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Capresso makes beautiful, high quality coffee equipment for home or business use. Their innovative coffee makers, espresso machines, Coffee Grinders and other kitchen electronics are a step above and a trusted brand. Being in business since 1994 they are now a top-self brand that you will want to display in your home. They have been widely featured on shows like The Today Show, Good Morning America, Food Network and featured in print such as The Oprah Magazine, The New York Times and Modern Bride. Without a doubt, once you use a Capresso product, you will be as addicted to them as you are to your coffee. You might also want to look around for some of the other best coffee maker options to see how others compare to your current machine!


The Capresso Triple Brew Maker is the product that can be used in most every household. It features something I have never seen in other coffee makers – the triple options! The Triple Brew Maker can make a single cup of coffee, a pot (partial or full) or a cup of tea.

triple brew in kitchen capresso

Single Cup:

Single cup coffee makers are so hot right now. We all need to get that quick cup of coffee in the mornings. It helps us feel sort of alive and less angry at my kids waking me up (or maybe it’s just me). I have been using a single cup coffee maker by Capresso for a while now and its worked like a dream. But some days are “those days” and I just need more than 1 cup! Or its a weekend and my husband is home and wants a cup or two with me. I hate having 2 machines out on my counter its silly and a waste of space in my opinion. This is where the Triple Brew makes the perfect fit. I can make my single cup coffee on the days when I just want a cup, but later have the option to make a full or partial carafe when we need more.

  • The factory setting for the small is 4 oz. This can be programmed to brew 4 oz to 16 oz.
  • The factory setting for the large is 8 oz. This can be programmed to brew 4 oz to 16 oz.

Carafe (pot of coffee):

With the Triple Brew system I am able to control how much coffee I make. I do this based on how much water I pour into the reservoir. The amount of water will gauge how much coffee is brewed. If I fill it half way, it will make half a carafe. If I fill it all the way, it will make a full carafe – you get my drift. It’s custom abilities makes it perfect for the days I want 2 cups but don’t have them time to brew 2 single cups. Or I want to fill my extra large coffee cup all the way, which when using a single cup machine never fills it with enough liquid courage. The reservoir is clearly marked making it super easy to use.

  • Factory setting is to brew 42 oz. This cannot be reset. However, it can only make as much coffee as there is water in the tank.


Once the afternoon hits I am ready for a warm cup of tea. I want that warm, soothing flavor and don’t have the room to store a tea pot! They are so cute and fun to display, but they also collect dust and I don’t have the extra storage to use them. I don’t trust microwaving a cup of water, I am worried it will explode or not be hot enough. When I used my past coffee makers to run through hot water I would have to run it 1 or 2 times to get the coffee flavored water out first before I could get a fresh, clear cup of hot water. Now that I use the Triple Brew all of the above hick-ups are gone! The Triple Brew comes with 2 filters, one for coffee and one for tea. I use the black colored one for coffee and the gray colored one for tea. This way when the water pushed through I never have to worry about coffee flavored water. Its such a simple just genius design. You can place a bag or tea or loose tea in the filter. Then as the after passes through you can instantly have tea. Or you can just run hot water through the tea filter and use a tea bag in your our mug. Both work great, its a comes down to a matter of personal preference really.

  • The factory setting it to brew 8 oz. This can be programmed to brew 4 oz to 16 oz.

How to push in filter

with mug

No matter if you prefer coffee or tea, this is the machine for you!

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  1. I have a Nespresso Machine. I wish I had seen this review before I bought my machine. I paid a lot of money for my machine and come to find out, I can only use a special type of pod. No one makes a generic version of the pod yet. You can only get the pods on there website. It would be great to use any kind of coffee/espresso. This machine would have been a better fit for me.

  2. This is such an amazing coffee maker!! I think my favorite thing about it is how it includes a desperate filter for both coffee and tea. 🙂 I have yet to own a single serve coffee maker, but have always been highly intrigued by them! This would definitely be the best of both worlds.

  3. WOW! Bring it on. I have family members that would stay at my house all the time.

  4. I really like this machine because everyone likes different coffees and teas at my house.

  5. To me, the best thing about this is you can make just one cup or an entire pot. I’ve heard good things about Capresso. Looks great to me!

  6. I love the fact that I can make my coffee in this machine and having my tea made through this also, how awesome is this..

  7. This sounds like it be a great coffee brew maker would love to try it

  8. Believe it or not, I dont drink Coffee or Tea but my mom
    LOVES ❤❤ her Coffee and cant go without some!!

  9. I love how this is so versatile and that it can make a single cup of coffee, a pot, or a cup of tea. That’s very convenient!

  10. I had never heard of the Capresso brand and from the sounds of your review, I need one. I really like the triple feature and being able to brew the amount I need- I hate wasting a whole pot of coffee when I only have time for one or two cups. Definitely something to add to my kitchen

  11. This is a great pot, so versatile. I like the fact it doesn’t take up much counter space and you can use it in many ways.

