The bond between a mother and her daughter is one of the most magical things in the world. The love a mother and daughter have for each other is precious. Some things are difficult to express, yet they can be felt.


It can be difficult to navigate the ever-changing mother-daughter connection. You might go shopping with your daughter and have a good time, or you might simply sit with her at home and listen to her tell you about her great goals and plans. But there will be days when your daughter will not listen to you or might disobey you. It might seem like your relationship is crumbling at the time, but you know deep down that your daughter loves you. Yes, she may act strangely but she will grow out of it! 

Which Type of Mother-Daughter Duo Are You? 

A girl’s relationship with her mother can have an impact for a lifetime on her self-esteem, self-worth, sense of identity, and capacity to establish friends. You might know that children that are encouraged and complimented by their parents (appropriate praise, of course!) grow up to be self-assured adults. Who doesn’t want that? If a child’s parents do not value them, they may seek validation from others.


When a girl reaches the age of adolescence, she often looks up to her mother. Her mother serves as a role model for her, and she aspires to be like her. However, a mother-daughter relationship can have many ups and downs. There are a variety of factors that might jeopardize their harmonious relationship. Whatever the reason might be, a mother-daughter duo can fix anything! This is exactly what we love about this duo. 


But do you know there are types of mother-daughter duos? If you’re curious to find out which category you fall in, find out here:


The various mother-daughter duos:

  • The BFF duo: This duo is like the best duo. If your mother is your best friend, there’s no way a girl will look for another best friend. This has its perks too! It assures you that your mother or daughter will always be there for you when you need support, counsel, or someone who would listen. *Happy tears*
  • The Control Freak: It might be difficult to differentiate between dominating and intertwined mother-daughter relationships. Both, however, are not the same. While a supportive mother may encourage her daughter to improve her grades, a controlling mother will stifle her interests and wants. Some people may even try to justify their actions by claiming to be protective. It confines the youngster, limits their potential, and robs them of their independence. Hmm *Bummer*
  • The Discard Dismisser: In this type of problematic mother-daughter connection, we have observed one-sided rejection. The dismissive action may be motivated by apathy or the mother or daughter’s inability to please. It makes people crave acknowledgment and appreciation for the time and effort they invest into the connection – are we sad or are we sad?

Even if mother-daughter relationships are held to the greatest standards, they may not always live up to them. Fortunately, there is always hope, healing, and progress to be made.