The hottest toy in the Fox house for 2016 was Shape Mags – the magnetic bricks perfect for all ages. I have recently seen magnetic tiles for sale in stores and online. It peaked my interest for several reasons. First off they looked super fun! Colorful items and magnetic things are top forms of attraction for all toddlers. They can build fine motor skills, develop critical thinking skills, and sharpen math skills. Then I noticed there are tons of brands and companies making these tiles so I knew I needed to take a step back and see which brand is worth the investment.

I have come to the conclusion that Shape Mags are the top choice for all families for several key reasons.

  1. Shape Mags feature many shapes and styles other brands do not offer (“L-shapes, windows, people, several types of triangles…” allowing for a broader variety of creations
  2. Shape Mags are perfect for building STEM skills
  3. Shape Mags come with a lifetime replacement warranty.
  4. Shape Mags are easy for small children to hold and figure out, but interesting enough to truly engage older children.



My husband is a scientist and loves Shape Mags. He see’s how interactive they are and all the benefits which a child can gain while playing with them. We love that Shape Mags show that magnets have positive and negative charges. This show’s children some of the initial fundamentals to a science.  This peeks interest to a child in a way they can see and feel. They are able to see the magnets pull together and push apart. They can see the cause and reaction in a real and tangible way.

These toys are safe and fun for the while family. With tons of shapes and sizes of mags, you are sure to have hours and hours of entertainment. I know that when I sit down and start playing with them I get addicted! I have such a fun time playing with them. I have even noticed that I am still playing with them after my kids walked about to another toy! I just cannot help myself, it brings out your creative side. Your curious nature in a safe and engaging environment.

Connect with Shape Mags:





Fun things to create using Shape Mags:

  1. Castle for Elsa and Anna
  2. Jail for Joker and other Bad Guys
  3. Maze for Chase and Skye to race through
  4. Tower for Rapunzel
  5. Carnival for Little People
  6. House for Peppa and George
  7. A Shopkins city

Encourage your children to use their favorite characters with their Shape Mags