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Geffen Fitted Cloth Diaper Review


 Geffen Review Photo editedIf you cloth diaper you know the struggle of the night time diaper. We spent many nights trying different options trying to figure out what worked best for us. Since my daughter was 4 weeks old our perfect night time diaper was a prefold and a super absorber insert. Well that has worked flawlessly up until now. My sweet 10 month old no longer will lay still long enough for me to get the prefold fastened. I feel sometimes it would be easier to diaper a alligator doing a death roll than it is to get a prefold on my fast moving baby. Geffens Fitted diapers have come to my rescue. I get the absorption of my prefold and it’s as easy to put on as a regular diaper.

About Geffen

Geffen baby is a company that prides themselves on being involved in every step of the manufacturing process. Starting as a Los Angeles based textile manufacturing company they saw the need for natural baby products. Geffen Baby has improved their fabric by adding more hemp, making their fabric more durable and absorbent with 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton. Geffen is proud to say that 95% of their products are made in the USA. They try to be as organic as possible in every aspect from manufacturing to their packaging. Geffen Baby makes everything including Flats, Fitteds, Prefolds, Absorbers, Cloth Wipes and Nursing Pads. You won’t ever want to try another brand once you feel how soft their fabric is.
geffen 2 edited

This Mamas Experience

   I love the Geffen Fitteds for more than just my night time diaper. We use them as our everyday diaper and love that we are able to reuse our covers and just change the fitted, making them much more cost efficient than AIOs or pocket diapers. I love that I can add extra absorption by layering with a quick or super absorber insert, which is what we do at night since my baby sleeps 10 hours without waking. We do use a snappy to secure our Fitteds although it is not necessary, they do require a cover to be waterproof. Prepping is easy, just wash and dry at least 3 times although they will continue to gain absorbency through 8-10 washes. The Fitteds come in four sizes fitting from preemie to 30+ pounds.  I find myself reaching for my fitted diapers over any other diaper.
  Once you try Geffen Baby products you will be confident that your baby is as comfortable as possible in a diaper.Geffen UnPrepped & Prepped

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SnuggyBaby $35 Giveaway

SnuggyBaby makes amazing cloth diapers and baby carriers. They are proudly made in the USA with American materials. Each product is CPSCIA compliant and their carriers are approved by ASTM standards. Without a doubt SnuggyBaby is a brand you will fall in love with. Their cloth diapers are 2-in-1’s with 2 special features not found in other cloth diapers, their butt snap (great for newborns and tiny babies) and their super wide insert for extra coverage. Read more about these awesome diapers in MamatheFox’s full review that can be found by clicking here. Now you have a chance to win a $35 gift card to SnuggyBaby so you can pick a cloth diaper (or something else) of your choosing! With all their amazing prints you will have a blast picking out your new diaper.

SnuggyBaby $35 Giveaway


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SnuggyBaby Cloth Diaper Review

Snuggybaby Review

SnuggyBabyback 2 a is run by and owned by an average mother. When she had her first child she was unable to find a ring sling baby carrier in a style she really desired, so she just made one herself! After countless compliments and people wanting one for themselves, she decided to open her own business. Being a knowledgeable mom, she also knew what people want in a cloth diaper. She loved the concept of All-in-Two (AI2) diapers.

The AI2 style diaper is a system where the diaper is 2 pieces: the inside/absorbable part and the outside cover. The way the SnuggyBaby diaper is designed is for full coverage with a flat insert. Typically with AI2 diapers there is a small strip or pad looking insert that snaps or lays in the cover. This a fine, but when the child gets older and has more urine in their diaper and their poops get more, let’s say larger, the AI2 often have leaks. They cannot stand up in those situations. This is where SnuggyBaby stands out. My favorite part about the SnuggyBaby diaper is that it has a large, oversize insert that is the widest I have ever used, giving this diaper way more coverage. This helps hold the contents inside the cover, where I want them!

front on view of Snuggybaby
The cut of SnuggyBaby’s insert allows you to easily slip the ends into pocket like folds in the cover, keeping the insert in place without a ton of snaps. There is a single snap, which I have used and not used. The way it’s designed I feel like the snap is a personal preference – use it or skip it. After a few washes the insert looks the same but the absorbency increases. This is normal for any cotton/hemp material diaper. The insert also fits better after a wash or two, like it settles into place.

