Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Review


Why Pura Kiki?

  • because Pura Kiki is the safest bottle on the global market
  • because Kiki is the only 100% plastic-free feeding solution on the global market
  • because even BPA-free plastic has been linked to cancer and development problems
  • because glass can break and chip
  • because a bottle should work with your child’s choice of nipple or spout, not the other way around
  • because a premium infant bottle should convert to a sippy cup as your child matures
  • because your nipple/spout travel cover should not fall off in your diaper bag

Baby Grows – Bottle Evolves

  • Infant & Toddler Bottles that Adapt to the Needs of your Child
  • Modular design is compatible with sip spouts & silicone from many leading manufacturers
  • Kiki transforms into a sippy cup, straw cup, water bottle & snack cup
  • Wide range of silicone lids incl. nipples, spouts, straws, flat caps
  • Large opening supports breastfeeding & simplifies cleaning

Compatible with the following spouts:

  • Avent® Sport Spout
  • ThinkBaby™ Nipples
  • Born Free™ Nipples
  • Dr. Brown’s™ Wide Neck Nipples
  • Pura Vented Nipple in slow, medium, and fast flow rates
  • Pura Silicone Sip Spout
  • MAM™ Nipples
  • Pigeon™ Silicone Nipples
  • UPIS nipples

    Thinkbaby™, BornFree™, and Dr. Brown™ are trademarks of their respective companies. Avent® is a product of Philips Avent. At the time of manufacture this product worked with the nipples/spouts listed above. However, we can not control the evolution or discontinuation of these nipples and spouts.

What about the paint?

The paint used on the outside of the bottles is non-toxic and free of lead, phthalates, PVC, and BPA. Painted bottles should be hand washed. Unpainted bottles and silicone components are dishwasher safe on the top rack.

Mama’s Experience

inside trio

These bottles are so easy to clean and use. Being a busy mom, I do not have time to monkey around with tons of pieces and parts. I love how fresh and clean the water tasted in a Pura bottle. Both of my children really loves to drink from them too.

pura top
There are a few different topper options
  • Natural Vent Nipples 
    • Four flow rates — slow, medium, fast, and Y-cut
  • XL Sipper Spouts
    • Firmer silicone allows for free flow of liquids and natural formation of teeth and gums
  • Silicone Straw Top 
    • The only 100% plastic-free straw module on the global market
  • Silicone Sealing Disks
    • Each pack of disks includes three colors to allow for color coding

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23 Comments on Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Review

  1. I love that they are marketed as the safest bottle on the global market!! I love the look and durability of stainless steel!! Its so fantastic that they are easy to clean and are compatible with other spouts from other brands!! I can’t wait to try one!!!

  2. I love that this is plastic free and I will not have to worry about them breaking or chipping

  3. What a genius idea to have the bottle be compatible with any nipple your child likes! And I really like that it converts to a toddler cup when you no longer need a bottle.

  4. I really like the style and look of these. I’m sure they are very durable too.

  5. I like everything about them! That they’re stainless steel, grow with your child, can use different bottle nipple and sippy cup spouts… I did not know that their own sipper lids allow for natural teeth and gum formation — that’s great!

  6. I love that these are not the plastic one that leach chemicals in my baby’s drink

  7. Hearing so many things about plastics anymore, have to really like these. Glad to see someone has something safe like this

  8. The colors are fun, but I really like the different sizes and how many nipples it works with.

  9. I absolutely love the versatility of the lids! we’ve been looking for a safe sippy cup for a while and tried a few we didnt like at all. Id love to try these!

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