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Juice it Your Way

Juicing has been on my radar for about two years.

My parents dabbled into juicing awhile back, and that’s when I first was introduced. After reading many blogs and articles, I’ve been really interested and wanting to try it out for myself.

When the opportunity came along for me to try out the SimpleTaste Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor, I just couldn’t pass it up.

Now that I’ve tried it out, I’m so excited to share with you about this SimpleTaste Juicer.


SimpleTaste is a brand under the umbrella of 1byone. This company , 1byone, passionately creates products that makes people’s lives better, easier, and more fulfilling. They create a large variety of products under 1byone, Beautural, Simpletaste and Naturalife brands. Their affordable, high quality products give users 100% satisfaction.

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This juicer is a slow masticating juicer, not to be confused with a centrifugal juicer.

So, what’s the difference?


Masticating juicers operate at roughly 80 RPM. A centrifugal juicer runs much faster; somewhere between 3,500-14,000 RPM. This difference is drastically different.

The effective, slow rotating auger squeezes out every last drop of juice from your fruits, vegetables, greens, and even wheatgrass.


Why is a slow, masticating juicer better?

The auger that slowly rotates, allows this masticating juicer to crush all parts of the fruits and veggies. The effectiveness of the slow turning auger gives you every last drop of juice from the food, leaving none behind. The slowness of the juicer provides a better juice, and more importantly, a better nutrient yield.

The masticating juicer protects and maintains healthy enzymes and allows juice to be stored for up to 72 hours without degradation.

There is less foam created with a masticating juicer and the juice won’t layer into sections after sometime.

Because of the slowness of the masticating juicer, there is no heat created from the juicing process. No heat means no oxidation is taking place. This is much different that a centrifugal juicer. The faster power of a centrifugal juicer creates heat which can cause oxidation. The oxidation process destroys nutrients that the fruits and veggies hold, therefore creating a less nutrient juice.

So all in all, go with a masticating juicer. The nutrients are greater, the juice is better, and you’re getting every last drop of juice from your fruits and veggies.

The juicer is very easy to clean. This is one of my favorite aspects of it. The parts are completely detachable, and there is no extra tools needed. A cleaning brush is included when you buy the juicer, and it’s truly all you need to clean it after juicing.

Purchasing the juicer includes:

  • SimpleTaste Slow Juicer
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Juice and Residue Containers
  • Instruction manual
  • 30-day full refund
  • 12-month warranty


I love that the juicer is safe and easy to use. My son was helping me juice some celery the other day and I was not concerned at all about his safety. The shoot is long and the extra piece on top helps ensure little (or big!) fingers stay safe.

The slow juicer is really quite. Like seriously guys, you hardly know it’s on when you’re juicing. I especially love this. I use my food processor a lot, almost everyday. It’s loud, like unreasonably loud. This juicer though, no sound. It’s the best. My kids like that it’s quiet too! They don’t cry when I turn it on, AND I can use it while they’re napping!


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SimpleTaste’s slow masticating juicer extractor is all around a really great juicer. The quietness of it is perfect for everyone; you’ll appreciate that. This juicer is easy to put together and take apart; cleaning is a breeze because of this. You’ll be happy with the slowness of the juicer because it packs all the nutrients and doesn’t leave anything behind.

Use code 1byoneSarah for 20% off!!!

This offer expires on September 10, 2018.

$30 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Gululu! The Summer Hydration Helper!
 It’s no secret that most children need an incentive to remember to drink when they are busy playing at the park, swimming at the beach, and hanging out with friends. Sometimes we choose to give our kids drinks that are high in sugar and not as healthy as we would like in an effort to get them to drink, when we could be doing something radically different — like giving our child a Gululu interactive water bottle instead! Gululu helps to remind your child to drink more water through a tamagucci-like pet that grows when children drink! Parents can be sure it is working by tracking progress on the app! Learn more below!

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Let Gululu Help Your Children Stay Hydrated This Summer!

