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Get Smart with Baby PhD

Just a few weeks ago my husband, me, and our son took a trip to see my family. The county fair was going on and I just love it. Spending time with my parents and siblings is always so great, but the fair weekend made it even better. Why? The food of course!

We spent most of our time out at the fair eating, people watching, and checking out the animals. My parents live out in the country so going to their house is always quite the change from our faster paced suburban living life. The fair is smack-dab right in the middle of farm country. What I’m getting at is that it’s super dirty.

I was going back and looking at photos I took while we were visiting and I came across the one on the left. One of my first thoughts was – man that table must have been really gross and dirty. That is probably why my husband is feeding my son french fries out of a bucket! Tons and tons of people ate off the table before we sat down and – germs galore!

Normally when we go out to a restaurant I clean the table pretty well with sanitizing wipes, but I didn’t even think about doing that in this situation (not smart, mama). I was hungry and ready to take a break! So we sat down and ate our food, dirty table and all.


If only there was a solution to this messy, dirty table problem!


Well mama’s, there is!


Check out Baby PhD. This company creates disposable, peel and stick table top placemats for kids that truly are a game changer at restaurants (or fairs!). These mats are not only perfect for keeping the germs away from baby but even entertain AND educate them as their sitting!


Bet ya didn’t see that comin’.


Measuring in at 12 inches by 18 inches the mats cover a good amount of space on the table. This ensures that all the food will stay ON the mat and OFF the table – just what we want! I love that I can keep the space baby is eating off of clean and safe with these Baby PhD mats. The placemats are BPA and Phthalate free too, so baby will be completely safe eating off of them.

With three educational designs of colors, numbers, and letters, you can help your child learn [and keep busy] as you’re sitting at the table. I thought that these mats may be too advanced for my 16 month old son, but I was wrong! He loves to look at all the colors and point at all the “things”.



These mats really are great. They are super easy to use – even your husband can figure it out 😉 Just open the mat, peel off the small strips covering the stickiness, and place the mat on the table. I recommend pressing down around all four sides to be sure the mat is completely stuck. With the four sided sticky strips the mat stays in place until you’re ready to peel it off the table.




One of my favorite features of the mats is that they fold up so small – they hardly take up an space in the diaper bag. They come individually folded in the package, so you just need to pull a few and place them in the diaper bag. Then you’re all set and ready to pull them out one at a time. They hardly weigh anything too, so no need to worry about adding extra weight to the diaper bag!



Not only can you use the mats at a restaurant, but you can use them whenever you’re out and about. From the fair to a restaurant or from the comfort of your home, keep these mats easily accessible to create a clean-up free meal. They’re great to keep at grandma and grandpas house too!




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Capresso SG220 12-Cup Coffee Maker


Capresso has never let me down. I have been using their products for years now and each and every item I have tried has been above the bar. They know their audience so well and only make products that are easy to use, easy to clean and gorgeous in any kitchen. They’re an example of a great brand, one that would be welcome on sites like Greatcoffeebrewers.com that show some of the best options on the market for coffee lovers!


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One of Capresso’s newest models is the SG220 – a 12-cup coffee maker that is perfect for any user. This coffee maker not only doesn’t require a coffee filter (has a reusable one that comes with the machine) but also has a super easy-to-set timer that even the non-technical grandma would be able to figure out. With a few easy to push buttons your automatic coffee timer will be set and ready to brew when you want it to. I love that the buttons are large enough so that you are not accidentally hitting 2 at the same time. This is often a problem with other machine. They make the buttons so small that you cannot read them clearly or you hit multiple buttons due to them being so close together. I am very happy with Capresso’s newest button set up.

sg220-buttonsIt also features an automatic 2-hour shut off timer! You never have to worry when you leave your house “did I leave the coffee pot on?” Even when I am at home with my kids, I often have forgotten about my coffee maker as the daily grind sets in. I start running around cleaning up breakfast, helping my kids with projects and doing laundry. Next thing I know its 11 am and I need to get lunch ready. I glance over at my coffee pot, which now has automatically turned off hours ago. I never have to worry about scorching my pot with old coffee that was left in there heated for hours, just as I don’t have to wonder how long does coffee last as I get through it so fast! This feature really helps save your glass brewing pot and lengthens its lifespan (and my elbow grease for washes). I’m super glad that I have it. I do have some friends who have the ninja coffee bar, and they love that option, but for me this is perfect.

This sleek machine is stainless steel with black accents, allowing it to match any kitchen setting. Besides being beautiful its so easy to clean. No messy disposable coffee filters needed! If you’re still not sold on this stainless steel number, you could check out this post on why stainless steel is the best option – Easylivingmom: Why you should buy Stainless Steel Coffee Makers. The Capresso SG220 has a reusable Goldtone filter that washes easily and helps eliminate waste and saves you money! With 2 internal baskets (one that holds the Goldtone filter and one that sets into the upper part of the machine) it keeps grinds out of your coffee. I tried brewing a finer grinned bean in this machine, seeing if it will get through into my pot but much to my surprise it stayed put int he filter and not a ground made it into my cup! This is such a wonderful feature.


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