Best Bottom Cloth Diapers Review

Best Bottom Diapers are AI2’s


Who is Best Bottom Diapers?

Best Bottom Diapers is a company created and owned by a husband and wife team. The company cares so much about helping protect the environment that they even print their packaging on recycled/recyclable paper with soy based ink. They have chosen as many USA-made materials as possible. They strive to keep the price affordable for all families.

Best Bottom Diapers uses a Full Cycle System which meets all your diapering needs from child birth through potty training
at a minimum cost to you.

About Best Bottoms All-in-2 Diaper

easy to use


How to use a Best Bottoms Diaper:
  • Adjust front snaps to achieve the size needed.
  • Snap insert into diaper.
  • Put diaper on baby and go!
  • When baby needs a diaper change snap out soiled insert and snap clean one in.
  • Put diaper on baby and go AGAIN. The Best Bottom shell is wipe-able and can be used multiple times before washing but you may want to air dry between uses but it is not necessary.

To have a full stock of Best Bottom Diapers you will need 8-10 shells and 18-24 inserts.

The pro’s of using Best Bottom Diapers:
  • Fast drying
  • Easy to Use
  • Very absorbent
  • Inexpensive

I find that AI2’s like Best Bottoms are perfect for day trips and running errands. AIO’s can be bulky when you need 3 or 4 diapers for a day out running errands. I love using AI2’s for days like these. Grab 2 covers and a hand full of inserts and I have a 6 to 8 hour supply of diapers with very little space. Having 2 children under 3 I try to have the smallest possible diaper bag I can. I need my arms for grabbing running children and juggling the items I am trying to buy, not a bulky diaper bag!

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Washing Instructions – Oh so easy! – from Best Bottom Website

We recommend washing every 2-3 days. We have found that the Best Bottom system washes beautifully as it takes up less space in your washing machine allowing more room for agitation getting your diapers super clean.

  1. Remove solids
  2. Reuse the shell until soiled or wash day. Separate shell from insert before washing. Fasten laundry tabs (if applicable).
  3. Do a cold rinse or cold quick wash (no detergent).
  4. Warm or hot (not sanitary) full wash with additive-free detergent (use detergent’s recommended amount). Use the most amount of water possible.
    *Tip! Throw a soaking wet towel into your washing machine to “trick” it into using more water.
  5. Extra rinse.
  6. Inserts can be tumble dried. Shells should be line dried or tumble dried on low heat. You should read the wasdroger informatie before putting them in, just to make sure you havr them on the right setting. They dry pretty quickly and the babies always love it when they come out nice and toasty. *No fabric softeners, dryer sheets or additives such as bleach, vinegar, baking soda, washing soda, borax, oxyclean, etc. should be used.
    **Rash creams can only be used with a barrier between baby and the diaper.
    ***We know that additive-free detergents work and are least likely to cause any problems with your diapers. However, we have done extensive testing with
    Tide Original and know that it works with our diapers.


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Mama’s Experience

The Best Bottom system features a double gusset leg hole. This means that their is an extra layer of protection around the leg holes to have avoid unwanted leaks. Having a child with skinny legs this can be a make or break diaper deal in my household.

There are 3 levels of adjustable rise. If you have a newborn or very young child you will want to connect to the lowest set of buttons, making the diaper shorter and give your child a correct fit. As the child grows and gets taller/longer you will adjust the rise snaps accordingly. This diaper has the ability to have 2 inserts being used at the same time. If you are using both inserts (for overnight or longer car drives) you may want to take into consideration which rises you are snapping to. I use a higher choice when it is stuffed more. This is how my child was created. Each child’s body is unique and you will need to try a few different options and see which works best for you.

bottom snap

I love how thick and absorbent the inserts are. They are very soft with the fleece outer layer. The Stay Dry inserts (which are shown here) have 4 layers of super thirsty microfiber. They really suck up and pull away liquids fast. The fleece I have mentioned allows the liquids to be pulled away fast and give your child a feeling of being dry.


The doubler or overnight insert has snaps on both sides. This allows you to snap it onto the shell and then snap the normal insert right on top of it, giving the diaper a double insert. This is perfect for overnight diapers, long car rides or instances which you know your child will need the extra absorbency.

Enter to Win a Best Bottom Cloth Diaper

Now that you have read and seen how great Best Bottom diapers are, you can try to enter to win one for yourself!

Giveaway runs 8/20-8/31


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  1. Good to see a company supporting their country’s economy instead of buying materials from another for cheaper despite questionable manufacturing practices.

  2. We haven’t tried any AI2 diapers yet. We love covers with prefolds or flats though, and I’ve been wanting to try an AI2. Best Bottoms sounds great. I love the fox pattern on the one in your review too.

  3. Love easy to use and love double gussets!!! They sound so fabulous!! I can’t wait to give them a try!! A Mom and Dad team gives me even more incentive to support them 🙂 So great that they can work and create together!!

  4. These are the diapers we travel with because I need to take fewer diapers. When we’re away for more than a few days, these are so easy to wash and dry that it really helps!

  5. Button’s diapers seem like a great system. Quick to attach the inserts than stuffing pockets, and as easy to clean as prefolds (but without all the folding!) I love that Button’s diapers come in so many fun colors and have double gussets.

    • Opps I meant Best Bottom’s, All the same things apply, their inserts are awesome and easy to use 🙂

  6. I have some of the best bottom inserts and I certainly like them in my covers for quick and easy changes. I would love to try the best bottoms covers with them since it would be a lot less moving around with them being snapped in.

  7. I think I need to start using AI2s when I go out… My diaper bag is always stuffed with pockets!

  8. I’ve heard really positive things about these diapers. They have awesome print choices!

  9. I love the snap-in inserts to keep them from sliding around. What an excellent feature.

  10. I had no idea they print their packaging on recycled/recyclable paper with soy based ink!

  11. These look super simple to use and to clean. I have not used an AI2 before, but I loved the review, and am thinking these may be a good investment, They seem like they would clean well, be easy to use, and I like that they have an over night insert.

  12. I love the cute prints. I wish there had been a diaper like the cute Camo print when my boys were in diapers!

  13. Best Bottoms are so cool! I love any diaper with snap in inserts and double gussets. My little one likes to roll around during diaper changes now so when I use Ai2s, the inserts always get moved around unless it’s a snap in brand. I also like the wipeable cover and the cute prints!

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