About Gululu:

The fun Gululu bottle features a pet- tamagucci like that grows and goes through underwater adventures as the kid drink. The pets in Gululu motivate kids to develop healthy habits on their own. When your child drinks from Gululu Interactive Bottle, the pet grows happier and evolves. This constant interaction both entertains and encourages beneficial habit formation. Gululu has been featured on all main media publication like Forbes, Vogue and others.- and parents love it!

Gululu’s Mission:

Gululu has made it their mission to help kids all around the world be healthier and stay hydrated! Their interactive bottle keeps kids hydrated through a pet that encourage them to drink and has an app that shows the parents exactly their kids intake. With each and every purchase of Gululu, a child in a developing country is provided clean drinking water, for life.

In addition to their great mission to keep kids hydrated, for every bottle purchased, they donate to build clean drinking water wells for kids in developing countries through their partnership with Generosity.org Learn more about how water = life HERE.

Find Gululu on Amazon!

Gululu Water Bottles for Back to School!


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Tub Time with Rengora Bath Bombs

This month we are excited to feature Rengora Bath Bombs as our Mama’s Tub Time brand!




This month MamatheFox tried the 6-pack bath bomb set from Rengöra

The bath bombs from Rengöra are available on Amazon.



Each package contains 6, beautifully colored bath bombs.

• Relax –Lavender

• Pamper –Rose

• Refresh –Mint

• Breathe –Eucalyptus

• Soothe –Vanilla

• Energize –Orange


The Rengora bombs are 4.25 oz. and made with organic ingredients.


The box that the bombs come in is such high quality. So much so, that I plan on keeping the box and re-purposing it! The bow that is on the front cover only wraps around the lid, making it easy to open and giving you the option to keep the bow on the lid, keeping it looking like a new gift even after you open it and take out a bomb to use. You can keep it out on display in your bathroom, and keep it on hand to grab right before you get into the tub.  Since this box is so pretty it will make the perfect gift for any bath bomb lover. No wrapping needed – and having it ship directly to them from Amazon makes this the easiest gift choice.


All ingredients used are 100% natural and made with respect for animals and the environment


Rengöra uses a unique combination of essential oils and vitamins in each bomb. This gives you a moisturizing agent that truly works. I love that feeling when you get out of a tub from a soak with a bath bomb and you feel like you already have lotion absorbed into your skin. That moisture makes me so happy and relaxed.  Rengöra does not disappoint when it comes to the moisture factor. Many shops are stocking bath bombs as they have increased in popularity the past few years.



What MamatheFox loves about Rengöra bath bombs


  • Natural ingredients
  • No heavy dyes – so no “tub ring” left behind
  • Moisturizes but doesn’t leave you feeling oily or greasy 
  • Fun smells and colors
  • Super affordable 
  • Comes packaged as a gift – just click and ship to recipient! 

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$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

 $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway


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Emior Skin International was born out of the vision to bring the power of nature and science together to produce a range of skin care products that would change the dynamics of beauty industry. Our exploration of alternative skin treatments began at the precipice of the backlash against highly expensive and precarious cosmetic treatments and culminated at the discovery of a natural solution that effectively works on all your skin aging concerns with astonishing results.
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Cabbage Patch Kids are Back for Christmas – Introducing Little Sprouts

Did you have an original Cabbage Patch doll?

I sure did! My mother meet someone in a parking lot in the 80’s to score one for tiny little MamatheFox, back when I was just a toddler.

I loved my doll and hoped my daughter would love them one day too. However, instead of loving dolls, she loves tiny plastic toys. Ones that she can carry in her pocket or purse.

Cabbage Patch Kids – being a leader in the toy industry – knew that the tiny toy theme was something they should jump on – and boy, oh boy, are we glad they did!

Introducing Little Sprouts by Cabbage Patch Kids

The Little Sprouts line has a few options available right now with their series 1 options

Collectible Figures – 4 pack

Collectible Figures – 8 pack

Little Spouts Vet Center Playset

Little Sprouts Cabbage Academy Playset


My 5 year old daughter loves her CBK Little Sprouts. She carries them in her purse, her pocket and of course her hands too. We love making them act out stories, silly situations and regular reenactment play.

