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Animal Here, Animal There

In our home we have a lot of toys that are not very fun unless you use your imagination. I like keeping toys around that have a purpose. Whether that be learning, creating, imagining, exploring; the list could go on. Bottom line – I want my kids to be challenged while playing.

I want their play to purposeful. 

We’ve slowly been working on collecting high quality animal figurines for our kids. Animals give our kids an endless amount of play.

The Schleich brand is one of my favorites for animal figurines. 

The German company was founded in 1935 and is ‘the leading international provider of realistic animal figures.’ Schleich now offers six different themed worlds which include over 600 figures. 

The Schleich figurines are all hand modeled and designed using photographs, drawings, or models found in books or images. Each figurine is molded by hand, examined, and then hand painted. Each step of the process is ensuring that the toys are high quality and non-harmful. 

We love the Schleich brand for many reasons, one of them being that their belief is just what we’re striving for in our home. See what they have to say: “At Schleich we believe that promoting creativity and rich imagination is one of the most valuable gifts you can give a child. The best part of it is: a child’s creativity as well as their imagination develop almost by themselves with the right playing concepts.” They seriously just hit the nail on the head with this one. 

We also love Schleich because the materials used in all their figures are safe. They are all safety tested and meet strict national and international requirements. Their products really are high-quality and designed carefully. This keeps the child(ren) engaged and the parent happy. 

I am just blown away by the amount of detail that goes into crafting these animals. They look so real! Just look at the detail on each of the figures and tell me you’re not impressed.

Schleich Lion

Schleich Quokka

Schleich Giraffe

The Schleich animal figurines are perfect for kids of all ages. Wheather your buying for your own child or giving them as a gift, they will last a lifetime and offer endless imagination. Be sure to check out their website, they have so many options to choose from. You won’t be disappointed!

Ice Ice Baby Giveaway Hop

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Topknot Twirl

There is something beautiful about minimalist design that catches your eye and draws you near. Simplicity lets your mind wonder and create like it was designed to do. I truly believe the same rings true for children’s toys. Young minds that are making daily discoveries and forming new ideas are drawn to opportunities to create. Almost every parent experiences this when their child plays with the box longer than the toy. Open ended toys that reflect a child’s environment allows creative exploration, and the child can create a purpose for the toy and use it as they wish.

For my daughter, I was searching for a timeless simple rag doll that could be loved for many years. My hope was to find a doll that inspired play while doubling as decor in her vintage eclectic room. I was soon delighted to find an old friend from China opening her very own doll shop Topknot Twirl.

Lauren, the creator of Topknot Twirl, is a kindred spirit that brings out the beauty in the simple. She began making dolls as a traditional birthday gift for her daughters and soon expanded into making dolls for their play group. Lauren delighted in designing each doll with a different look and set out to reach a bigger market. In the winter of 2017, after moving to back to America, Topknot Twirl was launched.

Connect with Topknot Twirl

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Each doll is made to order with 5 customizable features. Custom ordering is made easy through her Etsy page and detailed instructions. I loved there was a variety of choices to make a unique custom doll, yet I wasn’t overwhelmed. Picking a doll to match my daughter’s look was simple. However, I will say the fabric choices were all adorably eye catching and I had to get a few opinions to make a final choice.

dress print

skin color

hair color

bang style

hair placement

Our new little friend was delivered in style with attention to every detail. I loved seeing my daughter’s name on the package and felt as if her creator was thinking about her with every stitch. Before her doll was even opened our excitement was pouring over the delivery cuteness.

Whether it was intended or not, I even used the tag ribbons as extra bows for the doll’s hair.

Every detail of our Topknot Twirl custom doll was perfect and just they way I had ordered.

The details were simple yet had an elegant high fashion flare. I appreciated the strong craftsmanship while still being able to tell it was handmade with integrity.

I instantly loved how large our doll looked in my daughter’s arms. I thought it would have been a great milestone doll during her first 12 month pictures.

My daughter snuggled into the soft flexible fabric. She was able to easily carry her lightweight doll around with its slim graspable limbs.

Her doll was clothed in a miniature twirl dress with a fashionable criss cross back. We loved the skirt was removable for dressing and undressing.

I ordered her doll with double high buns and side sleek bangs, but was excited to find out her hair could be styled.

I enjoyed giving her similar pigtail braids I use to rock as a child. The joy about felt doll hair is low maintenance. No tangled rat nests or balding, just simple easy to manage felt strips.


Lauren continues to work hard in making innovations to her dolls and and meeting the needs of her customers. Since the time she has opened she has already added three new additions to her Etsy shop.

Each girl doll now has a felt floral headband accessory. It’s the perfect little accent piece that adds pizzazz and play during dress up.

Dolls can now be personalized with an embroidered name added.

And my favorite, custom boy dolls! Let those little boys join in on the role playing and have their own boy doll. After seeing my son nurture my daughter’s baby dolls, I think he would love having a doll that he can relate to.

All of the Topknot Twirl dolls are handmade by Lauren, so top quality is always delivered. We had such a great experience working with Topknot Twirl and especially loved supporting another small shop, in particular, a Stay at home mom business that is following their dreams.

