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Common Parenting Frustrations And How To Fix Them

Becoming a parent can be a bit of a revelation at first, we all think we know what we’re going to be like as parents, and then the new baby arrives, and everything goes out the window. There are plenty of little problems that we come across along the way, that may seem like the end of the world at the time, but can be fixed quite easily. As parents, we need to pull together to share knowledge and learn from each other, so here are some ideas on how you can fix some common parenting problems, such as tidying, and fussy eating.

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Fussy eating

Most parents will recall a time when their child wouldn’t eat what they gave them. It’s easy to say that children should be grateful they have nutritious and healthy foods, even though it is entirely accurate. But we really want our children to eat a well-balanced meal, so when they refuse to eat anything at all, it can be very frustrating. One of the main tips is to take the pressure off the child surrounding food. Once they realize that they can get a reaction from you by not eating the food you give them, then you’ll see more arguments than you thought possible.



Keeping your pearly whites nice and clean, is very important. We need to encourage our children from day one to brush their teeth thoroughly and teach them how to remove tartar. Regulated trips to the dentist will really help the children understand the importance of brushing their teeth. It also gives a certain amount of accountability to them as well. The children can still be reluctant when it comes to brushing their teeth, that is why they are character toothbrushes, better-tasting toothpaste, and gadgets to entertain the children and distract them while brushing their teeth in the mornings and before bed. Be sure to also head over to North End Dental for regular dental check-ups to maintain your children’s dental health.



It may seem as though everything about parenting is chaos at times. And getting them to tidy their bedrooms can be a huge task. But this is a common theme among children, in the past reward charts have worked for many people when it comes to children keeping their bedroom tidy, it is possible to incentive’s, and reward reasonable efforts by the bucketload! It’s sometimes tempting to go round and tidy up after everybody since you know it will get done quickly. Ultimately it’s up to us to set a good example and be good role models to our children.


So don’t go tearing your hair out with frustration just yet. All parenting ‘problems’ get easier over time, and the saying “this too shall pass” is famous for a reason! Self-care for yourself and keeping the children active and well-rested will keep you all on the right track. Taking time to enjoy your children while they are still small may sound difficult at times, but before long, you will be wondering where the small children went and will be faced with a teenager which is a whole different ball game! 


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