You can use the play-sets that Little Sprouts have provided for us, or you can encourage your child to take an old box (got a few Amazon boxes laying around?) and give them a hand full of crayons to create their own playset.  My kids have made a pool, a rocket ship and treasure chest this past week alone from the boxes I have passed their way. Using their imaginations they can create the perfect set ups to use with their Little Sprouts.

We love that the 8 packs have a special blind bag with an extra surprise. The one set we opened has a fuzzy dog in it! The kids are thrilled to play with these amazing new toys.

Little Sprouts make the best stocking stuffers and holiday gifts this year. They are affordable, fun and just what small kids are asking for.

The pets are such a hit too. Now each little a little pet! Dogs, cats, birds, pandas and more! The little pets may be my daughters favorite part about the Little Sprouts

The 4 Pack set includes 1.5″ Kid, 1″ Baby, .75″ Pet figure & a HIDDEN accessory!

The 8 Pack set includes  two 1.5″ Kid figures, two 1″ Baby figures, one .75″ HIDDEN fantasy pet & three accessories!

The Little Sprouts 1.5″ Kid and 1″ Baby figures include articulation for sitting – which makes play even more interactive and allows the child playing with it use their imagination even more.

All of the Little Sprouts are available through Amazon


Collect all 120 Little Sprouts kid, baby, and pet collectible figures and set off on an exciting new adventure every day!


Available at:

  • Toys R’ Us
  • Amazon
  • Shopko
  • Fingerhut
  • Walmart.com
  • Toys R’ Us Canada



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These tiny toys are perfect for any child this holiday season. With pocket sized toys, dolls and pets all the rage, this is sure to be a hit when unwrapped

Cooking With Technology – The NetChef Kitchen Helper

Cooking is one of my favorite things to do, other than listening to music that is.

When I am in the kitchen I am in my special place. It is where I cook for my family & where we meet to talk about our day. It’s where I listen to my music, talk radio and other podcasts. Honestly, most people spend more time in their kitchen than they realize.

I am a huge technology lover. Being a blogger, I am constantly on my cell, using social media, playing with smartwatches, laptops, WiFi devices and such. Even in the kitchen I’m surrounded by tech, from my smart fridge to arguably the best microwave oven under 15000, and every part of it always in use. I also enjoy finding new tips and tricks on how I’m able to increase my blog’s awareness (sometimes even while whipping something up in the kitchen), to be fair, most of these pointers are posted by a Digital Marketing Company. I also love finding the next best thing in the tech world – and I found the coolest new product to help simplify your life – the NetChef Digital Kitchen.

This fully loaded device is like a tablet – but with better speakers, it’s light & portable, and it’s easy to store. But the best part is that it comes loaded with tons of wonderful recipes, right at your fingertips.

I hate lugging my laptop into the kitchen to pull up my latest Pinned recipe off Pinterest – or trying to read it off my phones small screen and needing to keep zooming in to read it better. The NetChef is perfect for people who love to use recipes off Pinterest because Pinterest is one of the pre-loaded app options for your to add to your device!

The NetChef has 10 preloaded buttons for you to scroll through on the main home screen: Audio Books, Enjoy Music, Enjoy Video, Internet Radio, Stored Photos, Social Media, Online Recipes, Cooking Sites, My Recipes and a Utilities button. Each of these main options opens up to give you options to download apps on the device which suit you and your family best.

I love that they don’t spam up the device with assumptions. Some people may not use Instagram and not need it uploaded, taking up memory. Others may love YouTube and want that to be easily accessible. Giving the user the option to pick and choose what they want their NetChef is priceless.

However, being a cooking based device, each NetChef device is pre-loaded with tons of amazing recipes for the user. These recipes are accessible through the Online Recipes button. I was in shock by how many yummy and fun recipes I know have at my finger tips. There are 18 categorizes to choose from, such as breakfast, lunch or dinner…Main course, soups, vegetarian…quick recipes, kids recipes or special occasions. You can favorite any of the recipes themselves to save for future use and to make finding them even faster.

