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Keepsakes to Cherish from Canvas Factory



Canvas Factory specializes in creating keepsakes that your hearts will cherish.


As a parent, our most cherished thing is our children. Watching them grow, seeing them come into their own…its a joy in itself. But we know how quickly these times pass by. Before we know it they are potty trained, going to school, washing their own hair and growing up faster than we can bare.


The easiest, and one of the most affordable ways to keep the images of your amazing children is by showcasing your favorite photos on a custom canvas print from Canvas Factory.


Canvas prints are extremely popular, and due to the high demand for them there are a loads companies that now create them for the public. But how do you know who to trust? Who is going to give you the quality that you desire but at a price a modest budget can afford? MamatheFox found Canvas Factory and decided to give them a try – and man are we happy we did!


The online ordering process from Canvas Factory is not only easy but super fast too! Parents don’t have a lot of down time, we are parenting! Cleaning, cooking, loving on your little ones…we dont have time to monkey around on some website doing all the dirty work.  Canvas Factory streamlined their ordering process to ensure you get the product you want but in a fast and easy way.



When you click on “Style & Price” then on “Create Now” you are given the above image on your screen.

You can click on the type of canvas(s) you are looking to create from here. I had a single print created.

When you click where is says USD $34.30 – it will open up to show you all the size options, ranging from 12 x 18 all the way up to 32 x 48.

Here is also where you can select rectangular, square, panoramic or a custom sized canvas shape.


From there you will be lead back to the above image where you can click on the blue button “Continue – Upload a photo”. Now you can upload the images you desire to be printed on your canvas.



Here are the wrap styles – each are great – you just need to choose the one that best suites the image you are printing and where you are hanging it.

I went with the basic Gallery Wrap.

From there you are given the option to edit the photo itself – like making it more red, blue, gray, black and white among several other options.

I left mine as is and did not want to alter my image that I uploaded from my computer.



From there you are see what your canvas will look like!


After you place your order you will get an few emails from Canvas Factory. One will be key  –  it will contain a proof of your image and they will not print your order until you approve the image.  This extra step is what makes for such a happy customer. They want to be sure you are truley happy with the image you choose and how it lines up on the canvas before printing.  They want you to fall in love with your canvas the moment your eyes set upon it.



They also offer a large selection of college type canvas sets, split settings and even now offer us Acrylic prints and HD Metel prints! Doing so much more than your average canvas brand.


You will love the service, quality and turn around time (5-10 business days) you will get from Canvas Factory



The hanging device on the back of the canvas is on a hinge! This makes hanging it super easy



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