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The 3 Best Ways To Get Through A Nasty Divorce

Nobody likes the idea of going through a divorce. There are bound to be a lot of various emotions. Not all divorces have to be bitter, however, as there are amicable ways to separate and move on. There are divorces where there is a vindictive party and that causes a divorce to be particularly nasty. 


If this is the case then you have to take some measures to make sure that the divorce doesn’t end up worse than it should be and you can get through it in one piece. It will take a lot of patience and fortitude to do so but if you have a strategy then this will help. In this article, we will go over some different tips to help you get through a particularly bitter divorce. 


1 – Get the right lawyer


Not every kind of lawyer is going to have the right tools to be able to help you get through a divorce. If there is an amicable separation then it’s pretty straightforward and an ordinary lawyer can certainly get the job done. However, when you are dealing with a fight then you need to have an experienced family law attorney Utah. This experience is going to come in handy as they have seen all kinds of divorces and know exactly what the judge needs to be able to help you. 


There will likely be a lot of lies told and some baseless accusations that threaten to derail the process and keep your lawyers off balance. An experienced family lawyer will see those obstacles coming and will be able to react accordingly and in your best interest. 


2 – Have your finances in order


Unfortunately, if you end up with a fight on your hands, this means that the divorce is going to be much more expensive than one in which you part ways amicably. You will need to make sure that you have the funds available to pay the lawyers and various expenses such as missed work and lost wages. 


Make sure to secure the funding if you do the calculations and it seems that you’ll come up short. Do some crowdfunding if you need to or get an extension on your credit limit. It will be a disaster if you end up running out of money in the middle of the proceedings. 


3 – Don’t get emotional


A vindictive spouse is going to try to drag you down to their level and get you to give in to your emotions in front of the judge. The idea is for you to come off as the one that is unstable and not reasonable. 


It is very important to not let your emotions take hold of you so you stay calm and reasoned. This attempt to paint you as the one that is the problem has to be avoided at all costs. It pays to take some breathing lessons to use when you feel that your emotions are about to bubble up. This will help you stay in control. 

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