At the bottom of the Online Recipes screen there are several super helpful features which include a timer and a conversion tool. You can use the timer for not only your recipes but other reminders, like if a kid is in time out, to make a phone call in an hour or to grab that load of laundry out of the washer. The conversion tool is great for knowing how to figure out liter, ml, cup, fluid ounces, tablespoon and gallons ratios. Often when changing the recipes by needing to make more or less this will come in handy. Have you ever found a recipe that is in European measurements? I have! Now you can easily figure out how to make it using the measurements you are familiar with.

The last option in the Online Recipe tab is cuisines. This is amazing because it allows you to search by country, such as Italian, Middle Eastern, African, French, Japanese, Mexican, Russian and many others. The foodie in me loves this feature, because I can find recipes I never thought of exploring.

If you love having music play in the background while cooking or just in the background throughout your day then this NetChef is going to be a big lifestyle changer in your home. By having access to tons of audio options you are going to put it on your Christmas list right now and mention it to several people too!

There are 3 main ways to hear audio features: Internet Radio (Pandora, iHeartRadio, TunedIn), Pi Music (located in Enjoy Music button) and an Audio Book button (Audible, AudioBooks.com and LoyalBooks).

At the Fox house we love using Pandora, as it is also on my cell phone and I have been curating my lists for years now. Being able to hear my favorite channels through perfect Hi-Fi speakers to get the volume I most desire is wonderful.

When things get messy and that sauce splatters, don’t fret – it’s waterproof! Just use a damp towel to wipe it clean and a dry one to get the screen clear. No more worries about ruining your phone or laptop with grease or sauce splatters.

Being a plug-and-play tablet, this device is super easy to use. Perfect for anyone who cooks, listens to music or browses the internet. Being a fully functional tablet, you can easily get online and use the device like you would a laptop computer. Now that you are super excited about the NetChef – click overe here to see it on Amazon and read even more about the features and availability.

The future of smart devices and smart homes is very exciting. Companies like Crestron are already making a name for themselves in this sector by installing high end devices in the home to automate life and connect everything to the palm of your hand. But if you were the kind of person that loves building their own smart home lights by installing motion sensors in them and whatnot, check out Octopart. They have a great range of electronic components for any project you have in mind.

Photos! The NetChef Digital Kitchen comes with a few pre-loaded images but you can upload your own photos using any photo apps you enjoy, or by saving them off any social media channels like Facebook or Instagram. Click on the little 3 dots, save to device and it will download into the applicable folder in the Stored Photos button. You can make them scroll by clicking the play button symbol. It is set to change photos every 3 seconds, but you can change the length of the flip by going into the settings. Its very simple to do. My family, especially my kids, love seeing their daily adventures pop up. They them recall the previous adventures they have experienced.

Tips for Users:

Read through the information booklet that comes with the device, its full of helping information.

To get the device to turn on or off, you need to HOLD DOWN the power button for 3-5 seconds, or until you hear a “pop” noise. This is the speakers and unit turning on and a good noise so dont be alarmed. It will not turn on or off it just touch the button for 1 second – you MUST hold down the button for several seconds.

After the device is on, go to the top right corner of the screen like you would any other smart device and find the connection to set up your Wi-Fi. Without the Wi-Fi turned on you will not be able to use all the features like social media and music apps.

Be sure to allow the screen to fully complete it’s task before touching it. If you are downloading an app or opening something do not touch the screen before its done thinking – it can freeze up, causing you to have to start over.

Download the apps you want as you need them. Why clog up the memory for apps you may not use. Just download them as you go.

Play around and browse the recipes that are pre-loaded. You are going to have such fun trying new recipes!

Check out some other fun NetChef products by clicking here

Connect with NetChef

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Mama on the Move with OXO

Ok Mamas sit down to relax with a nice hot cup of coffee while you read this post.

