Anyone who’s had babies of their own or who has been around babies knows how important it is to have burp cloths on hand.

Whether you’re in the living room, nursery, at the store, grandmas house, or even in the car; burp cloths are an absolute must.

And lets face it, you can’t just have any old burp cloth.


You need a burp cloth that is absorbent and large. One that fits well on your shoulder and won’t fall off. And it’s a plus if the burp cloth is cute. Am I right?!

Well lucky for us (and you!), we found the perfect burp cloths!



Little Iguana Mama stay put burp cloths are seriously the most perfect burp cloth you’ll find on the market right now.

With the multitude of features the cloth offers, there aren’t many other cloths that can top it!



We love Little Iguana Mama for a number of reasons, but the main reason is because they are a fellow Cleveland small business! Yay Cleveland!

Becki, the owner and founder of Little Iguana Mama, constantly found herself scrambling and searching for a burp cloth and often times not getting one quick enough. She (like any mom) would forget where she put the burp cloth in her house, creating quite the dilemma when needing one. Not only that but she was always digging through the diaper bag looking for the burp cloth.

All this led her to create the Little Iguana Mama burp cloth, named after her son who’s nickname is ‘little iguana’. [Seriously so adorable!] Creating the burp cloths gave an effective solution for many of the problems we face with an everyday, run of the mill burp cloth.


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I love that the cloth is made from triple layer flannel. It is so soft and absorbent. I haven’t experienced the cloth being wet enough to soak through both sides! Yay for keeping mom and dad’s shirts clean and dry.





On the underside of the burp cloth there is a clip that clips to your shirt right at your shoulder. This clip is perfect for feeding, allowing you to easily move baby to the shoulder for breaks and for burping. The clip is also super helpful in that the burp cloth doesn’t move while your holding and carrying baby around. This burp cloth is seriously a stay-put cloth!




The contoured shape of the burp cloth is one of my favorite features. This shape perfectly lays on your shoulder and around your neck for a great, snug fit. The Little Iguana Mama burp cloth is much longer than the average burp cloth too. These features help keep it from falling off your shoulder and ensure that there will be no more spit up going on half of the burp cloth and half on your shirt.



On the end of the burp cloth is a ribbon with a clip attached to the end. This clip is great for a multitude of purposes. Use it to keep the cloth easily accessible while out and about. Clip it to the diaper bag, infant carrier, or stroller. You can also use the ribbon clip to wrap around the outside of the cloth after rolling it like a burrito. Perfect for easy access and storage!



The ribbon clip creates good alternative uses too.

One suggestion that Little Iguana Mama gives is clipping this ribbon clip to the burp cloth itself while the cloth hangs on your shoulder. This will ensure safety for your child, as a clip won’t be hanging from ribbon. Doing this will also create more weight on the burp cloth preventing further movement of the cloth while it’s on your shoulder!


We have been putting the burp cloth around my sons neck and using it as a bib. It’s perfect to catch spit up or, like we use for my son, to catch drool. If doing this I recommend only doing so while you are in the same room and you’re watching your child. Always want to be extra safe with our littles!



Seriously mama’s, these Little Iguana Mama burp cloths are one of the best cloths I’ve found on the market. I love that I can find our burp cloths now because of the ribbon clip. I can keep them in places I need without them falling onto the floor! The length of the cloth, the underside clip, and the weight of the ribbon clip keep the burp cloth from falling off of my shoulder – a serious life savor.


But most of all I love that Little Iguana Mama is a fellow Cleveland, Ohio brand. We love supporting our local companies!

Check out their website and give them some love!!

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  1. The patterns are all so cute! Nice to have a burp cloth you don’t have to chase to the floor!

  2. I’m due with a new little one in November and I really love how these are designed! Big, Cute, absorbent, and stay put, How Wonderful!

  3. I like the idea of the triple layer flannel. Spit up is not my favorite smell, LOL!

  4. What cute burp cloths! I especially like the Wild Wild West design, and a clip is a great addition to keep it from falling off the shoulder.

  5. i really like the idea of an added clip. i havent seen one like that yet and also like the fact it is sooo absorbent!

  6. I love that we get to pick out each pattern ourselves and the patterns are SO cute and fun. I love that they are so colorful and playful and creative looking and the size is so much better/substantial than most burp cloths and I have never seen any with a clip like these have which is a genius idea!

  7. (BURP CLOTHS FOR MAMA’S ON THE GO Review) I love these great sounding and looking burp clothes for babies. I wish they were around when my kids were younger.

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