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Button Diapers Review

Button Diapers Review

Button Diapers are All-in-2 diapers

What are All-In-2’s?

Okay newbies! An all in 2 diaper works like this: You have an outer shell. This outer shell is to be reused. On the inside you snap in a removable liner. The liner is what gets soiled. Once soiled you simply unsnap the liner and toss the liner in the laundry. The cover is typically still clean (except for those super crazy heavy pee moments & blow outs) and you just snap a new liner on and place back on baby. These are super great for saving laundry time. Having only the liner to wash instead of the entire diaper allows you to save on wash time. I like to drip dry all of the diapers so this makes my turn around time a lot longer. With All-In-2’s I can lessen my laundry pile and use my covers faster. Covers DO need to be washed when soiled and occasionally. You wash your hoodie every few times you use it, same concept (you better wash that hoodie dude or no one is going to want to sit next to you soon).

For more detailed information about how to use Button All-In-2’s click here.

What is different about Button Diapers?

“Quality, affordable, and adorable cloth diapers. Buttons’ is an easy to use two-in-one system. Our one-size diaper covers can snap to fit babies from 9-35 lbs, and are made of 2 layers of soft wipeable PUL with double gussets around the legs. Our snap-in diaper inserts are soft and absorbant, and come in two sizes.” – Button Diapers Website

Button diapers have a few features which make them unique:

  1. The PUL (a soft laminated fabric which is wipe-able like plastic but soft to touch) is made with 2 layers. This makes it more durable.
  2. Double gussets. This means it is more secure around the leg holes. My son has super skinny legs and sometimes will leak out of leg holes. This helps keeps things in. I really love this feature. It saves me from extra outfit changes when a diaper would leak.
  3. Snap-in inserts. The part that gets soiled, the insert, is snapped into place. This is perfect cause you don’t have to worry about the insert shifting around inside the diaper as your child jumps off the furniture giving you an irregular heartbeat and added anxiety. We have enough to worry about as a parent, worrying about the insert shifting and not even catching urine shouldn’t be one of them.

What Does Button Diapers Sell?

Mama’s Experience


I really like the PUL that Buttons uses. It is easy to wash and doesn’t leave marks on my son’s legs or belly. I have used both the daytime microfiber inserts (which have a top layer of super duper soft fleece for the skin side) and the microfiber nighttime doubler (also has the fleece top layer). Both work great for daytime use with my son. He is currently 20 lbs and 17 months old. I have not tried this diaper overnight on him. I LOVE the snap in feature. The snaps are very secure but easy to unsnap in a pinch. I love being able to use the same diaper cover for several uses by simply changing the insert. It is recommended to change the diaper cover every 3 changes. This really helps cut down your wash loads and dry time. Less diaper to wash = less diaper to dry!


20 lb child age 17 months. Snapped rise in use.

The only negative or con of this diaper is that it only have 1 snap. There is no hip snap. There is only the top snap by the waist, no second row snap. This would be fine for normal sized babies, but my son is very tiny. He still wears 3-6 month or 9 month pants even though he is 17 months old. He has not leaked out of a Button’s diaper. This may because I am paranoid and change him super fast after he soils it. You can tell is loose around his thighs because the diaper starts to slip out of the leg holes. Keep in mind that my child is VERY skinny. Note his pant sizes. An average baby will not have this issue with a Buttons diaper.

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