Snuggy Baby Stuffed

The insert has a petal design for fast drying, which every cloth diaper using parent can appreciate. It’s perfect for HE washers in my opinion because it agates itself in the wash. They are 100% cotton with a wicking jersey-polyester stay-dry liner to help keep your baby cozy and feeling dry. The covers can be used with fitted diapers and prefolds, but they are really designed to be used with the SnuggyBaby Inserts. SnuggyBaby has both cotton and hemp liners available. The ones shown in the image below, the ones I reviewed, are the hemp inserts.

The outside of the cover is a cotton knit, but the inside is a stay dry polyurethane. This keeps the moisture on the inside of the diaper without leaking through the cover, but also keeps the outside of the cover cute and soft. Those adorable baby rolls that will touch the outside of the diaper will be against soft cotton, just like the soft cotton liner. The binding, the parts that are the edges of the diaper, are all a waterproof material, which is what you need for the ‘big’ moments.

SnuggyBaby Hemp Insert

The most unique aspect of the SnuggyBaby cloth diaper is the ‘bottom snap’! You can snap the button (butt area) of the diaper a little bit tighter for tiny babies and newborns! Every diaper is kinda big on a newborn. Yes, they are ‘one size’ and ‘fit newborns to toddlers’ but really, they big on newborns. The bottom snap, which I have never seen before, really makes this diaper stand out. This makes a huge difference on the fit of the diaper on small babies.

SnuggyBuby Butt Snap

All of the SnuggyBaby diapers are made in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Yup, Made In America. All of the materials are made in the USA too. This diaper is American, all the way. This fact is very important to the owner of SnuggyBaby. They wanted to insure that their diapers are ethically made by supported, happy workers. Be sure to head over to the SnuggyBaby website to check out all the fun designs and the other great products the make.

The ‘small’ SnuggyBaby wetbags are the perfect size, not too big and not too small. Many times I just need the wet bag to hold 1 or 2 diapers. I am just running a few errands or heading to the zoo for the morning. I don’t need a huge bag that will take longer to dry. On the flip side I need my wetbag to be large enough to also toss in my child’s clothes into if lunch gets too messy. I cannot stand having to squeeze a diaper into a too small bag. The SnuggyBaby wetbags are the perfect size for a mom like me. They dry fast and are super cute. The zipper is durable and the bag is well made. At only $19 per bag you can afford to get a few and be set for the rest of your cloth diapering journey.

SnuggyBaby Wetbag


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AppleCheeks Diaper Giveaway

AppleCheeks Diaper Giveaway

Read the full review here

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AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper Giveaway

AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper Review

AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper Review

blue 3

Who is AppleCheeks?

AppleCheeks is a eco-friendly cloth diapering system based in Canada. The owners, Amy and Ilana are from Montreal and knew they wanted to make a diaper that was not only good for babies but also for our world.

All of AppleCheeks products are made ethically in Montreal, Canada. Knowing that these diapers are made by well treated North Americans can set your minds at ease. By supporting AppleCheeks, you are supporting a green company. From running their headquarters to their personal lives, AppleCheeks’s take into consideration their global footprint.

They strive to release new and exciting prints every other month. Be sure to follow their Facebook group to see all their fun products and to learn more from the mouths of their customers about theses fabulous diapers.


The David Suzuki Foundation is AppleCheeks Charity of Choice, and any charity event, plus a percentage of any profits, will go to this worthwhile Canadian foundation.

What Does AppleCheeks Sell?

  • Pocket Diapers
  • Diaper Inserts
  • Starter Kits
  • Waist Extenders
  • Washable Nursing Pads and more!

Find a local or online store by you here.

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Mama’s Experience

blue 1a

Pocket diapers are my favorite overnight diaper. I love the flexible options I get with a pocket. I can stuff it with microfiber, bamboo…whatever I feel like. I personally have always done one layer of microfiber closest to baby (not touching skin as microfiber should never touch skin!) and then farther away a 2nd layer of hemp or bamboo.

AppleCheeks have a few different kinds of inserts. They offer a basic microterry insert that is super absorbent. This features a stay dry microfleece inside to keep baby with a stay dry feeling. This insert can be placed into the pocket of the diaper, or lay on top of the diaper and directly against the skin, the FLEECE side against the skin. The tag side is the rear/microfiber side and this should never touch your babies skin.

