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Vegan and Pest Control: Humane Ways to Repel Pesky Pests

Pests can be found anywhere. Even inside your home, you may encounter some pests bringing inconvenience to your daily living. Any organisms that carry diseases, cause destruction, and are just plain nuisance are considered pests.


The only thing that will make your living at peace and bring your life back to normal is to eliminate these pests and control them to avoid them coming back and ruining your life again. However, it would be best if you took heed. Pest control can be harmful to you, the people around you, and most especially to the environment. Plus, even pests should be managed as carefully as possible.


Therefore, you must ensure that you will use a pest control method that is safe yet effective. Fortunately, today, there are new innovations in pest control technology that will ensure that you control the pests on your property without worrying about their negative impact on your surroundings, including the pests themselves. This method is called humane pest control.


What Is Humane Pest Control?

A humane pest control means getting rid of unwanted animals out of your property in a way that will not hurt them. It also means that you prevent their entry into your property so that they will not become a problem in the first place.


You have to remember that humane pest control can be more difficult than the traditional pest control method. It is because you will need to ensure the safety of the pest while getting rid of them. Performing pest control alone is harmful to these animals. It is why the help of a professional is highly recommended.


If you are still not familiar with this method of controlling pests, here are some of the methods used to ensure that pests, whether it is animals, bugs, or insects, will be managed appropriately.


Humane and Eco-Friendly Pest Control Approaches

1.   Using Biorational Products

One of the new innovations in pest control methods is using pest products made from biological ingredients. These biologically-based pesticides or biorational pest control products contain natural pheromones.


Pheromones are chemicals that are naturally found in animals. Since it is naturally occurring, these chemicals have little to no negative effect on the environment. It is also non-toxic and is good for humans.


The most effective biorational product for controlling pests is the Bt-based or Bacillus Thuringiensis-based pesticides. It can be used as an alternative to competitive chemical pest products that are widely banned due to their bad effect on the environment and people.


The pheromone method in controlling pests such as ants and other crawling insects boosts the effectiveness of insecticides. When the pheromone and insecticide are combined, it effectively drives away insects from their trails and nests.


Instead, the insects will follow the pheromone, leading them straight into the insecticides. As a result, it decreases the exposure of insecticides to the environment.


2.   Making Use of the Internet of Things

The Internet of things or IoT is the latest innovation of technology. This advancement covered a broad range of usage, which includes pest control. If you haven’t heard about IoT before, it is the interconnection of machines and internet devices from one another. This interconnectivity is then managed by people via the Internet.


Most of our daily devices nowadays are beginning to receive and send out data with the help of smart technology. Because of that, IoT is starting to be used in pest control, especially in the automation of pest observation.


Today, you can use high-tech pest control devices such as pheromone dispensers, pest traps with built-in cameras, and automated pest monitoring devices. This pest control option is not only safe for the environment and effective, but it is also smart and convenient.


3.   Vegan Pest Control Method

Even though pests are considered an annoyance, many of us still don’t want to hurt them. Because of this, the vegan pest control method was born. Veganism is known to be pro-animals, including those that are considered pests.


They don’t tolerate violence against any living organisms here on earth. Therefore, the main goal of vegan pest control is to repel pests without hurting them. One of the methods in vegan pest control is catch and release. It is where a pest like rodents are captured in a trap and will be released into the wild.


Another method that can be used under the vegan pest control strategy is to minimize the chances of entry. This method prevents pests from entering your property in the first place to avoid inconvenient annoyances.


If you prefer a vegan way to control pests, you can check with your local pest control company if they offer such a method. For example, if you are located in Seattle, you might want to contact Parker pest control and ask about their pest control service in Washington.


It is crucial that you choose a pest control service that aligns with your values, especially in avoiding cruelty to any kind of living organism.


4.   Usage of Herbs For Pest Control

Another eco-friendly and human-safe approach to controlling pests is to use herbs. For instance, Citronella is known to be an effective way to repel mosquitoes. So, instead of using chemical-based insecticides, using natural Citronella is enough to ensure that mosquitoes will stop pestering you and your family.


Cinnamon, paprika, cayenne, and turmeric are also effective alternatives as a deterrent for insects and bugs. You can use a small amount of these herbs and sprinkle them on your windows and doors to prevent any bugs and insects from entering your home.


You can also put bay leaves or cloves and cinnamon in a small bag or container and place it inside closets, bookshelves, your cupboards, and any other areas within your home where you see bugs and insects.


Additionally, the best thing about using herbs in pest control is that you can grow them in your backyard. It means that you will have an endless supply of natural pest repellent anytime you need it.



Any living organisms in this world should be treated fairly whether they are causing some annoyances and inconvenience to us. Additionally, ensuring the safety of the people around and the environment should also be prioritized.


With the methods mentioned earlier, you can ensure that you will get rid of pests from your property in a manner that won’t hurt them and the environment.



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