Or maybe not.

Lets be real, it will probably take you a few good hours to read this blog from start to finish. In between sentences you’ll probably feed a baby, or kiss an ouchy, or stop a few hundred dangerous decisions your toddler is trying to make.

I get it. Mamas are always on the move inside and out of the home.

Since week one of my son’s birth I was on the move. Visiting family, going to special events, and eventually returning to our home overseas. I quickly learned adding children to our active lives was a whole new ball park. Always having something similar to holle formula stage 2 helped a bunch.

But not impossible.

About OXO

As a new mom, I learned there are clever people designing and engineering products specifically for mamas on the move! One of my favorite brands for ingenious baby gear is OXO. They create innovative products that cater to everyday living with children.

OXO makes 1,000+ products covering numerous areas of the home. There big philosophy is Universal Design; basically, creating products that almost anyone can use. The company started when Sam Farber promised his wife with arthritis he would create a better peeler for her to use.

Precious, right?

Sam worked through hundreds of models and did extensive research until in 1990 he invented the first OXO Good Grips kitchen tool; the iconic peeler. So we can all thank Sam, a trusty husband, for making “Women’s Work” just a tad bit simpler.

But the good doesn’t stop there, OXO is dedicated to fighting against pediatric cancer. They are a corporate partner with Cookies for Kids’ Cancer by matching proceeds from bake sales.

OXO tot brand was inspired after a baby boom in the office. When their employees faced parent pet peeves firsthand, they decided to start problem solving. OXO tot line covers a number of products such as feeding, seating, and on-the go for your littles one.

My first experience with OXO tot was when I purchased the Travel Drying Rack for our many travels in China. I remember appreciating how well thought-out its compact design was, and how it proved its durability over and over again. It came with us on every trip and was used for bottles, sippy cups, and teethers. I always had mamas asking me about it and where it could be purchased. Needless to say, I had a great start to my OXO experience.

Recently, I tested a number of feeding and on-the-go systems by OXO. I am a mama of two under three, and I can attest that I am always moving. Someone is always hungry, there is always somewhere to be, a mess to be cleaned, and a diaper to be changed. Overall, I appreciated the well thought out engineering of each individual product. It honestly felt like a mom had invented each one after facing some kind of catastrophe with their little. I hope I can give you a helpful and honest review of each individual product.

On-the-Go Gear

On-the-Go Fork and Spoon Set

Pretty self-explanatory, it’s a toddle fork and spoon in a travel case. The stainless-steel tableware is perfectly shaped, sized, and weighted for little hands.

Did I say weighted?

Yes! They are strategically weighted which gives them a much more durable feel. Not to mention, it assists in helping your little one dig into foods with ease. The travel case is durable and keeps the utensils securely in place when being jostled in a diaper bag. They are dishwasher safe and meet the mama standard of no sharp edges. An added bonus is any OXO Tot Fork & Spoon set can fit in the On-the-Go case. Which means you can have more color options than just the green and aqua. But knowing my whole kitchen is decorated in that exact green and aqua, I was pretty pleased with the colors.

Flippy Snack Cup with Travel Lid

I don’t know about you but I NEVER leave my house without snacks. Snacks are my saving grace when it comes to stalling or keeping my kids entertained. Since the time my son was old enough to snack, I had snack cups. The top is made of soft flaps that let little hands in but prevents snacks coming out. The flaps are definitely the highest quality I’ve ever used and don’t seem to lose stiffness over time. The handle conveniently doubles as a hook for hanging onto strollers and the twist on lid doesn’t pop off with impact.

Trust me, we’ve tested it.

My favorite feature of the Flippy Snack Cup, making it preferred over similar products, is the travel lid. No more cheerios at the bottom of the diaper bag or stale snacks at the end of the day. I do wish the lid was hinged on the top and not completely removable because I know sooner or later I’m going to be digging through the diaper back for the impossible to find clear lid. Overall, I would award this my favorite brand of snack cup.

