We previously had a large, wooden table in our basement that we would use on a semi-regular basis. My husband used the table once a week and we would very occasionally use it to play board games on.

It took me months of convincing my husband to finally get rid of that table so we would have more space in our basement.

I could only get the table out of our house with one condition – I had to find a replacement table that was very sturdy and wouldn’t move while working or writing on it. This condition (per my husband) was needed in addition to my condition – it had to be foldable.

After much research and lots of reading of reviews, we finally found the perfect table. The table we landed on is the Cosco Zown collection.

The Zown collection products are made from heavy duty blow mold and are constructed with high-quality polyethylene and a power coated steel structure. This design makes the products extra lightweight; different than many other folding systems. UV protection allows this high quality, low-maintenance collection be used both outdoors and indoors.

Many of the Cosco products, including both the heavy duty folding table and chairs, have a limited 10 year warranty.

48″ Rectangular Heavy Duty Folding Table

Built for long term commercial use, this table is sure to last long term in a personal setting.

One of the best features of this table is how light weight it is. I am able to carry it up and down our basement steps with no trouble.

Don’t let the light weight-ness fool you though, the durability of this table is incredible. The sound structure and secure base is what sold us on it. We’ve used this table for eating, playing games, writing, and typing. All of these activities were done shake free. This table doesn’t move when your using it. No wobbling back and forth or shaky, swaying top; those are things of the past.

One of the main differences I’ve found with this table is the curved support on the short ends. The arched cross braces allow end of table seating with no issues at all. No more hitting your knee or shin on the bar that’s right in front of you. Such a good design method!

The seamless inter-locking system really sets these Zown tables apart. This lock system allows you to connect tables together in order to create a wide variety of configurations.

Commercial Heavy Duty Folding Chair

These are chairs that I foresee my family having for many years to come.

Heavy duty, strong, light weight, durable, and the list goes on. This folding chair far exceeds my expectations, and we’ve only had them for about three weeks.

Very different than many other folding chairs, this one provides lasting comfort. That’s because of the contoured seat and back – its made to fit your body.

These chairs are light weight, but heavy duty too. Just as the table, the construction of this product outshines many others. I love that the chair is heavy duty enough for my three year old to sit on it. I have no hesitations that the chair will fold up on him, like I do with many other folding chairs.

The one downside that I have found with these chairs is the design of the feet. They are constructed at a slant, so when you stack them and lean them on a wall – as you do many times with folding tables and/or chairs – they slide right down. I quickly found this out when we had the chairs leaning on the wall and my child touched one, down it went. No one was hurt, Praise the Lord, and I learned to never lean them like that again. This downside does not affect the function of the chair, so to me it is a very minimal negative.