Children need quality clothing. While kids grown like weeds, they too need comfort and this really counts when it comes to a good night of sleep. My children are not the best sleepers…okay they stink at sleeping. I have learned after years of fighting with them at bedtime is that if they are comfortable, really truley comfortable, they are able to fall asleep much faster. Being in pajamas that are soft and don’t ‘rub they wrong way’ is way more meaningful than you may realize.

We have tried more brands and styles than you can shake a stick at. While we have found some that we love, we didn’t know such comfort until we used Finn & Emma. I love organic clothing for a ton of reasons. Primarily because it’s safer for my children due to there not being chemicals or pesticides in the materials used. It is way better for the environment and our planet as a whole. Finn & Emma boast of a “buttery soft” material and I think that is a perfect description. When you see the clothing in the package you can tell it looks soft. When you touch it you quickly fall in love. If they made adults sizes, I would totally buy a pair!

Finn + Emma®’s garments are made with buttery soft, G.O.T.S. certified organic cotton and non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes. Garment snaps are lead/nickel free and feature real coconut inserts. Our garments have a generous fit—allowing them to be worn for longer—and accommodate cloth as well as disposable diapers.


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As  a parent who cloth diapers, I can say that these pajama’s are super for fluff butts! So many times the pants on the pajamas of my son, who wears cloth diapers, give him the old fashion ‘plumbers crack’ – this is where the pants fall down and show the butt crack region. While I love to see my little fluff butts diapers, we don’t need clothing that won’t fit around his butt and hips properly. The ways the pants are cut and sewn together gives them a fit that stretches yet holds in all the perfect places. This is also one of the reasons why these pajamas make bedtime that much easier. Who needs pants that keep falling and moving around while you are just about to find the ‘right’ position to fall asleep in?

Finn & Emma are G.O.T.S. certified. “To be G.O.T.S. certified, textile products must contain a minimum of 95% organic fibers. All inks, dyes and process chemicals used in manufacture must meet basic toxicity and biodegradability requirements. Heavy metals, formaldehyde, nickel, and PVC are prohibited from the manufacture process.” Finn & Emma’s Website

Finn & Emma doesn’t just have pajama’s. They also carry a huge selection of clothing, accessories, play mats, toys, muslin swaddles. Check out all they have to offer over at their website found here.


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  1. I love Finn + Emma clothing! It is so well made, soft, and I absolutely love that it is organic! 🙂 They also have a lot of adorable items to choose from.

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