Feeding Gear

Mash Maker Baby Food Mill

The Mash Maker is designed for maximum ease in pureeing food for your little one starting solids. To be honest, I have a few mixed emotions about this product. It started out rough as my mom and I confusingly struggled to get going. I would highly recommend reading the directions thoroughly and maybe even watching one of their instructional videos on amazon before getting started. After watching the video short, we had a real “ohhhhh” moment and realized how much sense it actually made.

Once we did get going I was trying to steam and puree everything in sight. The non-skid base and grip was comfortable and stable while grinding food. It worked really well for soft cooked fruits and veggies. I tried steamed zucchini, sweet potato, and squash and they all worked well. What makes this more innovative than just a blender is its ability to separate excess liquid. I would highly suggest grinding juicier foods on a plate or in the sink. We had a flood of juice out the bottom of our mill during our zucchini mash up, but great news is our puree was an excellent texture.

The blades are stainless steel, however at times it was quite difficult to forcefully push downward while cranking. My experience pureeing a mango did not go as smoothly as I’d had hoped.

My favorite feature overall was the ability to dissemble and clean the Tot Mash Maker. After each vegetable I did a quick rinse and then finally a full handwashing at the end. It came out stain free and looking like new, even after mashing sweet potato and mango. It also did great in the top rack of the dishwasher. Even with some slight difficulties, I enjoyed having a small, manual, easy to clean tool that was just meant for baby food.

Baby Food Freezer tray

With my first little I did all the fun baby food prep using my everyday kitchen tools. We literally sacrificed having ice for months because our ice trays were full of baby mush cubes. I struggled a lot with keeping the trays covered, food free from freezer burn and odors, and popping out individual cubes at meal time. What makes this freezer tray unique is the multipurpose patented cover. It slides which allows releasing one cube at a time easy. The design is made for easy stacking and is of course, its dishwasher safe. When it came to meal times, each cube popped out easily and was nice and fresh.

Roll-Up Bib

Again, this is another product most of us mamas have seen. An easy to clean bib that includes a food-safe pocket for catching those pieces that don’t quite make it into baby’s mouth. However, there are two things that make this universal design more unique. First off its made of a combination of soft fabric, on top, and durable silicone, on bottom. Both materials are BPA, PVC, and phthalate free. My daughter was not bothered by the comfortable Velcro strap around her neck and happily wore her bib through all of meal time.

Cheers to no bib ripping off battle!

Meal time was simple to clean up as my daughter stayed dry and clean under her waterproof, well fitted OXO bib. As for the bib itself, it both wiped clean and washed well without staining. The other unique design of the Roll-Up bib is it being travel friendly. The fabric rolls into the silicone and securely closes. I went straight for the two pack so that I could consistently have one in the diaper bag and one at home. A definite must have for the mama on the go!

Glass Baby Blocks

As my family moves farther and farther away from having plastic in our house, I am always looking for good solid glass containers. These durable BPA-free containers worked great in the freezer, microwave, and oven.

On those very rare days where I am actually prepared, I love having the choice of heating in the oven.

The snap lids proved to be very air tight giving me confidence to throw one in my diaper bag, not to mention keeping food fresh and odorless.

Measurement markings are great for portioning and the stackable tray helps keep my baby food organized and together

That means no more hidden food wasting away in the corner of your fridge.

Feeding Spoon Set with Soft Silicone

This soft silicone spoon worked great during feedings and the stainless steel made it feel extra sturdy. The spoon shape made it easy for wiping excess food off her face and regulating the amount given to her at a time. Since my daughter is in that fun handsy stage, she consistently grabs the spoon before it gets to her mouth. I eventually gave up and started putting food on the spoon and letting her feed herself. The contour handle worked great for her little hands and she was one happy independent baby!


Transition Straw Cup with Handles

The minute I opened this cup it was fought over between my 2 year old and 9 month old. Not sure if it was the bright color, cool handles, or fun hinged cap that made it so appealing. I let my 2 year old try it out first and that immediately hooked me. Not sure if you have this problem, but my son is a mega water bottle stealer and hider. He attempts to drink from any cup in sight and then carries them away to a black hole where they seem to be gone forever.

