Bible Belles are still one of my favorite scripture based story book series.


Through the past few years I have been reading Bible Belle stories to my daughter and son alike.  They both love so much about these books.  I love how they incorporate real life situations a child will face with a biblical truth and story from the bible.   They love the images and excitement of the story itself.


The newest book in the series is now released and available for purchase! Deborah: The Belle of Leadership



For every Bible Belles: Deborah book purchased – Bible Belles will be donating a copy of Bible Belles: Deborah to a World Vision!


Deborah was a women that was faced with a very sticky situation, and had to overcome her place in society and be braver than she ever imagined – to become a leader.


I love how this story gives young girls the concept that they too can step up and be brave by being the one in charge. It encourages them that when taking charge is the thing you need to do, that God will equip you to be the girl He desires you to be.


We need to teach our children that we are living to please God, not the people around us. It is Him that holds our lives eternally.


Deborah is the 5th, and final book, in the Bible Belles Series!


The adventure continues in Book Five of the Bible Belles series. With the angel Mari by her side, Rooney has learned that God has given her four real superpowers: Prayer, Patience, Bravery, and Loyalty. Her transformation into a superhero is almost complete. What’s missing? The Bell of Leadership.

As she watches Deborah rise up and lead an entire nation to victory, Rooney realizes that true leadership means inspiring others and working together. Through the story of Deborah, Rooney learns that God is calling her to lead. Is she ready to answer the call?

Come along with Rooney as she becomes the greatest superhero of all: a Bible Belle!



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  1. What a great book. I bet my little girl would have fun reading this and getting to know the bible story.

  2. What a beautiful book to teach kids about jesus! Love that you donate one for each copy you sell!

  3. This book looks so awesome..I would love for my granddUGHTER TO READ BOOKS LIKE THIS.

  4. I love books that teach about Jesus. Thank you for the chance to win. My son would love this!

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