes You More Trustworthy


We generally trust people that smile more than people that don’t. When we first meet someone, we make a first impression without knowing anything about them. If that person is smiling, we think that they are welcoming, open, honest, friendly, and trustworthy. 


This can also be true of people that we don’t know personally. We trust people serving us in shops, businesses, people we see online, politicians, newsreaders, and other people that we see on TV, more if they are smiling. If you want to enhance your smile and are looking for tips, be sure to visit for more.


It Will Boost Your Confidence


Have you ever heard the phrase “fake it until you make it”? When it comes to confidence, the act of faking it can be exceptionally useful. When we’re not feeling confident, we slouch, we don’t smile or make eye contact, or do anything that draws attention to ourselves. 


But, if you act confident, by standing tall, putting a smile on your face, and making eye contact with people that you speak to, you might start to feel it. 


Smiling Can Decrease Your Stress Levels


Up to 75% of us report to feeling so stressed out at some point within the last year that we’ve struggled to cope. Stress is a very real problem in modern society and something that is having a severe effect on people’s physical and mental health. 


Believe it or not, the simple act of smiling can help. When you smile, your brain thinks that you are happy. It releases happy hormones and chemicals, and stress hormones decrease. 


It Could Make You Happier


We smile because we’re happy. But, by tricking your brain, smiling can actually make you happier. If you are feeling down, try to smile, look for things to be grateful for, watch films that make you laugh, and spend time with people that make you smile, and happiness will follow. 


It’s a Great Facial Workout


When you smile, you use around 26 muscles in your face. Smile and laugh a lot, and your face gets a great workout, tightening your skin and toning the muscles around your mouth and eyes. 


If You Smile Others Will Smile With You


Smiling, like yawning, is contagious. Smile at someone, and they will probably smile back. Think about how many people you see in a day. When you smile, they smile. Their smile tricks their brains into releasing happy hormones, improving your mood. By smiling, you could be making everyone you come into contact with happier. 

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