Until I find a giant wet puddle leading me to the loot of water bottles.

However, this cup has proven to be completely spill proof. The straw has a valve that opens as soon as a tot drinks, minimizing messes.

It also includes a hinged cap that is leak-proof, yet easy enough for my toddler to open and close.

When I finally got it out of my son’s hands I really appreciated the ability to disassemble the cup for a good thorough cleaning. I then let my baby take it for a spin during meal time.

She did great with the comfortable grip handles and I was able to see how much she drank with the printed ounces down the front. Another OXO clever design is the almond-shaped straw that conforms to baby’s mouth. Its intention is to ease the transition from bottle or nursing into cup. And if you haven’t heard, straws are the new alternative due to orthodontic and speech issues associated with sippy cups. Also an added bonus is you can purchase replacement straws, because we all know the dishwasher needs a monthly sacrifice or your toddler decides to dig a hole to China using his cup. Overall, I appreciated the universal design of this cup and how it worked from infancy to toddlerhood. I’d even go as far to say it would be an awesome baby shower gift!

So there you have it.

Mamas on the go you are not alone in your daily battle to get out the door with everyone clothed and fed. Just know there are creative folks out there, like OXO, who have your back by working hard to provide you with innovative products that meet your every day needs.

Connect with OXO

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Clogstrom Childrens Shoes

Clogstrom Childrens Shoes

together close

Childrens clog shoes that come in fun bug & truck shapes

The fit of the Clogstrom shoe is great. They are a soft mold-able clog but fitted to that they will not be rough on their feet. The size chart is true to size, not running larger or smaller then they should.


These shoes can take a beating. Kid’s play hard. My kid’s will climb, jump, hop, run, leap…any movement you can think. These clogs are thick enough to take the impact but light enough to let them play without interruption.


Currently, on Amazon the Clogstrom is available for only $19.95. Finding a cute shoe for $20 is right in line with what I would spend. Add in that it’s a quality play shoe, and no one will argue with $20.


What Clogstrom has to say

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System Knife Sharpener – Review

Knife Sharpener DragSys

System Knife Sharpener

As a home cook I am always looking for ways to sharpen my techniques and skills. Now I found a super-easy way to sharpen my knives too (okay okay that was beyond stupid and cheesy just soak in the awkwardness)! I was recently asked to review System Knife Sharpener from DragSys.

This particular system is to be used for kitchen knives, fruit knives, hunting knives, etc. I usually take my knives to a mobile sharpening company and that has worked really well for me over the years. GoSharpening.com is a mobile knife sharpening in NYC and it’s similar to the local company I use. I wanted to try a system knife sharpener for a change, so here are my thoughts.

It has a suction cup design, which is safer and convenient, and ideal for one handed sharpening. It has 2 stages for coarse and fine-sharpening. It features a unique sharpening wheel design that is convenient to sharpen back and forth.

Instructions for stainless steel knives:

Step 1: Course Sharpening

Suitable for blunt knives. Place the Vertoku knives in the sharpening slot. Using slight downward pressure, run the blade from its heel to its point though the slot. Repeat three to five times. Sharpen tools every six months or when necessary.

Step 2: Fine Honing

This is a necessary step used to eliminate burrs on a knife and to polish it. Place a knife in the sharpening slot. Using slight downward pressure run the blade from its heel to its point through the slot. Repeat three to five times. Normally, it is recommended to sharpen a knife once a week to keep your blade sharp at all times.


Please keep in mind that this sharpener isn’t suitable for serrated bladed and scissors. This sharpener can also be used for ceramic knives, but only for coarse sharpening (step 1). Do not put this sharpener in the dishwasher and always keep it away from children’s reach.

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Knife Sharpener DragSys
Knife Sharpener DragSys

This knife sharpener is available through Amazon.