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Bible Belles – Ruth, The Belle of Loyalty

Bible Belles is one of my households favorite series to read together. With biblical values at the base of each story they are packed with entertainment, Truth and beautiful images. In each book the reader follows Rooney, the protagonist, who finds herself in a pickle and needs some advise. It is then that a fairy like angel comes to Rooney’s rescue with a story from the bible that helps guide her decisions and actions. Each book pulls from a princess like biblical women and how she handles what God as put in front of her. The book of Ruth shows us to remain loyal, no matter what turmoil we may face. In Ruth, The Belle of Loyalty, Rooney wants to give up and all she wants to do is leave…but can she choose to love instead? As Rooney watches Ruth face the choice to stay or walk away, she learns what it means to be loyal and put another person’s needs before her own.

My children love to read books, it is part of our daily life. Finding Christian books is not a problem. There are tons out there, but I have never come across books that show the readers the women heroes of the bible, and then shows them how to apply the truth in their own lives. No matter our ages, we have room for growth. Establishing the Truth and a solid foundation at a young age can help the young girl in your life set herself up for a successful walk with Christ.

Wouldn’t it be great if girls today were just as excited about biblical women as they are about princesses? Wonderful, real life examples of true beauty, women who can be real heroes for girls today. That would be something. That would be everything.  Bible Belle’s Website

What we love about Bible Belles: Ruth, the Belle of Loyalty

  • It focuses on Proverbs 17:17 “A friend loves at all times.”
  • Rooney learns things don’t always end how you want them too, life is not a fairy tale
  • Putting others above yourself is what God calls us to do
  • Trusting in prayer, patience, bravery and now loyalty


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  • Reply Vicki Wurgler

    I like a book that has women that are heroes of the bible

    May 7, 2017 at 10:26 am
  • Reply Edye

    This book looks amazing! My cousin would love it.

    May 10, 2017 at 2:34 pm
  • Reply Tracy

    I like that this book has a real person instead of a made up princess as a role model. And Ruth is a good role model too, not like many princesses who disobey.

    May 11, 2017 at 11:19 am
  • Reply Kaitlin Krieger

    I love that this book teaches biblical values from Bible characters!

    May 13, 2017 at 9:15 pm
  • Reply molli taylor

    this is a really great way to get girls into religious instruction, it can be hard to find female heroes

    May 15, 2017 at 1:48 pm
  • Reply Susan

    I like that each book in the series has a character that leads the story all the way through. This gets kids interested in reading all the books.

    May 16, 2017 at 12:22 pm
  • Reply Evan W.

    This looks like such a great series for girls. Thanks for the review!

    May 16, 2017 at 9:50 pm
  • Reply Margaret Appel

    These books look really nice. They are a wonderful way to introduce one’s daughters to religion in terms they can understand and give them positive role models.

    May 17, 2017 at 2:28 am
  • Reply Amber Ludwig

    I love the Bible Belles and everything they put out!! Heartwarming godly amazing reads for girls! Giving them spectacular biblical role models with fabulous morals <3

    May 23, 2017 at 12:34 pm
  • Reply heather

    I so love books like this one and I know the kids would so enjoy this one.

    May 24, 2017 at 8:10 pm
  • Reply Leigh Kitchens

    I like this series to show children (boys & girls) that there are important females in the bible too! It sounds like a very empowering set of books.

    May 25, 2017 at 5:05 pm
  • Reply Sharon C

    Great idea. It is important to teach children about the wonderful people in the Bible. Our children need positive role models.

    May 26, 2017 at 6:25 pm
  • Reply Jerry Marquardt

    I love the book of Ruth. This is a nice book to display the geat book to children abroad.

    May 27, 2017 at 11:09 pm
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