  12. I would love to have this. My coffee maker is about 6 years old and looks terrible!

  13. To me, the best thing would be the option to choose either a cup or an entire pot. That would be handy.

  14. I like how you can make one cup instead of wasting a whole batch…genius 😉

  15. It’s great to find out that the Capresso allows for selection of one cup brewing. That’s an important feature.

  16. Loooove the triple brew ability!! I am a sahm so I usually make a pot and then reheat it over and over… I would adore to not have to do that lol!!

  17. I’m not much for hot tea, but my Mom is a coffee nut! (I’m an iced tea lover.) But I love the fact that you can brew 1 cup at a time of coffee or tea on this! That would be useful.

  18. I also really like the feature that you can make between 4 oz to 16 oz, whichever you choose. Neat!

  19. (CAPRESSO TRIPLE BREW MAKER REVIEW) This machine sounds amazing, I really like that the Triple Brew comes with 2 filters, one for coffee and one for tea.

  20. The fact that Capresso has been reviewed on so many TV shows, etc., is a good sign that this is a quality product. That would sell me on it!

  21. Love the filter for tea and the filter for coffee!! Such a brilliant idea!

  22. So love this’s on my wish list!
    I like that I can make a morning pot for the family then a single cup after dinner.
    And, tea too.
    Love it!

  23. I loved learning what the triple options are–I really need this coffee/tea maker!

  24. Boy, I could use this right now, lol. I need a good cup of coffee to wake me up today.

  25. This needs to be my next coffee maker. It is versatile with triple options and also the filter for both coffee and tee. Thanks for the review.

  26. I love that the amount of water put in is how it gauges how much to make!! So easy!!

  27. My husband and I are both coffee lovers! He usually drinks a bit more than I do though. In the morning I usually have around 8oz of coffee and he can easily drink a full cup or two throughout the day! The triple brew system sounds perfect for us.

  28. I like the fact that the Capresso has the three functions. The single 8 oz cup is just what I need in the morning. That means no more waste. Great machine.

  29. I think this looks great. It would look great on my kitchen counter, lol.

  30. I love the versatility of this. A real 3 in 1 a carafe of coffee, a cup of coffee, or even tea. I also love that there are separate filters for both coffee and tea, so you can keep the flavors pure. And it’s compact, too – won’t take up all my counter space!

  31. I so hope we win this it and coffee too.
    Ours is about die on us!
    A pot in th am, specialty coffees and tea too

  32. It’s great that this one machine can really take the place of 2 or 3 others. I don’t have that much space on my counter, so that would be handy!

  33. I do love how this is so programmable! The factory settings can be changed to your own personal preference. As my urge for different amounts or types of beverage change, so can the Capresso change with me. Awesome!

  34. Oh, I’d love to have one of these. I’ve heard good things about Capresso & our coffee maker is on its last legs…so, I need to look into this.

  35. Oh I love that you can do tea in it also and use a separate filter from the coffee one…. Now that’s ingenious…

  36. Looking at the picture on your counter that the machine has a small footprint too. Like that!

  37. I really like that you can control how much coffee you brew with the Triple Brew system. My hubby tends to drink more coffee than I do in the morning so this would be perfect for us.

  38. I like that that I have heard of the Capresso before, and that it has great reviews. That means it should last longer than the regular machines, that tend to have something go wrong after a few years.

  39. I love that this takes all the brands of pods. It’s awful to buy a certain brand, and then find out you’re locked into using only their pods. Could imagine buying a drop coffee pot, and then find out you could only use that brand of coffee? Me neither!

  40. I like that it has a separate filter for tea! The Triple Brew is so versatile!

  41. I like that this can make tea as well as coffee. I love coffee but my husband only likes tea and we could each have a cup.

  42. I like that the Capresso triple brew maker comes with separate filters for tea and coffee. That helps for better tasting hot beverages.

  43. I would love to have this capresso brewer. I could make all kinds of different coffees.

  44. I love that it has two separate filters for tea and coffee, that way you wont taste coffee in your tea and vice versa.

  45. It just amazes me what coffee makers aka machines can do for us today.
    Including making our lives a bit better

  46. I like the idea of the single brew feature. This would allow me to try sampler packs of flavored coffees. Thank You.

  47. I’ve never heard of the capresso, before. I love that it makes tea too!

  48. I love the triple option available on this machine. Capresso is a great brand and I know it’ll be reliable.

  49. This machine sounds perfect for me 🙂 My favorite feature is the triple brew option that lets you control the amount of coffee you want to make!

  50. I like the reservoir feature of the Caapresso Triple Brew Maker. What you pour in is the amount that will be brewed.

  51. This machine looks very professional. And it does coffee and tea. Definitely a must have.

  52. I am not a coffee drinker, so I am sold that you can use it for tea.

  53. I like the fact that it can make both tea and coffee
    Would look nice on my counter
    Love the fact you can make cup or pot

  54. I definitely am a coffee lover! Really love that triple brew feature!

  55. Looks like a great product. I want one that can make just one cup without those pods

  56. Wow, I love this triple brew maker as it has so many awesome features. I agree that sometimes one cup of coffee is not enough.

  57. My fave is the two filters!
    One for tea and one for coffee.
    Now my occasional tea won’t taste like coffee!

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