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Kushies Toy Review

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Kushies Toy Review

Kushies is one of my favorite children’s brands. They carry everything from toys to clothing to cloth diapers. Always in style, and made in Canada with high quality materials I am able to fully trust them. Follow Kushies on Facebook to keep up with all their fun features.


beanstax a

These stackable figures are perfect for children of any age. They are safe for small toddlers to play with but colorful and engaging enough for small children as well. These inspire children to use their problem solving skills and understand how gravity and balance work. As they play they are learning basic science laws without even knowing it! Children can play alone with Beanstax or with their sibliings. They will gain self confidence as they see that they are able to create fun stax all by themselves.

stx 1

Beanstax come with 12 super soft bean-filled shapes in a reusable carrying case. I really think these are the perfect to-go toy. You can toss them into their carrying case and take them with you as you need. I hate dragging toys with me during the holiday season to each house we visit. They kids get board and need a small yet engaging toy. The beanstax can be left in their case in your car so you always know there is an exciting toy at your finger tips.

There are 3 levels of play with the Beanstax: Basic play (1+ yrs), Intermediate play (3+ yrs), and Advanced play (5+ yrs). Basic play consists of stacking them flat. Feeling the textures and weight of each stax. Intermediate play would be trying to stack different shaped stax, as you would with different shaped blocks. This helps with understanding balance and gravity.  Lastly, advanced play would be the building of little creatures and creating stories about them. This helps with developing creativity and enables their imagination.

stax 2


My 3 year old daughter and my 1 year old son equally love these stackers. My daughter and son both like to organize them by size and shape. My daughter can stack them high and make little people. My 1 year old son just likes to hold them and toss them up and down. It’s a great toy they can both play with together.

Zolo Boa

boa 1a

The Zolo Boa is the coolest ring stacker you could imagine. Simple ring stackers have been around for generations. What makes the Zolo Boa Stacking Rings so special is that each ring makes a fun animal sound! All kids love toys that make sounds. Animals make it that much more exciting. By squeezing the soft and squishy rings you hear a noise that opens the imagination.

boa a1

The Zolo Boa if perfect for children ages 6 months and up. My son is 21 months and thinks the Boa is the coolest toy. You can see the concentration on his face as he tries to get the rings back on the holder. This is a great toys for hand/eye coordination and doesn’t clutter up a room.  I love the head topper, which giggles when placed on top as a reward for a job play well done! My son loves this circle ring stacker so much. He carries it around like a stuffed animal. He loves trying to get them all on the tube. My daughter thinks the sounds are hilarious and enjoys stacking them together as well.

boa 2a


zolo boa



I have talked once before about my love of Kushies Stacrobats. These are the most unique toy my children have. Magnets are a magic concept to any toddler. Playing with fridge magnets it a fun game for my 3 year old, but having a 1.5 year old who feels the need to place small things in his mouth, magnets can be dangerous. Not any more! Stacrobats are a plush, safe toy that toddlers and children alike can explore the excitement of magnets. Each doll and ball have several magnets inside of them allowing the user to feel the magnetic attraction as you pull and push them apart. Having both positive and negative chargers they can feel them attract or press back. This blows my children’s minds. A toy like this should be a staple in any home.

acro 3 acro 5a acro 10

As your child grows developmentally and their mind expands they can be more and more creative with how they play with this Stacrobats. When they are small just holding them and touching them together is what will engage them. They, they can learn how to connect several together, and eventually they can practice their problem solving an balancing skills and create a real acrobatic like show with their little Stacrobats. I am the 1st to admit that I too love to play with these. I love feeling the magnets attract and retract as well as trying to make them stand in fun positions.


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