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The 2 Most Obvious Signs Of Discrimination At Work

Although most people are able to enjoy a harmonious environment at work where they are respected and can work in peace, there are a number of people who aren’t able to. These people face hostility and even discrimination on a regular basis. It may seem obvious when discrimination takes place, yet the signs are not always clear. Some people chalk it up to a difficult workplace and feel they just need to power through the pain,whether it be from discrimination or harassment, consider making sure you have sexual abuse and molestation insurance


If you feel like work is more difficult than it needs to be you may be facing discrimination. There are signs to look for to know for sure so that you can then go to an employment lawyer to help you right the situation. Once you see the signs then it becomes obvious and you are able to take action. In this article, we will go over several of the signs so you can do something about how you are treated. 


1 – You’re singled out


Bullies are not just found in the schoolyard. Even at work, there are people who single out others for abuse and make their life difficult. They do this for a number of reasons. One can be to make sure that they have a competitive advantage over you. Others do it to feel good about themselves by making others feel bad. 


Whatever the reason for their abuse, you shouldn’t be singled out and be made to feel that you are not good enough to work there. For instance, a bully will often berate you in front of your peers in an effort to tear you down. A professional would pull you aside and let you know what problems there were with your performance. 


If you do feel like you are being bullied at work then you will need to document the behavior so you can take it to a lawyer if it comes down to that. First, try to resolve the problem by talking to the bully and then escalating things to the HR department if things aren’t resolved. 


2 – You’re underpaid


With a certain amount of experience and results at work, you should have an expectation to be paid the same as your peers that have the same factors. For instance, if you were hired with a group around the same time and you have had nothing but positive performance reviews then you would expect to be paid roughly the same as them. If you were to find out that your pay is substantially lower than theirs then there is not likely a good reason for it.


If you have found that you are not being paid as much as your peers then think about any incidents that might point to a reason for it. If you had an argument with a boss at some time that resulted in your pay not increasing since that point then this is a good indication that you are being discriminated against and underpaid as a result. 


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