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Are You Being Threatened By a ‘Vindictive Spouse’ During a Divorce Process?

Going through a divorce process is never an easy process. Breaking ties with the (once) love of your life may be physically and emotionally draining. What’s even worse is that the experience may trigger unusual behavior in a partner (vindictive), making them act bizarre and frightening in unimaginable ways. 


Note- A “vindictive person” is the one who has the disposition of seeking revenge with an intention of causing hurt. 


Therefore, a person dealing with a vindictive spouse may lose perspective on what sounds more appropriate behavior. Often, there are conflicts on who among both partners are more entitled to more assets, rights to full child custody, or even more community money. 


Research shows that around 43 million women and about 38 million men experience psychological aggression by their intimate partners at least once in their lifetime. 


While you’re amidst a puddle of emotions at all-time high levels, the tension of being accused by your spouse may spark now and then. If things seem to be going out of your hands, it is wise to discuss these matters. And reaching out to a divorce attorney can be the first step in giving you justice with the help of a sex crime attorney. 


Even more, the legal experts suggest you be aware of vindictive spouses as they may threaten things or even make giant proclamations. These usually are without seeking proper advice or attaining knowledge of the law. 


Reading on, you’ll discover the list of most common threats/accusations that a vindictive spouse may use against you in a court of law. Also, you’ll know the reasons why these claims tend to be premature and false. 


All you’ve to do is make sure to prepare yourself- both mentally and emotionally for knowing what a storm of falsities aimed at you may look like. 


Let’s get going with discovering some of the most common threats that vindictive spouses make and how to deal with them effectively:


  • Falsely Accuses You to Get Full Custody of the Children:


Did your spouse accuse you of child molestation or rape in the court of law in an attempt to gain custody of their children? If yes, know that accusations of this nature are a good sign that your spouse is sure/ concerned about not being fit enough to get custody of your children. Thus, they use these accusations to defame you. 


It is never advisable to ignore these right away since these false accusations may have heart-wrenching and long-lasting effects on your life and career. And, that’s the reason you wonder. “What if the judge believes it and gives custody to my spouse.” Or, what if I lose my employment based on these? 


While you have no proof of your innocence, it is worthwhile to attain a sigh of relief and get a sex crimes attorney legal advice on how to handle these issues. 


As per reports, False Accusation of a Sex Crime is pretty common after a break-up or divorce. 


Thereby, if there’s no physical evidence of your case, the experienced attorney will help you fight false accusations against you. They’ll look into the discrepancies in the accuser’s story and work to uncover the truth. Once the accuser’s motive (here, the child custody) is determined, they’ll work to protect you from unwarranted charges. 


  • Threatens to Restrain Financial Support Post-Divorce:


If your spouse says “you can’t take money from me” after divorce, make sure to ignore this claim entirely. It is because the states of the US embrace community property law. 


As per law, you’re entitled to 50% of everything acquired during your marriage. And this includes all the property wherever situated and developed by a married person when the wedding was domiciled. 


Know that this income also consists of the properties earned by you during your marriage but excludes those acquired before marriage or those received as gifts. 


  • Threatens You to Go His Way or You’ll Not Get Any Money:


Just like the previous threat, it’s advisable not to pay much attention to comments of this nature. These threats are made by people who are used to exercising control over other people to get what they want. 


However, when there’s law involved, things shape up differently, and attorneys assure justice. So, take comfort in knowing that the law will ensure that you get everything you deserve. 


The Verdict


In situations where you’re threatened with losing many things on a personal and professional level, especially during a crucial time like divorce- it is vital to stay calm. With a criminal defense attorney, you’ll be able to address the false accusations, show you’re a good parent, and remember who’s in the wrong. 


However, before you begin, ensure gathering all the information about how those accusations and threats have a crucial impact on your life. After all, it’s about gaining knowledge about dispelling your mind of the false accusations!


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