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7 Must-Know Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning with best petrol pressure washer in the uk is a necessary part of every household. Spring ushers in the end of winter and the start of fresh beginnings. Spring cleaning and decluttering your home is the perfect way to start anew. However, spring cleaning in Canterbury can be stressful and unproductive–it involves a lot of packing, sorting, and kicking up dust all over the house. If you aren’t prepared or don’t have a plan in place, spring cleaning can be a lot more trouble than it’s worth. Keep reading to see a list of our top tips to tackle spring cleaning like a pro!

  • Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

Whenever the time for spring cleaning rolls around, there’s a lot of pressure to declutter and to throw out everything but the kitchen sink. Make sure that your goals are realistic: how much of the stuff in your house is trash and how much of it is memorabilia? Don’t set a goal that’s too minimalist or that’s too difficult for you.

Just as with any objectives, your cleaning goals have to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timebound. Your goals for the living room can be different from your goals in the kitchen. Make sure you have a schedule and that you don’t fill it up to the point that you become overwhelmed.

If you simply don’t have the time or energy to spring clean yourself, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your home won’t get a spring clean at all. Instead, you can always call in the professional help of home cleaning services. Someone will be able to pick up your deep cleaning tasks on your behalf, freeing up your own time to focus on work, social activities or simply a bit of down time instead!

  • Be Prepared

Before Spring Cleaning Day, put together a list of materials you’ll need and buy them so you have them ready at hand. If you’re cleaning with your family, make a specific kit for each family member so that everyone is responsible for something. Don’t forget to buy back-ups because sponges, gloves, and mop heads can definitely get some wear and tear during spring cleaning.

Also, remember to keep a first aid kit around. Spring cleaning is a magnet for unforeseen accidents, especially if younger kids are involved. Being prepared can save you a world of trouble and can help you stick to your spring cleaning schedule.

  • Delegate

Don’t attempt to do everything on your own. Part of being prepared is delegating. Make sure to match the task to the person doing it. For example, the kids should be in charge of cleaning their own bedrooms: they are the ones who would know which items still bring them joy and which items they can give away or dispose of. If your husband uses the garage a lot, then make that his area of responsibility. If your wife spends a lot of time in the den or the library, why not assign her to look after that area?

Likewise, tasks that take a lot of time and effort, such as carpet cleaning, can be outsourced to professionals who do carpet cleaning in Phoenix or in your local area. Delegating the right way will make the cleaning process much more easy and thorough. While assigning works within the family, if every member of the household is getting to do tasks somewhere that they love, where they have a lot of their own things, there is a bigger chance that they will look out for the things in that area.

  • Have a Storage Plan

One of the most common issues in modern housing is storage. Make sure that you have a storage plan in place for after cleaning. Don’t just sanitize, organize. Some homeowners prefer clear boxes where you can see everything that you’re storing, others prefer opaque labeled boxes where they can simply assign categories.

You can decide what’s best for you, both for function and for design. What do you feel suits your home the most? What do you think will be the easiest to implement? Don’t forget to have a storage plan for the things that you’re giving away as well. Whether it’s to charity or to your kids’ younger cousins, you want all the items you’re giving away to remain in tip-top condition.

  • Have a Disposal Plan

In this era when the environment is at a crucial point in time, it’s very important that you have a proper disposal plan for the things that you’re throwing away. Make sure that you label your bags or bins according to the type of plastic, whether they’re recyclable or not, and whether they’re biodegradable.

Having a disposal plan can go as far as planning your Spring Cleaning Day on the same day as your garbage collection. This will also make it easier for you to clean up after you’re done decluttering. If you suddenly realize as you go along that you may have more garbage than you thought you did, you may wish to consider getting a Roll Off Dumpster Rental sorted so that everything can go in one place, and you know it will be properly disposed of once it’s gone.

  • Be Strategic About the Schedule

In line with item number five, you should have a strategy when creating your spring cleaning schedule. Don’t plan spring cleaning for a day when the kids have a soccer game in the afternoon or when you have appointments set. This will put unnecessary pressure and stress on everyone to rush.

Spring Cleaning should be done on a day when everyone can take the time to clean and decide what they want to keep and what they don’t. Set mini-deadlines for everyone as opposed to one big deadline so you can touch base and see each others’ progress.

  • Make It a Family Activity

Spring Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring for the kids. Make it a family activity and give them prizes for different activities: for example, if they clean their entire room, order them their favorite pizza–if they label the bins properly, treat them to an afternoon ice cream during a cleaning break.

Making it a family activity also instills the value of cleanliness in the kids. Even the biggest tasks can seem small with team effort and a fun atmosphere. Make sure that spring cleaning is something that they look forward to every year.


Spring cleaning is an essential part of every household’s yearly calendar. It can also be one of the most stressful times of the year with all that pressure to keep things minimalist and organized. With these tips and tricks, you can make sure that you do it right this year! Keep calm and plan your spring cleaning adventure with family–you can’t go wrong.

For everything else that you might need, there is always a home cleaning service that can assist and make cleaning your home that much easier. Don’t panic and take spring cleaning to the next level. For a lovely, safe home, make decluttering and cleanliness a priority!

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