If you are looking for a quality custom doll that makes play open ended, while also bringing elegance and style to your home, check out TopKnotTwirl!

Transform Grandma’s China Into Memories – Bregjes Design


Grandma’s China is one of the sweetest things I can think of. The special plates and settings that made each family holiday just a bit more fancy.

China can invoke all types of feelings and emotions. The thoughts of the people who you sit with. The memories of times together.




Chinaware is beautiful. Coming in so many forms and styles, each showcasing the person who owned them. From white, pure glass giving you a classic look. To reds and purples, giving deep colors and a bold look. Pastels showcasing a light and delicate look.

Many people have been blessed with receiving either new or old China dishes. Whether you received them as a gift or after a loved one passes on, you feel connected to these dishes. They are more than just another place-setting, they have emotions tied to them.





Oftentimes the old china dishes just sit on a shelf and sadly collect dust, or more often, in a box in your basement or garage. But why are we not transforming these classic items into something you can enjoy and show off? This was the thought that Bregje of Bregjes Design had. She loves the history behind each piece. All of people who ate off those plates. The drinks laughed over in those cups. They hold just a little something more inside each one.


By taking the courage so many of us do not contain, she holds her head up, smiles and smashes that beautiful classic piece of China. With each shatter she creatively scours over the pieces and as many artists can, she sees what we layman cannot. She takes those broken pieces, buffs them to perfection and makes them into the most delicate and dainty jewelry you can imagine. Sometimes adding accents of gold or silver to her pieces, she makes each one different.



By making her pieces from different pieces of China, and by breaking them into different shapes, there are no two pieces that will ever be the same.


When you purchase a piece of jewelry from Bregjes Design you never have to worry about finding someone wearing the same piece as you. You can joyfully showcase your one-of-a-kind piece with pleasure.



Connect with Bregjes Design

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Bregjes Design can custom make a piece from broken China you mail to her, or you can purchase pieces from her already made selection.  Be sure to “heart’ her Etsy page so you can see her stunning new designs as they are added to her site. With each piece coming in at affordable, everyday prices, you will be be able to afford to grab a piece today.

Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop Giveaway

Finding a cloth alternative to your everyday paper products will not only save you money it will cut your carbon foot print. As far as cleaning up messes, paperless towels are far superior to paper. I am able to clean the biggest of messes with one towel. Paperless Towels wont fall apart like paper towels do, these high quality towels will last you a long time. Simply wash and reuse! Read my full review here.

Enter for your chance to win (1) $50 Gift Certificate to Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop.

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Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop

Finding a cloth alternative to your everyday paper products will not only save you money it will cut your carbon foot print.  Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop has a amazing selection high quality cloth products that are proudly made one at a time in the USA.

 Paperless Towels

Here’s some horrifying paper towel facts. 13 billion pounds of paper towels are used each year. That’s over 45 pounds of paper towels per person, per year. Paper towels are not recyclable since they don’t contain much fiber, making them purely waste. This waste adds up to 254 million tons of trash globally each year. These numbers alone should make you want to ditch paper towels and go paperless!


When I decided to make the switch to reusable products, paper towels and napkins were the first items I replaced. We use Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop Paperless Towels for everything, drying hands, mopping us spills and cleaning up my messy 19 month old after meals. As far as cleaning up messes, paperless towels are far superior to paper. I am able to clean the biggest of messes with one towel. Paperless Towels wont fall apart like paper towels do, these high quality towels will last you a long time. Simply wash and reuse!

Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop Paperless Towels are offered in Organic Cotton, Organic Cotton Birdseye, Unbleached Birdseye Cotton and White Cotton Birdseye. These Paperless Towels have a beautiful surged edging offered in a wide range of colors. You can easily coordinate with your kitchen colors or enjoy a rainbow assortment of colors. No longer will you have the eyesore of a roll of paper towels sitting on your counter.

Little Wipes

Little Wipes make a perfect eco-friendly alternative to baby wipes.  Baby wipes wreak environmental havoc since most contain plastic fibers that are not biodegradable. There is always the misconception that baby wipes are flushable. I would not recommend flushing any kind of baby wipe and risk clogging not only your toilet but the city’s sewer system. Baby wipes also contain so many preservatives and fragrances that I don’t feel comfortable touching my daughters sensitive skin. As a cloth diapering mama, it only makes sense to use cloth wipes.

Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop’s Little Wipes have so many uses. These wipes are extremely absorbent making them great wash cloths. Little Wipes also make great tissues, helping keep little noses from getting irritated from constant wiping. Little wipes are 8″x 8″ and are offered in Organic Cotton Bamboo Velour, White Birdseye Cotton, Organic Cotton and flannel.

Connect with Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop

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Caring for your Cloth items

Caring for your Paperless Towels and Little Wipes is simple. I wash my towels and wipes in cold/ warm water. I also avoid fabric softeners and dryer sheet to keep the fabric absorbent. Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop also suggests occasionally adding 1/4 cup of white vinegar to your rinse cycle to prevent detergent build up and keep your towels soft.  My Little Wipes that I use as baby wipes get thrown in the wash along with my diaper laundry. Air dry your towels in the sun for it antibacterial and stain removing benefits or dry in your dryer.