I come from a long line of “naturalist”. My own mother grew up in the “hippie generation”, after all, and that meant that a lot of her views, at home and around the world, were rooted in “back to basics” and natural remedies. You could even say that that I was nurtured by nature. This “crunchy” mindset followed me into adulthood and eventually into motherhood.

My household was covered in natural products. From my cleaning supplies, to my toiletries, even my ingredients were organic or homegrown and found straight from nature. When my son hit the infamous teething milestone, I knew that I wanted to keep his remedies as close to nature as possible. I had a lot of questions about teething like “can teething cause vomiting?” Of course, I went to my mom for answers and suggestions.

She told me about how she used amber stones on our cheeks and foreheads when we started teething. Even coming from my background, I felt this was a little far-fetched and would be hard to sell to my husband. Still, my mom swore by it, and raising seven kids gets you some credibility. I went straight to google to look up amber in correlation with teething.

Baltic Amber gets its name from the sea it’s located near and is harvested from the conifer trees in the area. The sap is collected and the resin (which can also be bought at the website) is separated and made into amber. The amber made in this area is known to have the highest traces of succinic acid in amber today, amounting to a whopping 8%, 4% higher than other ambers.

What is succinic acid? Succinic acid is the component responsible for relieving your babies swollen gums, but also is responsible for curing many other ailments. For centuries, European and Asian cultures have used amber to cure many things such as headaches, muscle and joint aches, and even mood disorders. This is because succinic acid acts like an anti-inflammatory, helping relieve muscle aches, swollen gums, and menstrual cramps, among other things.

Amber is also packed full of antioxidants, which aide in boosting your immunity. Recently, therapist have started suggesting amber necklaces for patients who experience anxiety or situational depression. With amber boasting so many medicinal benefits, why wouldn’t it be mother nature’s #1 recommendation?

Amber comes in a variety of colors, ranging from light lemonades to richer cherries. Color hardly means anything on its own, but when debating over raw vs polished, you’ll want to consider who and what you’re buying it for. Many suggestions advise getting a polished necklace if purchasing for infants or children. This is because raw beads can be too irritating for a young child’s skin due to the porous surface of the bead. However, if purchasing for yourself or another adult, a raw necklace may be best.

Amber works when it’s heated by the body, allowing the resin to seep through the surface and into the bloodstream. Lighter colors, such as your lemons or honeys contain more succinic acid, which would be best if considering a polished bead. If purchasing a raw bead, your darker colors such as deep honeys and rich cherries would be adequate.

My son has been wearing his amber teething necklace from http://www.balticwonder.com/ for a few months now. Right away we noticed he was drooling less, and after about a week we noticed that his cranky spells and nights spent crying had decreased. Amber saved my sanity and brought back my spunky, happy baby back. It’s definitely worth a try! If you find that amber isn’t working and your baby is really struggling, then perhaps you should take them to the dentist, just to check there are no underlying issues. If you are in California you may want to try this Dentist Santa Monica – I’ve heard they are great with young children and babies. However, this should be a last resort, and I suggest you make amber your first port of call. I even purchased an amber necklace for myself! Alternatively, you can try consulting the piedmont dentistry in harrisburg. My mother was right. Amber was and still is nature’s best advice!

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  1. I think natural teething is genius- I wish my mother had used this when I was teething. Of course you can’t beat how stylish some of these pieces are, either.

  2. I always wondered what these beads were for. I would have totally used them if I knew about them when my kiddos were babies!

  3. I don’t have any babies now but I will tell my brother who has a one year old all about this great remedy. It is so nice to use natural cures for our children instead of medications.

  4. By the time I learned about this teething method my kids were all older. Wish I had these necklaces when my kids were babies!

  5. I’ve never heard of this before. I don’t have any babies anymore, but I have a lot of friends and family members that have babies. I’m going to let them know about this and hopefully it helps them.

  6. I have a friend who swore by using an amber teething necklace for all of her children and now I understand why. I wish I would have tried this with my little one!

  7. I found out about these a little too late after my kids were teething, otherwise I would have totally used them!

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