The other type of insert AppleCheeks offers is a rayon from bamboo insert. This is a flat rectangular insert. This is to be folded either in a tri-fold or in half, depending on how you want to use it. I always tri-fold mine and place it into the pocket of the diaper. You are able to lay this in the diaper (not in the pocket) and have it directly touch the babies skin. This insert is so cool. I have never seen another diaper company with a product like this. They are super absorbent and silky smooth. They offer 2 layer or a 3 layer option for this insert. I would recommend both thicknesses. I have even used the 3 layer in a tri-fold overnight without any leaks!!!! I am SO excited for this. Having a diaper double stuffed, like I mentioned above can cause a gap in the leg gusset for my son. His skinny legs can cause a gap with the extreme thickness. Now I can have a tight leg gusset and an overnight absorbent stuffing. Mind blown!

leg gusset AppleCheeks

AppleCheeks Diapers: Size 1 fits from 7 – 20lbs, and Size 2 fits from 18 – 40lbs.

The pictures here show my son who is 20lbs and 19 months in a size 2. I need to have it on the tightest setting due to his skinny butt and legs. 

blue 4


Buy It!

To order AppleCheeks Diapers please click here. If you cannot see a brick and mortar location close to you, please contact AppleCheeks here and they will refer you to an online retailer.

Win It!

Now that you have seen how super great these AppleCheek pocket diapers and inserts are, you have a chance to win your own!

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Open to US/CAN, runs 11/10-11/24


Simba & Mama Giveaway

Simba & Mama Giveaway

Read my full review here

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Green Mountain Diapers Prefolds

Green Mountain Diapers Prefolds

You may have caught on by now, but I am a huge supporter and fan of Green Mountain Diapers. They make such high quality products, that when coupled with their outstanding service and morals, I just cannot deny that they are simply the best online cloth diaper supplier.

Prefolds are a scary concept for a new-to-cloth parent. Before I started to use cloth diapers I thought of them as “old school”, “out dated” and “too tricky to use”. Those are direct thoughts from my brain. This was before I really researched and tried them out. Now, Green Mountain Diapers Cloth-eez Prefolds are some of my favorite diapers. When I am at home for the morning I prefer to use only Green Mountain Diapers Prefolds. This is the time my son likes to pee at least 1 time per hour. It’s how he works. I LOVE being able to easily change his diaper and not “waste” a larger AIO diaper. Prefolds are easy to wash and dry. They are a simple rectangular piece of cloth that can easily dry in the dryer, unlike my AIO diapers that I like to drip dry due to the elastic (dryers can break the elastic down over time and eventually break the elastic over time due to the heat).

My best friend has a new, beautiful, little lady. She (when these pictures were taken) was 1 month old and weighed approx 8 lbs. Below you will find a bunch of photos showing how they fit an infant of this size. You will see Green Mountain Diapers Cloth-eez Newbie Lightweight (NEW) Grey, the Cloth-eez Newborn Orange and Cloth-eez Small Yellow, as well as a Thirsties Cover over a GMD prefold. In the comparison size photo you will see a 4th prefold option, the Cloth-eez Novice (NEW) Light Green, but this diaper was literally too big to get around her tiny body. She will be rocking it out super soon though!

My BFF has used several other brands of prefolds on her newborn. When I asked her what made Green Mountain Diapers Prefolds different from the others she said, “I love how soft they are! I also tri-fold them and them stuff inside my pocket diapers for extra absorbency.” I am agree that they are so soft. When you buy these you should prep them by washing them several times. They will become more absorbent the more they are washed. Around 8 washes I would say is then mine hit their max absorbency (they dont lose absorbency after 8 washes, I am saying that they become more thick and absorbent as they get broken in, once fully broken in they are at 100 efficiency).

If you have ever touched a prefold then you have noticed that the center/middle strip of the cloth is thicker. This is to help aid in better absorbency. Here is a break down of the layers for the 4 diapers I reviewed:

Cloth-eez Newborn (ORANGE) : 11 x 11 inches  /  4-8-4 ply (outer sides are 4 ply and the center/middle is 8 ply)

(NEW) Cloth-eez Lightweight Newbie (GREY) : 11 x 11 inches  /  2-6-2 ply

Cloth-eez Small (YELLOW) : 12.5 x 13.5  /  4-8-4 ply

(NEW) Cloth-eez Lightweight Novice (LIGHT GREEN) : 12.25 x 13  /  4-6-4 ply


Newbie Grey B
1 month old, 8 lb infant. Type of fold on prefold: Bikini Twist
Newborn Orange B
1 month old, 8 lb infant. Type of fold on prefold: Jelly Roll
Yellow AB
1 month old, 8 lb infant. Type of fold on prefold: Jelly Roll

Thirsties Cover